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What a wonderful and helpful book! Laurie Nadel describes loss in a way that is powerful and touching. We can all relate to her story of loss in some small way. I think this book will be a light in a dark place for many experiencing grief and loss. 

I enjoyed the stories of her personal experiences. The book is well written and easy to follow. Some of the story is incredibly touching and therefore isn't the easiest read, but well worth purchasing this book for when you are hurting and want to connect with another person's story. 

The publisher provided an ARC through Netgalley. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts
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Full of facts, concrete examples and spot on steps to healing. While reading this book, I could see myself in the different scenarios the author presents. This helps me to model the steps to healing through my own experience. The things I can't change, I can change my view to change my reactions and thoughts. The author uses reality to help us face ourselves and realize that only we are responsible for our own thoughts about everything. Only we can change our minds; change our thinking. The forgiveness part is huge and something that we don't normally think of as needed to release ourselves from the negative patterns, but forgiveness benefits us personally, more than it benefits anyone outside of ourselves. Again, it changes our perceptions and brings us more in line with reality. These steps to realizing reality and changing our thoughts, lead us directly to healing.
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Too much detailed narrative about her experience with Hurricane Sandy. The reader doesn’t need to know the Starbucks was in Park Slope. A serious edit would reduce this book by one-third. Also, the topics jump constantly even within paragraphs. Not a cohesive book. The advice is nothing I haven’t heard from Dr. Phil or Oprah. It’s good she’s highlighting the topic but much better books have been written.
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Laurie walks you through the storms of life with a huge hope of peac and serenity at the end.. This book helped me analyze my own storms and how I got to be where I am at life and how to create a more happier and healthy lifestyle by applying her tips and tricks
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