Promise Me Always

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Okay, you are going to need the tissues for this one it had me bawling like a baby. This is a really good yet emotional second chance romance. Once I started reading I was just hooked on this one and ended up reading it one sitting. I just loved the characters you just cannot help but like them and want them to get their HEA a really great read and I highly recommend it
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Let me be honest, the first few chapters were a struggle to get through... not sure if it was me getting to know and understand the writers style, or if it just didn't flow too well... but stick with it people... because from the moment Danny met Dani I couldn't put the book down, I was hooked & loved every minute from that point on.  I felt the love and agony, the pushing & pulling of emotions as D & G found their way back to one another.  This was my first Rhonda Shaw novel, but it won't be the last.
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Eh....this book was just okay.  

I found Gabrielle to be incredible immature; actually I thought her character as a teenager was more mature than her older character was.  The constant whining, complaining and apologizing was incredibly annoying.  Danny was trying over and over again to do the right thing for both her and Dani (having them both by the same name was annoying as hell too), but all Gabrielle did was see fault in what he did.  She complained about the world he was now in yet had no problem using his credit card to pay for things, driving the new car or taking her daughter to the dance classes he paid for.  

The constant back and forth not only between POVs but between the years was annoying.  It was hard to keep track of who was talking and in what "world" they were in.
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Vivid characters, excellent writing and fantastic storyline. Gabrielle and Danny are dynamic characters with so much room to grow. Excellent!
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'I'm gonna be watching you. Very closely. And when you finally have something you can't live without, something you want more than f##### life itself, I'm gonna be there and I'm gonna take it'
This threat will be the key in Danny and Gabrielle's love story. A really, really, REALLY fantastic story. I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. And when I was forced to stop reading, I couldn't think about anything else. 
I love the characters, the relationship they have and the way the story is told. I was fascinated.
This book has been a wonderful surprise!
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Danny’s nickname was D and his rap persona was DOA. He was famous  rap star now. But as a young man he had accepted help from Terrell and thought of joining his gang but he would have to kill a rival gang member and Danny wouldn’t do it. Terrell let him walk away but told him he would be watching real close and one day when Danny really cared about something he couldn’t live without Terrell would be there and take it. Danny was now in rehab ghe had almost died when he OD'd on Xanax. And Dollar who was his manager/best friend had found him. Danny wanted to change for himself but more he wanted to change for her - Gabrielle - be someone she could be proud of.  She wouldn’t understand the need to use drugs to get through the day. It had been six days since the horrible night at Sanctuary when he had shattered her heart.Gabrielle- just thinking of her name caused Danny’s chest to ache and his heart to pound. Often Danny wanted to find her but then he also remembered what Terrell had said and danny couldn’t /wouldn’t chance it.  Danny remembered Gabrielle’s big green eyes and smile- it took one look and he was hers even though Danny knew she was out of his league. But Danny couldn’t resist even though it was the last thing he wanted.  Gabrielle had just moved into the neighborhood and Danny stuck up for her a couple of time one time he had saved her from Terrell and his gang then he walked her to dance class every night so she was safe. Danny had reached LA with his boys Dollar and Big T and somehow he had made it big. Big T was head of Danny’s security now as well as his personal assistant.  Danny still had the journal Gabrielle had given him on their first Christmas together with the embossed D he had filled the journal many times and refilled it with paper and the wear and tear shown but Danny but Danny was determined to have the journal with him until he died. He wrote his lyrics in it.  All Danny’s dreams had come true but he wasn’t happy as he had never gotten over or forgotten Gabrielle not in six long years. Dollar had pushed Danny every step of the way every since that first night he had heard Danny  in a freestyle rap battle  at Sanctuary club in their old stomping grounds. Dollar became dedicated to doing whatever he could to make Danny a star and keep him that way. Gabrielle had moved in with brad after dating him for six months and that helped relieve the financial burden of being a single parent to her daughter Dani who was Danny’s child that he didn’t know about and she had tried to tell him but Dollar had deleted her messages and Danny had never seen them. Dani shared her mother’s passion for ballet- at one time Gabrielle’s dream had been to be a famous ballerina but then she got pregnant for Dani and dropped out of school. Being with Brad allowed Gabrielle to work at home and be there for Dani.   One night several cars were at Brad’s apartment it turned out to be Danny as Brad’s company was suppose to work with him if Danny signed the contract but then Danny was stunned with Brad called her out and then had her bring Dani out. Danny knew the mirror image before him was his daughter and he was furious Gabrielle had never ;let him know about her. Gabrielle had went to school with Kat and then they were in ballet together and now Kat was Gabrielle’s best friend when Gabrielle left brad’s because she realized all he really cared about was himself and his big ego she went to stay with Kay she had nowhere else close to go. Then Danny found out and demanded she and Danny come to live with him where they could be safe and have what they need. He also wanted Gabrielle back and to become a family. 
I loved this story. It was an easy quick very enjoyable read. I finished it in one day but then I had problems putting it down also. This book had my interest from beginning until the end. I loved Danny and Gabrielle together. Dani just added to the whole story. There was a lot of emotion in this romance and drama but it all just fit together. I loved the plot and the pace. I don’t usually like going back and forth between the past and the present but the author did this in such a way that i didn’t mind at all. I did choke up at times while reading this book. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book and that was great. I loved the character and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.
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Rhonda is a new author for me, but as this book is in the music genre I am glad that I chose to read the ARC. It was an incredible story which will stay with me for a while. The characters were so realistic it was like seeing their lives unfold on the pages. This is a gritty story of life on the bad side of town.
Due to a tragedy in her family Gabrielle is living in a rough area of town where being bullied by gangs is part of life. She dreams of being a dancer and going to Juilliard and is thrilled to be accepted at the local ballet school where she can continue to practice. Danny is the bad boy with a "don't care attitude" from the wrong side of the tracks. He associates with gang members but finally refuses to join a gang which has future consequences for both Danny and Gabrielle when the gang leader comes looking for payback. All Danny cares about is his rap music, making it big and getting out of town and building a new life.
Opposites attract and Danny and Gabrielle become a couple but their happiness is shattered when the gang leader puts Gabrielle in the hospital. To try and protect Gabrielle Danny breaks up with her in the most humiliating way and leaves her behind as he shoots to stardom.
The depth of the pain and regrets these two characters have made me run for the tissue box. Would the bad things ever end so they could find happiness? Wow what a story! and what an explosive ending. I would give more than 5 stars if I could this is absolutely a must read!
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I just read my first five-star rating book for this year.

There are stories I skip words, phrases, sentences, or an entire paragraph; not this one. I read every word in this book and went back to some a couple of times. I even re-read the entire book the night after. I have other books on my list that needs to be read but I’m thinking of re-reading it again tonight hahaha

Chapters of the book alternate on the present day and the past. In each chapter, sections are divided between Gabrielle and Danny’s perspective. A present-day chapter is continued in a related flashback chapter. I have read books with flashbacks, I appreciate this writing style in this one because of the seamless flow of each chapter to the next, each chapter is relevant from the chapter it followed.

It has a common storyline similar to most romance books, the couple getting separated and a child suddenly joining the picture. Despite that, the story which evolves surrounding this plot is an uncommon occurrence in this genre. It is not afraid to show a dark side of life’s realities. Plus, we are presented with a couple who’s not rich, thank goodness. Some books have this rags-to-riches characters but they always start when the characters are already rich and just mentions their roots in passing. Here, we experience Gabrielle and Danny’s lives from six years ago to now.

Without fail, I think highly of stories who has relevant sub-characters, sub-characters who has reasonable screen time. It goes without saying, I only have praises for this book. I recommend this to everyone who likes reading contemporary. Just contemporary. It does not matter if you’re a non-romance reader because it is more than that.
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This book was everything I wanted to read 
The characters were interesting
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This is second chance romance, between two people who have been in love for many years. Can they have life together or is the past going to keep them apart.

I like the chemistry between them and the story is warm and lovely.
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You know how you just can't get into some books? This was on of those
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Wow! Let me start by saying this is my 1st read by Ms. Shaw. I read the blurb and said ok lets see what she's got and I did not regret it one bit. I would recommend her books to my friends any day, I actually have already this one. PMA was an emotional book it wasn't your typical book where it shows the prologue at the beginning no she reverts back thru out the book and I think that is great. You also get an in depth view of both Gabby and Danny's POV. In PMA you will see what its like to live in the hood, deal with gangs, heartache, forgiveness and happiness. So many emotions but you will love it.
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Danny lives in the hood and has never had a home life because his mother left when he was little and his father is a junkie and alcoholic . All he's trying to do is avoid joining a gang because he wants to make it big as a rapper.  Gabrielle's from the rich side of town until her father commits suicide because he has wracked up all kinds of debt, so then with her mother and sister, they move into Danny's neighborhood. All Gabrielle wants to do is go to Julliard to study ballet. It doesn't take long for Danny and Gabrielle's friendship to turn into more, but in the end Danny breaks her heart. Six years later they meet by chance ... and this time Danny will do everything he can to keep them together.

This book is a raw and gritty story about gangs, hip hop and all the complications of living on the wrong side of the tracks. I have to give Danny credit for avoiding the gangs and in doing so, left him as a target. This story will continually break your heart ... so have the Kleenex ready. I love how Gabrielle was a fierce mother protecting her little girl with everything she had. I would have given 5 stars, but the book just seemed to stop ... I think that there were things left up in the air (like what happened to Dollar). But I would still recommend this emotional read.

I received an ARC courtesy of the author through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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I have to say this book was one of the best I've ever read on Netgalley. It had everything I love to read in this novel. I can't say much more than that. But I will be looking for more books from this author.
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I lived how tjis book took you 6 years into the past with Danny and Gabrielle and then also into the present day to show uou that even though things were hard they are so worth fighting for and finding again.
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Gabrielle and Danny met six years prior to present day when Gabrielle moved to a new neighborhood and new high school.  During their relationship previously, they started out as, well, basically nothing.  After a while a friendship developed, which quickly turned into something more.  This is a classic story of boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets good girl and the two fall in love.  The story would have been good if it ended there.

Six years later we get bits and pieces of what caused the two of them to fall apart and the story is very involved.  Danny has become a world famous rapper and Gabrielle has become a single mom with a child - Danny's child, Dani, a little girl the spitting image of her father.  The story is told from the viewpoint of both characters six years ago and present day.

This was a great read with an interesting story line.  I am definitely not into rapping but I enjoyed learning about Danny and his passion.  I loved the fact that six years later he can't forget Gabrielle and has put her in every one of his songs.  His interactions with Dani were priceless.

I would have rated the story higher except for a felt like the ending could have been a little more thorough.  I felt like it just dropped off and there were things I wanted to know!  I am one of those people that like a happy ending and while the ending was happy, there were a couple of things I would have liked to have happen.

All in all, this was a great book and I would definitely read another book from this author.
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I’m sorry this one wasn’t for me IDF it may be what others are looking for
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A beautiful second chance romance that may just leave you a little misty eyed. Promise Me Always is an amazing read. It takes you on a journey of Gabrielle and D "Danny". Young love can sometimes lead to stupid things. And that is what happens with Danny listening to his friends. The love they share is evident that you can't help but see that he was just trying to protect Gabrielle. A chance meeting brings this young love back together years later. It is so beautiful to see the changes in Danny once he meets his daughter. He is such an amazing dad. I love how they fit as a family and find their way back. Truly moving.
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Wow. What an emotional story this was!

Your heart will hurt, soar and hope for the best for these amazing characters..... they are dealt with a bunch of heartache... and so much more than a normal couple should endure. But can it work out in the end?

I loved and adored D and Gabrielle. They were intense and no matter how long it's been they are still in love..... I adored D as a father and loved the story from start to finish!!!

4 stars from me.

Recv'd a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Second chance romance.  He's a successful rap music artist. Some potential triggers: scenes of violence and attempted rape.

This review is based on the ARC received from the author and/ or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.
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