Fierce Marriage

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I absolutely love listening to Ryan and Selena's podcast.   They are so down to earth and have great topics to discuss.  I have learned a lot from them and look forward to hearing them each week.  I liked hearing the story of how they met and the early part of their marriage/dating.  This book isn't self-help, but it's so inspiring.  There are many non-fiction books out there today labeled as Christian, but it is "loosely Christian" in my opinion.  I'm happy to say this isn't one of those books.  There is theology to back up their teaching and the whole book is about bringing glory back to God and doing God's will in your marriage.  I love how they were open and honest about their own struggles.  Highly recommend!
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I loved this book! this year has been a roller coaster ride for my marriage, this book helped us a alot. Its beautiful written. i would take the time to read it twice, really take in all of the helpful advice. Ryan and Selena poured there hearts and soul out in to this book. I love the real world but yet biblical advice on marriage!
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This book grabbed my attention when I first started reading it. I was really interested in reading the Fredericks' story and the journey they traveled to get Ryan diagnosed and back in good health. After reading that story, the rest of the book focused on keeping Christ as the center of marriage, which is something that is not always done in today's world. It encouraged me to be more intentional about the way that I love my husband, and to be even more willing to fight for our marriage. The authors address relevant topics such as money, conflicts, sex, etc. I would recommend this to any married couple.
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An amazing book from a godly couple to help spouses work through things in their marriage. The stories are relatable, the advice invaluable, and so well written that I was halfway through before I knew it. Addresses very practical issues that come up in marriage that people tend to overlook before marriage or when giving advice to those about to be married. Great book for marriages of any age! From engagement to decades.
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I hadn't realized that I left this review blank until I came back to it today to share it with someone. I was so excited when I was approved for an early copy of this book on netgalley. I took my time reading this book because I wanted to make sure I was soaking everything in. I loved the balance between the gospel and storytelling that the authors used in this book. I loved how there were some very personal things that they weren't afraid to share with others so that it could possibly help them. I definitely plan on buying my own copy and sharing it with friends who I think could really benefit from reading it. I am looking forward to reading some the couples other books and anything they release in the future. This book taught me a lot and I will forever be grateful for that and revisit this book often. If you are married or not I highly recommend you pick this book up. It is super short but has a big impact.
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In this book Ryan and Selena talk about what a Christ-centered marriage looks like and how to make your marriage more Christ-focused. After chapters focusing on God's intention for marriage and how we reflect Christ and his love, they dive into specific topics that often affect marriages such as communication, sex, and conflict. 

I found it to be an interesting read. I appreciated the connection of information and action steps. I found the chapter on conflict and fighting fair personally helpful because it's an area where I struggle. A helpful book for Christian couples.
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The last thing we need in the realm of Christian marriage books is someone rattling off information they have not tested for scenarios they have not lived through.  Ryan and Selena Fredrick have given us the exact opposite of this.

Speaking from experience, sometimes in pain and others in surprising joy, the Fredrick’s offer real life examples of how to walk through many of the issues relationships face.  With great humility and honesty they guide readers into the subject, present the hidden problems, encounter them head on, and show the possibility of hope and love remaining.

I will tell you there were moments I felt like I wanted more information and moments I thought the chapter was a little long.  But the balance offered allows the reader to come face to face with themselves and walk out improved, if they choose to.  This is made clear through the writing, you have to choose to improve, it doesn’t just happen, it must be intentional.

What I loved most about this book was also the most telling of myself: Reflection Questions.  I know these are more and more popular in books these days, but the ones asked here were clearly not offered by professional counsellors, but by people who have walked the path you may be right now, and these questions cut to the point.  After leaving pride at the curb you have the opportunity to then consider the questions and apply them.  But you also need to read the chapter to understand what the question is getting at.

Go ahead and grab a copy if you are looking to grow your relationship or need help walking through some real life issues you are definitely facing.  Maybe even do it as a study with other couples.

*I received this book free from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review.  These are my personal thoughts.
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Ingredients for a Fierce Marriage!
Since my hubby & I have been married 30-years, are both bible teachers, and do pre-marital counseling, we’ve both read a lot of material about marriage. This is a book we can confidently share with others.

This is the first book that I’ve read that really supports and combines the biblical view of marriage by spending time defining the marriage covenant with Scriptures (the WHY of marriage) and also gives practical ideas and examples (the HOW do I do that). I appreciate the honesty in which Ryan and Selena shared parts of their lives to show what a Godly marriage could look like. I also appreciate the examples of how they handled times when they fell short.

The aspects of marriage covered include examples that are firmly based in the foundation of a covenant marriage: time & priorities. communication, money, sex, and handling conflicts in a healthy manner.

Whether you’re just getting into a relationship, engaged, or you’ve been married for a number of years, this is a book that can help you focus on God’s design for marriage, and show practical ways on how you choose to show that love to each other.

These truly are the Ingredients for a FIERCE MARRIAGE!
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This is a book every couple should read. It doesn't matter how old or new your marriage is this book will give you the tools to make it better.
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