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I am once again brought into the world of Kim.   Kim is the original Blogger Girl and is now engaged, planning a wedding, celebrating her first published book, and writing her second book.     Sound stressful?   Heck yeah it is and Kim is struggling with it all.      Luckily she has the support of her fiancé Nicholas, her friend Bridget, and even Hannah her nemesis.   

Bridal Girl is a perfect continuation of Kim’s life.    The story flowed like it was real life.   I think every bride feels the stress of planning her special day.   Everything from the in-laws, the dresses, and the rest of it is so much work that anyone would be overwhelmed.   Add to the wedding the excitement of her new book being published and the pressure of writing another one and who wouldn’t be going crazy with it all.      Kim’s reactions, feelings, and thoughts were so real.  I could relate to her fears, her excitement, and her stress.   

Meredith Schorr has a quick wit, a great writing style, and a wonderful series.   I would love to read more about Kim and Nicholas, catch up with Hannah, and see where Bridget’s life is taking her.    This is a series that is more enjoyable reading in order.   The storyline continues from book 1 to book 2 to book 3.  Luckily they are all available right now.
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Sorry I was unable to access this title so couldn’t review, I had kindle issues with this particular text. Apologies but thank you for the opportunity,
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This is a great series and really enjoyed the first two in the series as much as this one! I really like having a book blogger as the main character and think the story line is full of fun! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun chick lit!
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Ms. Schorr is one of a kind authoress'.  She packs a punch in every aspect, her covers are unique and memorable. Her characters never fail to draw you in.  The moment you start one of her books, time flies and before you know it, you are at the end.  Bridal Girl is the perfect title for the story between the pages,   I enjoyed this journey of Kim and Nicholas present, past and future.  I cannot wait for future books, they never disappoint.
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This is my book (I wrote it), so I can't really review it, but I don't want it to effect my feedback rating!
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What a fun 3rd book in the Blogger Girl series! 

I've had fun following Kim Long through each journey of her life from her blog to her first book and on to her 2nd book and her wedding!

I feel for her and her writers block though - that is the one thing that would terrify me at the end of the day, well that and negative reviews about my book babies.  I would feel like they are critiquing my children. 

She needs to tell her bridal party to back off and if they don't like it - bye bye.  I know easier said then done right?  That's probably why I have always said elope!  So simple and a vacation all in one.

Start reading today and see if Kim finds her happy ending or if her dream as a writer and life as a bride disappear as if only a dream.
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Received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I just recently read the first two in this series (the audiobook narrator is brilliant, if you haven't read them yet and are wanting to catch up before diving into this one, by the way), and was glad to be able to dive into the conclusion to Kimmie's trilogy.  

_Bridal Girl_ lives up to its predecessors, for sure.  I spent roughly half my reading time laughing, and the other half nodding along, since I'm pretty sure I'm just a taller, less coordinated Kimmie, myself.  

It's hard to know what to talk about without giving too much away, either for this book or for the earlier books in the series, but I *can* say that this one wraps up the series with a heartwarming bow, and I hope the author will consider maybe letting us in on how Kimmie, Bridget, and Caroline are faring in a few years.  (Or maybe spin off a Hannah story?  There's got to be a book in there about Hannah and Fred....)
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This book is heart warming, tons of fun with plenty of laugh out loud moments, breath holding events only wedding arrangements can bring, as well as excitement about a book blogger now author rushing to meet a deadline on her second book, all in the same time frame. As if Kim didn't have enough to worry about, the added knowledge that Tiffany is suddenly on the scene.... and WHY she wonders is her fiance Nicholas's first girlfriend part of her wedding party? Kim is beside herself worried about reviews of her first book, constantly checking and finding a one star rating that has her freaked out, and the result is Kim experiencing writers block. And WHY is her soon to be sister-in-law Natalie always with Tiffany and WHY is her husband also often on the phone with Tiffany...? And Hannah, what is she doing back in her life? This book is filled with surprises, witty humor, delightful dialogue and lively characters, I love this author's books and was happy to receive this ARC.
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Kim Long aka Blogger Girl is finally getting married to the man of her dreams and everything is on track or it should be, but it's not and the months leading up to her wedding date will be crazy and rocky.  Kim still hasn't picked a wedding dress and when she does, she finds herself with a wedding party that all have strong opinions of what she should be wearing. She has her sister who has a bad attitude to boot, her Fiance's sister and now Tiffany - who used to date Nicholas back in high school and keeps butting into Kim's wedding plans and putting her 2 cents in which is making Kim very nervous as is this Tiffany's plan to win back Nicholas? Her first book received amazing reviews and now her second book is due soon and Kim is having a severe case of writer's block and the deadline for the chapters is ticking down and she has nothing to show. With all the pressure Kim is putting on herself, her friends are ready to call an intervention as if Kim gets her way, she will have been finding herself with no second book and no husband? If you are looking for a good chick lit read, are an author or book blogger yourself - then Meredith Schorr's Blogger Girl is the series for you and PS - I loved the name of Kim's book blog "Pastel is the New Black".
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Finally! A new Blogger Girl book from Meredith Schorr! I absolutely adore her series (and, honestly, everything else she writes) and was thrilled when I found out she was publishing another story about Kim Long. Last we left the pint-size chick lit blogger turned author she was engaged to Nicholas and I was excited to see how the wedding planning and actual ceremony would go. That's what happens in Bridal Girl, and oh my word, everything that could go wrong does in a sweet and hilarious chick lit story from one of my favourite authors.

Here's the synopsis:
Sassy book blogger-turned-author, Kim Long, thought her life couldn’t get any pinker when she received a two-book publishing deal and a marriage proposal in the same night. The wedding plans are coming together seamlessly, from the catering to the flowers to her much-coveted appointment at the exclusive and world famous Kleinfeld Bridal. Her debut novel is flying off the shelves to celebrated reviews, and her second book is practically writing itself.

If only the above wasn’t a big fat lie.

If only Kim could drown out the conflicting opinions of her overzealous bridal party, most notably, her sister and future sister-in-law, who haven’t stopped bickering since day one.

If only everyone would adore her first book—or she’d take Nicholas’s advice and stop reading reviews—she might not second guess every new word she writes.

If only Nicholas’s past would remain there rather than threaten their future.
The pressure is on, the clock is ticking, and in walks Hannah Marshak.

Will the former “mean girl” lend a helping hand or make things worse? Will Kim ever write “The End” on her sophomore novel? And, will she and Nicholas make it down the aisle to say those two precious words: I do?

We’ll never tell. So, put on your reading glasses, fill your champagne flute/cup of tea and prepare to laugh with (and sometimes at) Kim as she rewrites her happy ending until it’s worthy of five pink champagne flutes.
If you've ever attended or planned a wedding, you know there are about a bazillion things to look after. Which means there are about a bazillion things that could go wrong when planning the wedding. Poor Kim and Nicholas. All those things did go wrong for them. It almost got to be too much but, like any good romantic comedy writer, Schorr found the right balance and kept the story from being too over the top. I always say that weddings lend themselves well to rom-coms because of all the elements to it. Romantic relationships are front and centre, obviously, but there are potential issues with family and friends as well as details with the dress, the food, and the parties. The possibilities are endless for amusing, cringe-worthy, and really sweet moments and I'm so glad Schorr used them all to her advantage.

One of the reasons I love the Blogger Girl series is because Kim is a book blogger like me. She wanted to write a book - and did - so the last two books have been less about the blogging and more about trying to become an author and producing a second novel. While blogging took a backseat, I still loved how much Kim's love for chick lit came through. She started to doubt herself and the genre (the plot of her second novel took a turn that I was really anxious about) and had to find ways to pull herself out of the spiral of defeat she was caught in. It was hard to read just as it would have been hard for Nicholas and Kim's friends to hear and see. There were many times I caught myself thinking that Kim was being so silly and why was she doing such idiotic things? But then I remembered how easy it is to get blinded by your own problems and not realize there's a way out. Even though Kim was going bananas, that meant Schorr had set the scene for some really sweet moments between Kim, Nicholas, and the rest of her friends. It was a reminder that Schorr can write some amazing characters and relationships.

I always find it so incredibly hard to review Schorr's books because I love them all so much. I want to just write READ THE BOOK AND BE HAPPY BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD but that's not exactly how it works on book blogs! It's also hard with this one because I really don't want to give away any of the surprises Schorr has in store for readers in this book.

Like all of Meredith Schorr's previous novels (and there are several so start reading her backlist if you've never read her before), Bridal Girl is charming and witty with a cast of characters you can't help but fall in love with. I was so glad to spend more time with Kim and am really hoping we'll get even more books in the Blogger Girl series.

*An egalley of this novel was provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.*
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I have read the previous two books by Meredith Schorr in this Blogger Girl series. Blogger Girl and Novelista Girl were brilliant, and Bridal Girl follows in the same steps. All books can be read as standalone, but as always the previous ones are great to read too. Personally I loved Novelista Girl best.
Bridal Girl follows Kim and Nicolas’ Wedding preparations, which take place at the same time that Kim is writing her second novel. Both are time sensitive and as is typically Meredith Schorr style, the laughter, mix ups and debacles that follow Kim are perfect for this Blogger Girl 3rd book.
If you have read the previous books in this series, you will be familiar with Hannah Marshak, former Mean Girl. Hannah had to make an appearance in this book, and she did so brilliantly.
My favourite part of this book was where Kim talks about her writing and we learn about her publishing experience. There are funny and heart warming moments, and I wonder if many of these experiences are relatable in the Author’s personal experiences. Meredith writes smoothly and believably, drawing the reader right into Kim’s life and emotions.
I don’t want to give spoilers, but there was something that niggled both Kim and I through part of the book, and when the turn of events became apparent, it left Kim and I in a state of giggles! If you have read this book, I’m sure you will know which part I’m talking about.
The characters of Kim and her best friends Bridget and Caroline are brilliant. They have a wonderfully special relationship together. And as the tale continues, the Author and reader side of Kim and her friends are so obvious. This is the part of Kim that made me love her right from the first book.
“She nodded and removed her e reader from her purse. Her habit of reading anytime and anywhere she had a free moment was almost as bad as mine.”
I would like to finish my review with thanks to me the lovely and talented Author Meredith Schorr for mentioning me in the acknowledgements it means a lot.
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This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this book. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
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I thought parts this book were pretty entertaining. I didn't exactly connect much with the wedding planning aspects of the story, but I did enjoy the parts that dealt with her writing and editing her second book. The fiance felt a little bland to me, but the relationship between the three best friends was great. My favorite moments in the book involved the friends in some way.

I feel that I would probably have been more invested in the wedding planning parts of the story if I had read the previous books in the series. I think what affected my involvement in the story was that everything seemed to be such a big deal. The search for the perfect wedding dress...okay, I can understand that one. But almost every aspect of planning seemed to provide a huge amount of stress, which would build up. It can be a little exhausting to read about someone that always seems on the edge of a breakdown.

I found it easier to empathize with the main character's obsession with her reviews. I also enjoyed reading about her efforts to decide just how much she was willing to change her work to try to satisfy others. Also, I liked that when she finally decided to speak up for herself, she did it well.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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Kim and Nicholas are about to get married. It's seven months until their wedding day and Kim is under a lot of stress with all that has to be done. Not only is she in the middle of planning her wedding, she is also just coming off releasing her first book and is working on the second. As part of her two-book deal with her publisher, she has to have a rough draft of the book in right before her nuptials. Will Kim and Nicholas be able to have the wedding they both dream of, or will the stress of everything going on be too much for them to handle?

Thank you to NetGalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

Wedding season is among us. From now through the beginning of fall, finding a ballroom, limousine, or a bakery may prove very difficult. 

Bridal Girl is the third book in the Blogger Girl Series. I have not read the other books in the series, but I did purchase them while reading this book. Kim Long is a blogger turned author. With such high success of her blog she decided to go ahead and write a book, the previous books give you details about this journey for Kim. Her first book was recently published and is up for it's second printing run. If Kim can stop looking at all of the negative reviews and focus on what is in front of her, she may be able to get book two out in time. 

Luckily for Kim she has Nicholas. Nicholas and Kim are perfect together, they are each other support system. When Kim is overwhelmed with trying to find a dress that not only she will love, but that the rest of her bridal party agrees on too, Nicholas is there to be the shoulder to cry on and even offers to go dress shopping with her. 

With ex-girlfriends, pregnancy, writers's block, frenemies, new editors, and life in general, will it all be too much for Kim to handle. 

Get this book for your entire bridal party, for your friend getting married this year, for those thinking about writing a book. Heck, get the whole series.
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This book is the 3rd in the Blogger Girl series. I have not read the first two books, but I think I will now. This book was really good and fun to read. This was a light-hearted book with characters larger than life. The characters are great, loyal friends, a little quirky, maybe somewhat complicated! But great! The main character, Kimmie, is preparing for her wedding. She is a writer who went from being a blogger to being an author. This book is the journey to her wedding. It is hilarious!  I recommend this as a fun book, and hard to put down!
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4.5 stars

Did I enjoy this book? I really did enjoy Bridal Girl. It was such a fun story that I read every free chance I had.

I loved Blogger Girl and Novelista Girl, and I couldn’t wait to read Bridal Girl. I love Kim Long. Her relationship with Nick is fabulous. He is very supportive of her writing and blogging. And she supports him in his career as well. Their wedding planning was crazy–dress, flowers, cake, venue. So many problems popped up that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or if their wedding was actually going to take place. What a ride! I really wanted Kim to have her happily ever after. I kept reading, hoping, and laughing. In fact, I found myself laughing out loud while reading and walking the track at the Y. A few other walkers stopped and asked me what book I was reading because I was obviously enjoying it.

This is such a fun series to read. And Bridal Girl was a great book to escape with.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It’s a great installment to the Blogger Girl series!
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3.5 Stars

Blogger Girl gets married! 

This was the third book that I read and the third book in the series "Blogger Girl". I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and looked forward to reading this one. However, this one was not my favorite.

For me, this one seemed pretty cheesy with a lot of hokey mixed in. Just a little too much for me. Especially the bachelorette party scenes. My first thought when Kim received those texts and especially the picture text from Nicholas was that the men at his bachelor party got hold of his phone. 
However, Kim went off on a tangent that the man she was going to marry in a week would send those to her. Seriously? This part just rubbed me the wrong way.

There were, however, lots of laughs and the tiring bickering between the sister and sister-in-law was somewhat funny, but got old fast.

It left me wondering why this smart girl was acting so dumb. Possibly it was her wedding nerves and I can see that and I understand that. However, for me, the constant worrying just seemed to get in the way of all the fun times. 

As I said, it was still a decent read and I will pick up the next one because I know the fun times and the outrageous antics will be there. I just think the worrying took up too much space. Or it could be that I'm just old and don't remember all those frustrations and silliness while being young.

Kudos to the author and thanks to Henery Press and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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I loved this book as I’ve loved Meredith Schorr’s other books. Kim Long is such a great character. I love the crazy things she gets herself into. In this book, Kim is getting married to Nicholas. At the same time, her second book deadline looms and they won’t give her an extension. Wild and crazy. So much fun! 🙂
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I feel like I know Kim Long, the Heroine in Bridal Girl. When I read Blogger Girl, Meredith's first book in the Blogger Girl Series I related to Kim in so many ways, from the writing of reviews to the dealing with publishers and trying to live your true, honest self. Not only are Meredith's books totally relatable, they are smart, funny and full of real life. In Bridal Girl Kim, now author has to deal with so many things coming at her, much like we all do when we live our dreams or strive for what we want, plus an impending wedding! Its always a fun fiasco- family, friends, book deals! Chick Lit or Rom-Com, whatever your choice of verbiage, Meredith Schorr writes from the heart, and adds a lot of humor, smarts and real life experiences where you feel like you are a friend, in the book, rooting for Kim! I can't recommend this book enough. I think what many people need to know about the chick lit genre is that is funny, it's fun, the heroine is strong, smart and not perfect. It's all of us, Kim Long is us,  trying to do what we love, while LIFE happens. If you like Jennifer Crusie or Jen Lancaster you will absolutely love Meredith Schorr. I will read anything she writes, and I'm a tad picky. The series rocks, it can also be Stand alone and and are fast, fun reads. Meredith has become my go to chick-lit writer. She's my "save me after this intense thriller and bring me back to crazy normal" author. 5 stars and already anticipating her next novel. 
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I loved this book! While you don't have to read the first two books to enjoy this one, I think it definitely helps as you see the progression of the friendships, relationships, and even rivalry between authors.

I've followed Kim's career in this series and have often wondered what it would be like to take a blogging career and become an author. Granted I do not have the writing skills (or desire) to write a book but admire those that can and do create those works for us to enjoy.

Kim is still insecure about her writing and keeps reading reviews and if they are negative takes it to heart. I get it, the book is her baby and anything negative is hard to read. But at the same time, not all books are for everyone. It was nice to see her growth and understanding of that as the book progressed.

Then there is her relationship with Nicholas, the fiance. They both have moments where you want to shake them and tell them to grow up...but that is what makes the book interesting, the conflict and communication snafus. 

I found myself laughing and crying throughout the book and it was the perfect book to read at that moment in time. If you like chick-lit I think you will enjoy this book.
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