Trusting Danger

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 19 Feb 2018

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I received an arc from Netgalley. Claire and Gabe’s story is one of resilience, danger and tough love. There is a lot of action and danger in this book but the love story intertwined is beautiful.

Author did a great job of delivering a book that kept us on the edge of our seats while providing a story of hope for love. Great read.
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3 1/2 stars

Trusting Danger is a romance right off the bat while there is suspense it is a romance as the two leads Grayson and Claire refuse to accept that they have feeling for each other.

The authors are able to create a picture with remorse, sadness, romance and action. While it wasn't perfect and I was lost even though I was told it was a stand alone novel I think readers would benefit from reading the first in the series.

Thank you to Netgalley and Altapoint Publishing for the copy of Trusting Danger.
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This book had loads of twist and turns and loads of action and adventure to keep you glued to your computers. The authors has done such a outstanding job with this book and should be so proud of this story they have written. I hadn’t read the first book in this series but that didn’t matter as this was such a fantastic book to read anyway. Definitely going to get the first book in this series and looking forward to more by these authors and this series in the future. I would totally recommend
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3.5 stars
Grayson is undercover trying to infiltrate a major drug ring. Instead of getting closer to the supplier he is offered a different job of kidnapping a senator's daughter. Reporting immediately to his superior to find and protect her.
Claire is doing her best to balance everything in her life. Law student who is working with her professor on a case involving a kid who got caught selling meth. Rushing to and from wherever her father's campaign need her. Girlfriend to a very successful business. So being taken into custody by federal agents is not what she expects.
Having to leave for Grayson's dying mom , once he returns he finds that the safe house has been...

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I both enjoyed and disliked this read. I like romance with a dash of mystery. This read is a mystery with a dash of romance. Our h and H don't even act on their attraction until 70% of the book is over. This was too slow of a build up for me as I like stories where we get to the romance relatively quickly. So while this wasn't a terrible read, it just wasn't for me.
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3.5 Stars

I bemoaned the other day about romantic suspense novels using the “suspense” plot as a means to get the characters together and then basically dropping it. I was ready to give up hope of finding one I enjoyed. And then Trusting Danger fell into my lap.

I thought Jaynes and Simonian did a great job at keeping the mystery of who wanted Claire kidnapped a secret. They threw in a few red herrings and while I had some suspicions, I was never completely sure who it was.

I struggled with liking Claire at first, but she grew on me as I learned more about her. Grayson, on the other hand, hooked me from the start. Their romance is a bit hate to love that gradually builds. I thought...

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