Mystery of the Templars

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A really interesting story based on the historic facts about the knights templer.

If your a fan of historical highlander type stories this is right up your street.

A good read.
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This story is about the journey of Gero, a Templar Knight on a special mission as the Templars all over are being destroyed. When he lands in modern-day Europe, he must adjust to modern time with the assistance of Hannah. They must uncover the truth of what’s happened and try to get back to his time and save his fellow knights.
This was a pretty good story. After watching Knightfall on the History channel, this title pulled my attention quickly. I haven’t read too many time travel stories so I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this one. It managed to still keep my attention. I really liked Gero right from the start. His loyalty, drive and determination made me love him right at the beginning. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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It is a beautiful, dark and seductive masterpiece that will haunt me for a while. There’s nothing more I can say except READ IT PEOPLE.
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I just love the books of Martina Andrè and although I read this one for the third time I couldn't put it down.

Gero, a Knight Templar, was sent on a secret mission to get the "Head of Wisdom" because King Philipp IV of France destroyed the Knight Templar. While he was on this mission he and his squire Matthew were transported in the year 2004 by CAPUT – Center of Accelerated Particles in Universe and Time. Here he met Hannah and they fell in love. 
The three of them found the Head of Wisdom but to accomplish the mission they had to go back to the year 1307 . A vision send by the Head of Wisdom told them about two scientists from the year 2151 that got stuck in  1118 and needed to be rescued. 

This historical novel is very well researched and I just love the style. 
Even if you are not a fan of historical novels you should read this thrilling book where the characters have a great way of humor, never give up and trust their friends.
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I so wanted to like it (due to my long fascination with the Templars) but it really just lost me and I consider it a waste of my valuable reading time.

My goodness - with the wealth of information, intrigue, legends, scandal and conspiracy theories surrounding the Templars, there was so much that could have been written, but just wasn't taken advantage of in this instance.  

The inclusion of the character of Amalie was unnecessary and left me completely flat - the action scenes with the Templars were fast paced and dynamic enough for a decent storyline. Then it takes a Da Vinci Code turn when the main character, Gerald of Breydenback, finds himself going forward in time, then back, and then forward again to live happily ever after. 

I honestly didn't know if this was supposed to be a thriller with historical overtones, or a poor man's "Outlander" (which I also could not get into).  A good plot that was poorly executed.
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I am voluntarily submitting my honest review after receiving an ARC of this ebook via NetGalley,

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I am fascinated by all things Templar, so I began this book with high expectations. Mystery of the Templars did not disappoint. This book features time travel, so some suspension of belief is required, but it is married with science to such an extent as to render it palatable to those unlikely to believe in the magic usually associated with the time travel trope. Additionally, this novel is unique among time travel books in that it explores both visitors from the past to the present and visitors from the present to the past. The author does an excellent job of realistically conveying the awe, fascination, trepidation, challenges and dangers time travelers face in either case., including the language barrier--an important detail that is frequently overlooked. In addition to the drama unfolding simply due the presence of people displaced in time, the larger plot lines surrounding Philip IV's efforts to eradicate the Templars in 1307 and the modern world's struggle to understand and control this new technological marvel of time travel make this novel tough to put down. Intrigue, romance, betrayal, loyalty, mystery--this book has it all!
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I adored this book.  The characters of Gero (the heroic) Templar and Hannah (the saviour stunner from the future), were only two of the incredible cast of this story.

I found the start of the book in 1300’s a little more of a slog through, but once Gero and his squire Mattius are brought into the future (present day), I was captivated.

Great writing, story, characters.  If any improvement to be made would be to bring the time travel forward in the book.
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1307. In medieval France , the King decides to tear the order of the Templar Knights apart. While knights are being hunted down all over the country, one brave Templar and a few comrades of his will try to save what is left of the order. Gero and his fellow brothers will go on a secret mission that will determine the fate of the Order.

But things will take one more turn for the worse. 

While fighting against a group of bandits, Gero and his young squire will find themselves in 2004 Germany. Hurt and confused, the brave knight will be taken care of by an intelligent, courageous woman, Hannah. Together, they will try to find a way back for the Templar. But what the knight had never expected, is that he will fall in love with this strange woman of the future.

An exciting book to read, Mystery of the Templars is a story not easily described. There's so much to it, both in plot and value, that even a book reviewer finds it hard to elaborate on. Certainly well constructed, the story is clearly very well researched and can deservedly be part of the historical fiction genre. From historical facts down to details of everyday lifestyle and garments of the 1300s, the author manages to give the story an air of authenticity. 

Relentless chase, elaborate scenes and fear for the heroes' lives around every corner of the story makes this book certainly worth reading. But there's more to it than adventure and historical accuracy. There's time travel, which automatically makes this book part of the sci-fi genre, as well. And, as if this wasn't enough to make the story original, there's an adequate amount of romance involved, adding another layer of interest in the mystery of the Templars.

I'm not usually pro mixing too many genres together, but in this case it seems to work perfectly fine. It didn't feel strange at all. In fact, after a while, it started feeling completely natural, which says something for the writer's abilities. 

All in all, it is a very interesting book. I would advise readers not to be intimidated by the genre mixture. Try it out, you see that it absolutely works!
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This book is a bit of a slow read. The premise is interesting and so are the character sketches. It reminds me a bit of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series with the time travel and the general time period, but not quite a satisfying read as it.
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I really liked this book. it was entertaining and it can be appreciated by both historical fiction and fantasy lovers.
It is well written, interesting characters and well researched.
Strongly recommended.
Many thanks to be-ebooks and Netgalley
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As a lover of all things Templar, this was an obvious choice for a read. If you are a lover of Timeline by Michael Crichton, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon or anything Templar (or any combination of the above, like myself - I am all three!) this is a MUST READ! I was continuously astonished by the level of intricacy in research the author had done to make this book period appropriate.  The descriptions were lush and inviting, and I found myself hoping that there were more books by her available in English. To my horror, there are none yet, although she has a vast catalogue in German. This book was SO good I momentarily thought about learning German just so I could read another book by the same author.  I was absolutely transported, and I have yet to start another book after serious book hangover on my part. Can I give it more than 5 stars? Please?
The story of Gero, Hannah and Matthaes is wonderful, multi-faceted and amazing. The different twists and turns the plot took surprised me continually but at no time was it outlandish or too much. I hope to find a book that is it's equal, but at this point, nothing comes to mind.
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The year is 1307 & the Templar order in France is under attack. By none other than king Philipp IV. The goal is to get to the "Head of Wisdom", a mystical object that is said to contain enough power to rule the world. But the Templars are not quitting the fight. Templar Knight Gero has been sent on a secret mission to obtain the "Head of Wisdom" and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. And then the unthinkable happens. Gero and his squire Matthaus have been transported through time. To the year 2004 to be precise. With the Order under the executioner's sword, Gero and Matthaus must find a way to get back and restore order, otherwise their brothers and the Templar Order will perish.

Helping then are Tom & Paul, research scientist who work for CAPUT – Center of Accelerated Particles in Universe and Time (it was CAPUT who was responsible for Gerard's and Mattheus transport through time), and Hannah, Tom's ex girlfriend who kept an eye on the time travelers while Tom & Paul were under surveillance for the explosion that happened as the result of the time travel.

Gero, Matthaus, & Hannah in the year 2004 are able to discover the Head of Wisdom that Gero was supposed to find all those centuries ago and by activating the Head they trave back to 1307 so Gero can finish the mission he was sent on, so they can learn the secrets of the "Head" and get Hannah back home.

In what seemed like a vision, they learned that two female scientists from the year 2151 would travel back into the past, one hundred and fifty years ago, with the intention of delivering a secret message to the Order of the Temple in 1118. They intended to carry out a specific change in the course of history, which would have far-reaching effects on the history of humanity. The Order of the Temple had been selected for this goal because precise calculations indicated that the Order’s preservation and expansion beyond the year 1307 would change the face of the world in a peaceful way.

With  technology based on long-lost knowledge, they embarked on a journey back into the past, with the intention of setting in motion a ripple in the time-space continuum. According to complicated calculations, their own survival in this new, alternative world was guaranteed, although if their mission were successful, they would be the only ones to remember what had been, or what might have been.

All in all, a great historical thriller. The author does go into details when it comes to setting up the story, so some might find the descriptions a bit boring. But it doesn't take anything away from the story. In fact with all the time manipulation happening without the descriptions one might get lost. But Martina does a fantastic job of not only creating the story but making it enjoyable. While most names are fictional a grat deal of research was put into the story to give you an accurate portray of what life would be like in 1307. A fantastic read.
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I found this hard to get into. It took far too long for the time travelling for me and I got a little bored waiting for it to happen. The elements of romance, time travel and historical fiction just didn't blend well for me. I think sadly this one just wasnt for me.

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Mystery of the Templars by Martina Andre is an epic tale set in the early 14th century. A young Templar knight  is given a special secret mission to save an important Templar artifact at the time Prince Phillip IV is rounding up and annihilating all the Templars his soldiers can find. There are a few fantastical twists added to the story, including time travel, that make it even more interesting.  I found the story fascinating and had a hard time putting it down. 
This is the first book by this author that I have read, and I look forward to reading more of her work as well as reading this book over again. I strongly recommend.
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Follow the journeys of Gero and the quest he is on to save the Templar Knights. While we watch the tragedy of the extermination of Templars about to unfold, we start out in the prisons of France. Torture is being used on the knights, as they seek information about the order, and those who are in leadership positions. One item holds special significance, and one knight is in a position to spill its secrets, but he has placed conditions - which will be met once the other knight, and his family are released and returned home. 
Gero is determined to save the knights Templar, but the item in his possession has magical properties, and he is catapulted into the future -where he is overwhelmed by his surroundings, and the massive changes that have occurred. Help comes in the form of the female lead, Hannah, and she teams up with Gero to try and solve the mystery, all while trying to uncover the truth of what really happened, and try to figure out how they might prevent the Templars from being eradicated.

I cannot say I loved this book. I found much of it to fantastical, and not always fitting well into the narrative. The scene mentioned above in the prison is one that really stuck out to me as unbelievable. The romance was a bit over the top, and could have been muted to stick more to the theme of the book.
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Overall I thought Martina André's novel, Mystery of the Templars was unique. When I originally read the plot synopsis I was intrigued but also a little hesitant. I am a fan of historical fiction, but not a huge romance or time travel novel reader. But I think Martina was able to blend these all very well and write a very hard to put down novel. At times the romance was a little much for me, and some of the sci-fi time travel aspects seemed a little uncharacteristic compared to the rest of the novel, but in the end it was an interesting story that I had a hard time putting down. I would be intrigued to see this on the big screen, but also think that it may be too much going on to simplify into a movie.
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This is a book that I could not put down. It involved history and the Templar's and romance which covered all boxes for me. The story sucks you in right from page one. I ended up reading the whole book over the course of two days because I couldn't put the book down. You immediately connect to the not only Gero (the main hero of this story) but the main little group of templates around him. You end up rooting for them and wishing for something to come along and help them out especially, for those of you that know history, because of how the Templars in history end. 

Hannah is a fabulous female lead. She's funny and spunky and quick to snap back when it's needed. He connection and bond to the not only Gero but another person that comes over (that I won't mention - you'll need to read to find out more) is wonderful and you can't help but become emotionally involved with the characters. 

Gero is funny, even when he doesn't mean to be, but he's also generous and kind and clearly devoted to helping others and his fellow Templar brothers. Throughout his journey, he becomes a hero but not a stereotypical one. You root for him and for me, he encompasses the kind of hero that people try to make and it seems like, the author was able to just make it happen naturally. 

If you like History, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Time Travel or just a damn good and well written book... I HIGHLY recommend this book.
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My first book from this author and I thought it was excellent.  While not an expert on the subject, it appears well researched at first sight and I'm not bothered about checking any facts as the purpose of the story was to entertain and it certainly does that.

It seems that many publishers are reluctant to cross genres but I thought the time travel element coupled with the Templer legend worked very well.  I liked the arc of the story and the characters were likeable. 

Thank you for the chance to read it, I will recommend it to the friends of mine who would also enjoy it and I wish the author every success.  I'll share a more detailed review with no spoilers via Twitter when I'm on next.  5 Stars.
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