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I loved this twist on vampires! Alix, Lexei, and Anna are over a hundred years old and are a very close-knit family. This kept a steady pace and had some bone-chilling scenes which will stick in your imagination. The addition of Eric as Anna's love interest puts a romantic spin to the plot. Learning about this family and their Russian line is what solidifies this story and made me feel almost as if I actually knew them. A bit of history is creatively used.

Anna and Eric are the main characters but the others play a key role. An evil presence is out there waiting, and no supernatural creature is safe. This is a heck of a treat and pure enjoyment. I'm anxious to see what this author will come up with next.

Reviewed by Janet of the GothicMoms Review Team
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The concept of this story really appealed to me. I think the Romanovs are so interesting and the premise of them being vampires sounded incredibly cool! 

However, the writing ended up not appealing to me. There were repetitive elements that were distracting, and a lot of the mythology of the magical creatures (aside from just vampires) didn't feel fully fleshed out or explained clearly. The whole thing with Rasputin and the "pale creature" was never really explained. 

The dialogue also was a bit "cringey" to me more often than not.
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The title drew me in first. I spent 18 months of my college life heavily immersed in Russian history, so anything with "Romanov" immediately gets my attention. While the blurb says nothing about vampires, this is a vampire book and the omission is likely one of the reasons I decided to pick it up (I usually ignore vampire stories). I was intrigued by the premise and jumped right in. 

This book is rather confusing at the start. We're jumping around and meeting all the players and getting established in this mystical Manhattan (which, by the ways works so well). Once we know our cast, we're off and the pace doesn't stop until the end. I felt this novel could have gone one for a while, so I'm hoping we get more from this world late one. 

The characters are great--I love the dynamics between them. The history and feuds are wonderfully done. Setting is excellent. Plot is a touch predictable, but standard NA/urban fantasy deal, so to be expected. I enjoyed this book primarily because of the story telling. Samaire has a skill with language that I absolutely adore and I can't wait to read more. 

**I received a free copy of they book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Russian history, so I was happy to read this based on the title alone. This is a fun read! Very exciting!
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DNF - I sadly couldn't get into this one. I have rather high standards for vampire stories and this unfortunately didn't meet them.
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I wasn't a huge fan of this. The plot felt overdone and the characters lost my interest.
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What a great concept and it kinda disappointed me, I really enjoyed reading this book but there were way too many plots. I kinda felt this was like an alternate reality
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I would not recommend this book. There is no apparent internal logic to the story, contradicts itself a lot, and I'm still not sure how the Romanovs survived the assassination to become vampires much less anything else in the book. I'm as clueless now as I was when I started it.
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This is another vampire tale with the focus being on four members of the Romanov family; Nicholas, Alexi, Alexandra and Anastasia who were turned shortly before the revolution.  There are lots of supernatural elements in this story and another familiar character.  I really wanted to like this more than I did, but found it somewhat silly.  The ending was very different and surprising and is the reason it is getting this rating., but it still wasn't enough to save the book because it is so unrealistic.  The only reason I finished it was because it was an ARC.

2.25/5 STARS:  **I received a free digital ARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.  I sincerely thank the author and/or publisher for providing an ARC through NetGalley,.**
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*Thanks to NetGalley, The publisher, and author for providing me with this book for a unbiased review*

Hello Fellow Readers,

With a gorgeous cover and a really great summary I wanted to quickly dive into what I thought was going to be a great book. Unfortunately this book just isn't for me. I found myself bored and disconnected from characters. The romance angle, in my opinion, started a bit too quickly and while the action scenes were okay I just could not get myself completely into them. 

I did enjoy the philosophical parts, a sort of look at humans and their lack of interest in the world around them. It added a bit of depth, but still not for me. The main character Anna lacked depth and I couldn't establish a reason to care for her or her family. In the end it did not deliver, It may have been my fault for over-hyping myself up.
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Spoilers included in this review: I repeat, spoilers included in this review. Read at your own risk.

Romanov follows the Romanov family of vampires as the run from their past enemy. The snippet of the book sounds promising but the book falls flat. The writing is actually really terrible. The book is all over the place. There are multiple storylines. Some don't even matter to the book. It's like a short story put in the book that doesn't even really relate. They are just adding text. Also, these are vampires that are over 100 years old but the way they act and talk is very generic. This is supposed to be a royal family in Russia before they move to Seattle. They act like people who are very uneducated and their conversations do not flow naturally. They aren't cultured like a royal family would be. The love story is unrealistic. The main character just lost her father (who has lived over 100yrs) the month before she met Eric, the love interest. She falls in love within a few weeks of meeting Eric. That doesn't make sense. If someone is in hiding or on the run, why would they just open themselves right away to a stranger like that? She isn't even wary of him. She actually reveals her secrets within a very short time of meeting him. The sex scenes are unnatural as well. There is a flow to sex. Yes, you can change things up but there is a flow. I'm sorry to sound so harsh but I'm not sure how this book got out of proofreading and editing.
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