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I found this one quite difficult to get into and i found that it dragged on a little bit too too much for my liking. Not one I’d recommend sorry.
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A Blood Thing is a mystery/thriller, exploring just how far you would go to protect someone you loved. With an intricately planned plot, strong characters and high tension throughout, it was an overall a solid read. Not one I’d rush back to re-read, but engaging and enjoyable as a stand-alone book.

Within the first chapters, I was gripped. When an innocent man – unable to properly defend himself – is framed for a grisly murder, his brothers must face difficult choices about how far they would go to protect him. The tension stems from the blackmailer: his absolute attention to detail goes beyond OCD contradicts his casual way of speaking – calling one brother “Governor Andy” through a voice changer gave me the shivers.

While the book kept my attention, there were times I felt it dragged a little bit. Something goes wrong, the blackmailer increases his demands/releases more incriminating material, things escalate… It was predictable in places: you didn’t know exactly what would happen, but you had already seen this scenario once, so you had a feeling of where it was going.

The type of book it was meant you also knew they would ultimately catch the bad guy. It would have been highly unsatisfying if they didn’t. Again, you didn’t know how, but you did know where it was eventually going to end.

However, I did thoroughly enjoy this. The characters made it for me. Tyler – the framed man – is completely innocent in more than one sense of the word and you really feel for him. All he wants is to help his family.

Andrew – the governor – and Henry – his cop brother – are decent men. It’s refreshing reading a thriller where they don’t have hidden vices like addictions. They are genuinely good men through and through and while they have skeletons in the closest, so to speak, they want to do what is right.

Andy is such a good man that you feel his pain at having to corrupt his values to protect his brother. Henry has a more spontaneous streak than his brother, but he will do whatever he has to – cross whatever line – to protect Tyler.

Their sister, Molly, is also a very capable character and won’t leave it to her big brothers to protect her twin; she too will play her part and anyone getting in her way will find out she is, in fact, ex-army, and able to do things her brothers can’t.

As mentioned, the pacing is steady throughout. Personally, I found the tension increased when the blackmailer’s plan starts to go wrong. The characters are split up, in trouble, and no one – including their blackmailer – is no longer sure what is going to happen next. It makes it incredibly engaging for the reader.

If you like a solid crime thriller; strong characters, intense plot and a sense of helplessness as they race to prove their brother’s innocence, then this is a definite recommendation. It didn’t blow me away, but it was an enjoyable read throughout.
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James Hankins just isn't the author for me. While the concept behind his books is really great, he leans into the action right away. Then, halfway through the novel, when the reader is ready for resolution, he is forced to try to find something to raise the stakes again. This second rise in the action often feels a bit contrived. A BLOOD THING would have been a much stronger book if he held off on the main action until a bit longer into the novel. That gives readers time to connect with the protagonists, feel the stakes when the inciting event occurs, and it sustains investment throughout the whole novel.
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His family. He would do anything for them. It maybe hard to understand but's a blood thing 

Andrew Kane, Governor of Vermont, was elected as a man of integrity. He has remained clean in the political process. He has fought the fight but a bigger fight is in store for him and his family. His brother Henry, a sworn officer of the law in Internal Affairs. His twin brother Tyler and sister Molly. Andrew being the oldest blames himself for the terrible accident that left Tyler with brain damage. It is a family that looks out for each other. A family that believes the best in each other. 

That believe is tested when a man approaches Andrew during a rally with a phone and a menacing message. The message comes to light when Tyler is arrested for murder. The plot thickens. 
When the mysterious phone rings with a request that only the governor of Vermont can make, the plot thickens some more. When the evidence begins to pile on Tyler an innocent pawn, the plot becomes thicker than water. 

A family thriller with strong ties. Strong ties that are tested with what haunts integrity and family. What would you do for your family? How far would you go? What would you give up? Loved this one from beginning to end. 

A Special Thank You to Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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The sins of the brother………..

The Kane family is tight-knit and powerful in Vermont where Andrew, the eldest sibling, is Governor. Brother Henry is a senior investigative detective. Making up the quartet are twins, Molly, and Tyler, who has the mental age of around 11 following a bad fall at the age of 7. Like all families though, there are secrets and subjects which are avoided.

Life seems idyllic until a stranger presses a burner phone into the Governor’s palm with the advice to retain it as it will be needed after the arrest……..

The family is likeable (Andrew is one of those rare individuals – an honest politician) and the characters are well drawn such that they can be understood as individuals with their own hopes and wishes. The reader, therefore, shares in their turmoil as events unfold which bring havoc to their lives.

The plot is well constructed with the usual twists and turns and moves along at a decent pace. However, the pace doesn’t change a great deal so there are little light and shade, creating a bit of a soporific effect at times. Additionally, the actions of the two oldest brothers, in particular, can be questioned although I believe their motives cannot.

There were few surprises towards the end – no sharp intakes of breath but despite this, it’s a good, solid read and can be recommended.

mr zorg

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A Blood Thing is a suspenseful political thriller that also dives into a strong family dynamic and pushes the characters to the brink of just how far they will go to protect their siblings.  I loved reading this book!!  He had me from the very first page!!
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Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read "A Blood Thing" by James Hankins.
To what extremes would someone go to exact revenge? That seems to be the main question in James Hankins's "A Blood Thing". Innocent, child-like Tyler Kane - brother of Governor Andrew Kane, soldier Molly Kane, State cop and IA Henry Kane - is being framed for murder by someone who has planned out every step of his elaborate revenge. And from the beginning, he pushes everyone of the Kane family to abandon their scruples and betray their ethics.
We, the readers, know that Tyler did nothing wrong; but his family is forced to watch him arrested and jailed, and then fight to keep damning evidence from coming to light.
I find it difficult to read novels like this; the horrible things that people do in order to revenge themselves upon others, but Mr. Hankins has deftly crafted an inventive storyline which should keep you engaged right until the end.
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Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review, "A Blood Thing"
by James Hankins. A great mystery! I was really invested in the story and the characters. The whole time  I felt like I was on the edge of my seat!
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Thanks to Thomas & Mercer for an ARC of this book in exchange for a review. 
This book is definitely a page turner, the Kane feamily are being blackmailed.  Their youngest brother Tyler had been accused of murder, Tyler has developmental problems following an accident as a boy, the family know he is innocent,   Andrew Kane is the Vermont Governor, elected for his integrity, now he has to choose between putting his family first to try and save his brother, or his career and everything he stands for. 
Henry Kane is a police officer and Tyler’s twin sister Molly are all being targeted by the mysterious blackmailer.  How far will the Kane family go to save Tyler. 
The blackmailer is extremely clever, always one step ahead, never keeps his end of agreements made,    Lots of twists to this story, family loyalty is strong  among the Kane’s as they work hard to prove Tyler’s innocence.
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Very well written mystery that will leave you guessing until the end, then blow you away! I personally loved how this book was written. Its a very complex story line and the characters are so well developed! I have to give it a 5 star but wish I could go higher! If you love a great mystery, you must give this one a try!

want to thank Thomas & Mercer for an advance copy of this book so I could leave an honest, unbiased review.”
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A Blood Thing by James Hankins is probably his best work to date. Andrew Kane is the governor of Vermont. He prides himself on being honest and free from corruption. His brother Henry is an IA officer with the state police, his sister Molly was in the army and is working on her masters degree and getting ready to join the state police. His brother Tyler is a different story. He is Molly’s twin and had an accident at age 7 that left him with some brain damage. He has the mind of an innocent child. Tyler lives with Molly and she helps take care of him. When a local woman is murdered savagely and the evidence points to Tyler all hell breaks loose. The family knows Tyler would never do such a thing but the evidence seems to be foolproof. Then the phone calls start. Somebody is calling Governor Kane  and demanding certain things in order for proof that Tyler is innocent.  This person is the actual killer and will not give the proof up unless the Kane family does what he wants.   From here the book takes off at a breakneck pace. When you think you know what’s going on, think again. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy of the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley, James Hankins and Thomas & Mercer for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review. 

How far would you go to save a member of your family? Andrew Kane, the governor of Vermont is handed a phone during a routine public appearance and told to hold onto it until the arrest. Then his youngest brother Tyler is arrested for the murder of a young lady that he was seen with previously. Andrew and his other brother Henry get a call on the mystery phone admitted to framing Tyler and will clear is name, but only is Andrew does something for him first. 

I don’t know what it is about this book, but I was invested in the characters right away and wanted to know more about the family. There are four members left of this family and each of the sibling’s cares a lot about the others. They are a family that had their hardships and each one of them blames themselves for Tyler’s accident. Tyler is so seemingly sweet and innocent and you just want to take him and protect him from the world. Tyler could never hurt a fly and you wonder how people are so misunderstanding of his mental state. 

This book felt fairly long to me, but it was also very detailed and there were many steps of the plan to go through. I did enjoy that the chapters were each by a different member of the family and what they were doing to try to prove Tyler innocent and even how Tyler saw the situation. I liked the ending and how they figured out how it happened and I was a little shocked to find out one of the twists. I always like a neat and tidy ending and this book gives you that for the most part. I just really enjoyed the family in this novel and their dynamics. I would definitely read more books by this author now that I’ve enjoyed this one. 

Out now! Pick it up!
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This is the first book I have read by James Hankins and I had the absolute pleasure to talk with him on Instagram and it was such a joy to learn more from him! But this book was such an amazing novel!
This book took you through some serious ups and downs with each of the main characters and showed how each action affected them! 

I loved the storyline about how much the family is willing to do to make sure they are able to stay together and do whatever they can to save one of their own! But it was also bittersweet when the unfortunate happens and he guys you are rooting for take an unexpected turn and do what they normally would never do. But it goes to show how much they are willing to sacrifice in the way of saving their family member in a tough time and crisis!
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James Hankins keeps getting better and better. This was his best book yet, and I eagerly await more.
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First I will thank NetGalley for my copy of this book

It was my first by this author. While it was ok it just didn’t keep me wanting to read more. I like a book to pull me in and keep me interested. This one was easy to put down. I felt bad for the family in ways. The youngest who was brain damaged was sad indeed but the others not so much. I just could not get into them. THe blackmailer was very interesting. He sure kept things in order. But then all of a sudden it was like “what happened”. Did I miss something? I guess some will love this book but not me.
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A Blood Thing by James Hankins is the first book I have read by this author. I liked the book but didn’t love it and at one point where I still had one hour of reading left I was so ready for the book to be done. I think it’s because I never felt any empathy with the characters. Again I didn’t hate them, I just didn’t care that much about them or what they were going through. I can honestly say that the younger son who was brain damaged was the only one who really stood out. His three siblings all blamed themselves for his accident but never mentioned it to each other just suffered it stoically. I thank NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give the book 3 stars.
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'A Blood Thing' was a book that was so bad but so good all at the same time! It was a book where I'm yelling at the book "NO! WHY?!" but then "YES! OMG, YES!" It makes you question everything, all while completely convincing you of family bonds and love. 

So this book is the story of the Kane family. Tyler Kane, a man with a minor mental slowness due to an old head injury) is being used as a pawn in a dangerous plot. His brother Andrew is the Governor of Vermont, and when he is handed the phone one day and told that there is only one way to help Andrew: to play along. The blackmailer, of course, asks more and more and more of Andy until the conclusion of the book and boy, it that an ending.

I admit, the writing was amazing and I really enjoyed it. This was my first book by James Hankins, but I'll be reading more from him!
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Interesting and well written but completely implausible premise.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  Am sure others will like this more than I did.  Am curious what readers in Vermont think.
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Vermont Governor (Andrew Kane) is blackmailed into saving his brother (Tyler), who is being framed for murder.

Even though Governor Kane ran and won his campaign by speaking out against corruption in the government, he is now being forced to take sides. Will he choose his reputation and career, or will he risk it all to save Tyler?

I'm not a huge Mystery fan, but this one. This one intrigued me. Why, you ask? Because Tyler tugged at my heartstrings. Even though Tyler is a 29 year old man, he was injured in a fall as a child and now has the mental capacity of an 11 year old boy. And, as if that weren't enough, he also is being framed for murder. A murder he definitely didn't commit. Who was framing him and why? How far will Governor Kane and his siblings, Henry and Molly, go to save their sibling from evil? Read this well-written, dark and twisty mystery to find out!

I would recommend A Blood Thing for fans of the TV shows, Homeland and Revenge!

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Location: Vermont
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Well, that was good! James Hankins has written a fantastic thriller, that had me hanging off every page..

How far would you go to save your family? Govenor  Andrew Kane is handed a phone and told to hold onto it because he would need it after the arrest. Then his younger brother Tyler is arrested for murder. The caller admits to to framing Tyler and says he will be ok if Andrew does just one small thing, and then another and another. There are so many twist in the story it makes you want to keep reading.

Thanks to Thomas and Mercer for the advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest opinions
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