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I have always been attracted to books about photography, so the Pippa Greene series by Chantel Guertin intrigued me right off the bat. This series is all about discovering who you truly are, and the main character is so relatable. I especially enjoyed Golden Hour, since Pippa’s transformation is evident. I would definitely recommend this series, and each of the books are short and sweet.

This series is all about photography, which I always love to read. It follows Pippa on her journey to self-discovery and unlocking her past. What really surprised me is the amount of plot twists in each of the books, since they each contain way more excitement than one would expect from 200 page books. This series is fun and relatable, and I would definitely recommend it to those looking for some quick reads.

Pippa is a smart main character with such an entertaining voice. As I was reading, I could feel her genuine passion for photography, which made me appreciate her even more. Pippa’s ambitions make her realistic, and I was rooting for her throughout all four books. She really develops throughout the series, and and I loved watching her grow both as a person and as a photographer.

One of my favourite books in the series is Golden Hour, the latest instalment. In this story, Pippa gets waitlisted to her university of choice and is faced with tough questions about her future. The school is important to her since her father who died of cancer went there, and this motivation made me feel for Pippa. In the book, Pippa learns valuable lessons about her photography style and matures the most compared to the other books in the series. Her voice is as sarcastic as ever, and overall, it is an enjoyable and heartfelt read.
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Pippa is smart and snarky as hell. She has an amazing inner monologue. It was awesome following her throughout the adventure of this book as much as I enjoyed the last. These books grew on me and I liked them more and more as I read on.
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