The Ruin

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 03 Sep 2018

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About as close to a flawless book as it gets. And while many writers are compared to Tana French, this is the first time I’ve found the author worthy of that comparison.
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There is nothing better then finding a new series that I am going to like.  This one is set in Ireland and the first in the series find Cormac Reilly looking into a cold case he was involved in when he was a rookie.  What is its ties to a current case being passed off as a suicide by his department?

This story is well told with an undertone of abuse and apathy that will have you wanting to hit something.  But Cormac does not give up even against a possibly corrupt co-worker and secrets that won't stay secrets for long.

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Cormac Reilly is still trying to adjust to his new coworkers in Galway’s Garda. Having recently moved from Dublin, he doesn’t expect to just waltz right in - but he also didn’t expect to be stuck with dead-end cold cases for months on end. And then a current case intersects with his very first case from Dublin, some twenty years ago, and the two children left orphaned by their mother’s death. This was an excellent mystery, and I’m looking forward to the promised series.
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