Our Best Life Together

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This book is a great couple way to have a daily devotional.  I love how this book is laid out and the declarations.  This book is great for old and new couples. Excellent!
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If you are looking for something that will inspire you and your spouse to live a life of victory together this devotional might do the trick. I think if you took just a few minutes a day and read these short devotionals it could have a lasting impact on your marriage.

I haven’t tried it, yet but would like to. It won’t take long but could make a big difference.

A copy this book was given to me through Netgalley.com. All opinions are my own.
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"Or Best Life Together" is a phenomenal resource for Christian couples. My husband agreed to read this devotional with me five nights a week (in the intro, author Joel Osteen states that the book is meant to be read five times a week). My husband and I take turns reading each night, which has been a really neat experience, since this is the very first devotional we have ever read together. The tone of the book is positive, encouraging, uplifting, while still being realistic and addressing everyday problems and challenges of life and marriage. I am so grateful for this book, and for the encouragement it's bringing to my husband and I. It has opened the door for many great conversations that wouldn't otherwise come up if we weren't spending this little bit of time together in study five nights a week. My husband is very masculine, and doesn't usually like anything he considers too "cheesy." He is comfortable reading this devotional aloud with me, and doesn't feel awkward during devotional time, which has been such a relief. I know this is something we will stick with, because the daily devotions are short enough to hold attention, but substantive enough to be worthwhile. Each devotional includes a scripture (which is printed in the book, rather than just referred to), the devotional text from Joel and Victoria, and a prayer. I love the simple, straightforward format, and the messages are so practical. I highly, highly recommend this book! Thank you to the publisher, who provided me with a free electronic copy of the book. I have actually purchased my own copy, because I will be using it regularly, and for a very long time! I was not required to write a review. The opinions stated here are my own.
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The book may be packaged as a spiritual, religious guide for a happy, long-lasting, productive marriage, but it is full of generic, self-help advice on personality, character and habits of successful, optimistic and secure people.

So it works for those who believe in Osteens' religious and marital journey and those who don't. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.
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Really good simple devotional for couples.  We loved that each days reading was really short.  I also liked that there is a simple prayer for each day, and a scripture for us to focus on.

Don't expect this to be an in depth bible study.  It is a great way to connect quickly with your spouse and set a good tone for the day.

I hate the cover though.  I certainly wouldn't want it sitting on my bedside table all the time. lol
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As a newly engaged couple, I started this bible study with an extremely open mind.  I also invited my fiancé to set aside a time when we could read it together.  To my surprise, he agreed and was shocked by how much we both learned by taking a little time every day in devotion.  Thanks to Joel and Victoria we have learned to be the people that the Bible says that we are.  To be the strength in each others weakness and that alone has brought us closer together.  You would be surprised how much more in love we've become and how much more we appreciate each other.  This is a fantastic book for busy couples, each day is short yet in depth enough to give us something to think on during our day.
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I loved the encouraging word of love and faith entwined within this book from Joel and Victoria. A must read for anyone wanting a relationship with encouragement and faith.
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No matter how long you have been married or simply how long you’ve been together as a couple this book is for you. Joel and Victoria in their couples devotional book offers hope, focuses on support and encouraging your relationship. It’s a great book to be be cherish and read multiple times.
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What makes for a good marriage? 
Joel Osteen shows us your best years are still ahead with this remarkable read that's worthy of everyone's attention not just couples.
As a divorcee from an 11 yr marriage based on infidelity, womanizing, with a personality trait disorder and three kids from this union - I must say I acquired much respect and captured a new level of understanding by reading this work.
Our Best Life Together gives daily devotion to couples who want to continue to strengthen the bond of matrimony.
Respect and Laughter! Two key ingredients must be present!
Turn worries into worship, lead by faith, lead by love, lead through praise of god's word and never take life for granted.
Blessings are abundant, attitudes are crucial, perfection must falter and reality must enter.
Never depend solely upon anyone for worth or value.
God has all you need, go in his image, do his work, use the tools already placed within.
"What they do or don't do doesn't determine your worth and cannot stop your purpose."
"People see you the way you see yourself."
Stay active, engaged, empower one another with kindness, appreciate one another, allow the imperfections and flaws, but never lose sight of the importance of what each brings.
We must live in the present not dwell on the past. 
We all have had hardships but it's through the weathering of such storms that we find our strengths.
Capture that level of trust, humanity, empathy for others in serving those in need. Help your fellow brother and sister. Tend to your community and god will provide fruit for your labor.
"If you want to be great in the kingdom, there's a simple key: serve other people."
Use that key to remain grounded and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.
Live not to receive but to give.
Remember no weapon formed against you will prosper.
"If God be for you, who dare be against you."
Have an abundant mentality as Joel informs us to do, and ask for god's blessings upon you.
"God heals hurts and restores broken pieces. He'll pay you back for the injustice."
It's easy to be bitter, but we must be better. 
Capitalize on the lessons learned and bring them to your favor.
God Bless and Thank you Joel for your wisdom and insight.
As a minister of hospitality at St. Ignatius of Loyola in Kingston Pa ,having been left bankrupt, homeless, lt unemployed, with three kids and zero income now residing below poverty has been a daily struggle. As I continue to seek FT living wages I assure you there's not one day I take for granted. I know I am blessed and love my kids more than life itself. My son was born med disabled with vater syndrome and I nearly died in childbirth with placental abruption and emergency section so I do understand the level of stress and strains daily. 
My brother recently lost his only daughter Cassie Ann Gatcha when a young man decided to drag race over 100 mph (allegedly), killing 4 people, resulting in 7 car accident. My 12yo niece died on impact while travelling in the opposite direction having his vehicle's undercarriage land upon her passenger's front seat. I wish everyone knew how precious life is and to never take a life for granted. You never know when your end is near. Only god has the final say. This incident happened two days after fathers day, a day prior to her father's birthday, and has never left my mind since June 21, 2016 as her brother is now an only child. May the victims of that terrible incident rest in peace.
I know the struggle but I also know the faith.
I lead by example and pray others will do the same.
Thank you for this wonderful novel, thank you to your publishers, thank you to NetGalley, and Aldiko for providing me this ARC copy in exchange for this honest review.
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Our Best Life Together: A Daily Devotional for Couples by Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen is a light Biblical based devotional designed for couples.   This is a very good book with short, light hearted devotions couples can read together.  There is not any in marital counseling or huge revelations, but this is a terrific tool to use for couples to begin designating time together to spend time reflecting in devotions.  The short but impacting reading make it easy to fit into any tight schedule.    Four stars.
Synopsis: Whether you've been married a few months or decades, couples need regular, quiet moments together to renew their love and commitment to each other and to God.

In OUR BEST LIFE TOGETHER, Joel and Victoria Osteen want to encourage you in your marriage and remind you that God brought you together to help each other succeed and to become all He created you to be. There's no better way to experience the fulfilling marriage God intends for you than to set aside a devotional time together each day and set your minds in the right direction for a positive, happy, faith-filled marriage. When you live together in unity, you honor God and open the door for His blessings to flow into every area of your life. If you will do your part, God will do His part, and you can live in love!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title for review purposes, free of charge, from NetGalley and the Publisher. This Review is my honest opinion.

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Short, doable, common sense devotionals with a relationship focus. Very approachable format that fans of the Osteens will be familiar with.
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