Why Her?

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I loved Why Her?. Nicki has a wonderful way of helping you grow closer to God. We all at some time measure ourselves or our husband's or our children to others, but God loves us for who we are.
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This book, this book is a must read for every woman! Even if you don’t think you compare yourself to other women, this is still a must read. So well written and every woman, no matter your age, will learn to better love yourself and let along better with your peers
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Comparison is a problem for me, the thoughts that creep into our minds, when something doesn't go our way. Why does she get to and I am more bank than so and so why am I not... This book was a really refreshing look at what God says about us, his unconditional love and how he compares me to no one.  You stops asking "why her?" and start saying "yes her and bless her."
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If you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy due to unfavorable self-comparisons with others (i.e., you feel like you can never quite measure up the standards of someone else), than Why Her contains a message that you need to hear!

Through highly transparent stories of the struggles that she has gone through in her life, Nicki authentically conveys what it’s like to struggle with these issues – and shares the biblical story of Rachel and Leah (two sisters married to the same guy!) to teach us 6 truths that will help us to transform our lives.
Once I started reading Why Her, I could not put this book down.

I highly recommend this book to you!
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I was excited to read this book but was underwhelmed. There are definitely some nuggets of truth and important stuff in this book but you must dig for it. Dig through fluff,  endless “have mercy’s”, and the author just trying to force humor. However, I know plenty of women who will LOVE this book. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read and review this book.
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This was a great read! An encouraging message of perseverance and pushing through when things get hard. There is beauty when we don’t give up!
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When Comparison Creeps into our Comfort Zone

I highly recommend this book!

Through the story of Rachel and Leah in the book of Genesis, Nicki Koziarz guides her audience through six truths to understanding and overcoming comparison. A topic that everyone struggles with, her approach and guidance is practical and authentic. The lessons that Nicki introduces and teaches are fresh from her universally relatable, everyday struggles. From common regrets to PTO problems, this book will have readers laughing and wishing they could high-five Nicki!

“The Bible is always relevant, because it reveals deeply rooted truths that never expire.” -Nicki Koziarz, “Why Her.”

Old Testament Biblical stories can be difficult to navigate through, but Nicki takes her readers on a journey that is unbelievably relatable to the time we live in now. In a society saturated in social media, comparison can easily creep into our comfort zone. Empowered by Scripture, and who God says we are, readers of “Why Her” will be able to scroll through news feeds and walk through life aware and prepared to deal with comparison in a positive way.

“If we’re honest, we’ll realize some parts of our own stories are still being written. And if we rush to cover up those pieces of our lives that lend themselves the most to comparison, we’ll miss the powerful story of redemption that God is in the middle of writing.” -Nicki Koziarz, “Why Her.”

Of the rich revelations uncovered in this book, my person highlight was realizing that being offended was a stance that I was choose to take. Another rich truth that sunk into my soul was the revelation that just because I don’t always get what I am aiming for, doesn’t mean I did anything wrong. It just isn’t always mine.

“God’s promises are not only for reading and meditating on. There are times when we must fight to believe them and receive them for our lives.” -Nicki Koziarz, “Why Her.”

This book is a quick and fun read, because of Nicki’s relatable tone and fun real life applications. I highly recommend this book to women who struggle with comparison, or maybe just feel an emptiness about an area of their lives.

Happy Reading!

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)
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I liked the idea of this book a bit better than the actual book, since i felt as if the author took a bit of a preaching tone throughout this book that i don't enjoy. 
I like it when authors try to show the reader their side of the argument/discussion, try to get the reader to see their side and even come over their idea of thinking. BUT i hate it when i feel as if the author pushes their ideas onto me. 
And sadly that is exactly what i felt in/with this book!

I am however sure that this book has a lot of readers that will love how the author did and wrote this book!
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As always, Nicki Koziarz encouraged as she led me in "Why Her?". One of the reasons for choosing this book was her authenticity. She does not disappoint, as she leads us closer into God's Word and helps us realize the freedom found in discontinuing comparing ourselves to anyone else. No one's life is picture perfect. Koziarz in "Why Her?" was wonderful!
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Beyond poignant for all. There is nobody who wouldn't stand to gain something from this book, because we all compare ourselves to others whether or not we intend to. Nicki Koziarz knocks it out of the park again, adding true vulnerability with sparks of reality checks throughout. I found myself in these pages a lot - but then I realized that it wasn't because I was bad (nope, just human).
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Sorry this book just is not for me. I struggle as much with comparisons probably as the next person, having many chronic health problems, but most my questions come down to do I trust Gods sovereignty.... after all whoever compares has no understanding. Reading this book, I read more discouraging thoughts and wrongs ways of thinking than right. I just don't want to think like the author so I don't want to read anymore of it. If someone struggled with complaining, a book filled with examples of reasons to complain wouldnt be as constructive as a book about being thankful for example, the complaining would be automatically helped. Some people may already think like her and maybe will be reassured that they are not alone but I wonder if there is even enough good to outweigh the negative comments. Not for me.
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The title and topic of this book really intrigued me. Envy it's not a topic we broach often as Christian women, because it's an emotion that brings shame. The author dove openly into this topic, however, and did a wonderful job unpacking this issue that plagues so many of us. The advice was helpful, scenarios were spot on, and the author's openness was refreshing. "Why Her" was an encouraging book, one that shows the reader to face a topic that we are generally embarrassed and ashamed to talk about. Mr. Rogers said if something is mentionable, it can be more manageable, and i believe that is the real crux of this great book on envy.
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I was drawn to this book because I loved Nicki’s first book, 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit. I also follow Proverbs 31 Ministries. 
Why Her? Is an amazing book! Her second book did not disappoint! Proverbs 31 Ministries just did an online bible study on this book not too long ago. I am currently using this book to go along with the study. 
This book is so encouraging! I highly recommend!!
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n this book, Nicki presents six truths learned from Rachel and Leah of the Bible to help us avoid feeling less than from playing the comparison game. Each of the six truths spoke to my heart, but especially truth six. I love how she points out that instead of comparing ourselves, let’s learn from each other. My eyes were opened through this book to things in my life of which I was not even aware. Highly recommend.
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I really loved this book and was provided this copy from the publisher in exchange for being a member of the launch team.
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We are all uniquely made but we all get so caught up in comparison. We are so hard on ourselves as women.   Always looking somewhere else and trying to measure ourselves by those standards and gifts instead of what God put in each one of us. 
The author does a great job of sharing ways to stop comparing and begin to walk in who God created you to be.  We all need some wisdom and guidance in this area.   
This is a must read for all women.  
I received a eARC copy from net gallery and this is my honest opinion
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This is a great companion to the bible study by the same name. I had never done a bible study on Jacob, Rachel and Leah before. I never thought deeply about their predicament and the relationship issues involved.

I liked that the author was transparent in what she shared in reference to measuring up to others. I found this insightful, helpful and had me look at this story and scripture with fresh eyes. I highly recommend this book and the bible study.

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This book focuses on an area that can be a problem that we don’t like to admit that we have—comparing ourselves with others.  This can affect even Christian women at all stages of their lives.

To help us understand this struggle more clearly, Nicki Koziarz leads us through the story of Leah and Rachel.  As we study their lives in detail, it helps us to see more clearly how comparison can be a silent problem in our own lives.  The author also uses examples from her own life in ways that she’s struggled with comparing herself to others, and gives encouraging steps to help us more clearly see God’s goodness and purpose in our own stories.  I enjoyed reading this thoughtful study on this topic.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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What a great book! I honestly didn't think I would find much value here as I am older and not so worried about what other people think. Wrong. I wasn't battling so much comparison about my kids and their kids, but more about why is my walk with Christ not like hers. This was a great eye opener with many many scriptures to show me how valuable I am in Christ. Thank you Nicki for a great book!
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Why Her effectively covers why we compare ourselves to other women, why comparison is unnecessary, and how to stop! The author describes and offers help for this trap many of us walk into.
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