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Peril in the Old Country

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Last updated on 02 Feb 2018

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If 1984 as written by Douglas Adams and illustrated by Tim Burton was a thing, it would be this book.  

Sloot Peril is a boring accountant, who wants nothing more than to go to work every day, make sure that nothing he ever thinks would bring down the thought police on him, and tries to refrain from swearing or doing anything minorly offensive that will attract goblins.   Of course, all of that changes when he gets swept up into the larger schemes of the ruling class and has to now protect himself against mostly terrible spies, possessed maids and cannibals.  If that sort of wacky adventure derring-do sounds like your description of a good time, then strap in because you're in luck.

This story is just screaming to be made into a black and white claymation movie narrated by Vincent Price.  So much so that I almost feel like it being a book is a disservice to the story itself, but that's neither here nor there.  This book was also very funny in a pounding, ceaseless way, to the point where sometimes I would just wish that the next sentence would be something, anything devoid of humor just so I could breathe a little.  

Also, how great of a name is Sloot Peril?  I find myself chanting it sometimes, like some sort of deranged mantra.  It has a lovely ring to it.

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