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Reyna Carpenter finished school, but she can’t find a job. In this world ruled by vampires, her only asset is her blood. So, to ease the burden of her brothers who work long hours in a factory earning little money to support the three of them, she goes to Visage to sign up for the body employment services. In other words, food for vampires. Her brothers would throw a fit if they knew so she didn’t say anything to them. But when she’s there, she discovers she’s eligible for a new program, one where she doesn’t feed a vampire for a month then get time off before rotating to another vampire. This new program is being tested with the wealthy vampires first and she would live indefinitely with her Sponsor. Or until such time as she wanted out of the program or her Sponsor terminates the contract. It pays more, a lot more, so Reyna signs up. Her Sponsor is a top executive at Visage, Beckham Anderson. Beckham is powerful, rich and handsome, but he’s abrupt and acts like he doesn’t even want Reyna in his apartment. That’s when things get even weirder.

This is a fascinating if totally bleak world and it would have been a great story if Reyna and Beckham could have been written better. I really can’t stand Reyna. What a twat. And Beckham is a class A asshole. Sure, there’s some juicy stuff revealed later, but for the most part this story just lacks all around. The bad guys are the best part and I found the blood type thing incredibly interesting. However, it’s mostly blah and meh and, frankly, at times, pretty fucking dumb. I’ll take a pass on the rest of the series.
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There's a lot of mystery and intrigue that goes on in this series starter and it's nicely balanced with the romance and sexual tension that thrums between Reyna and Becks. I figured out pretty quickly that this wasn't your run-of-the-mill human and vampire falling in love with one another in spite of the fact that they're two different species. The author did a fantastic job keeping my interest focused on what was going on with the main characters while also piquing my interest regarding certain supporting characters who I wasn't all too sure were all that trustworthy. There's more than meets the eye, especially given that Becks refuses to feed off of Reyna, and with that cliffhanger ending, I'm excited to find out what awaits this unlikely pair. Five stars for Blood Type. ♥
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Ok first of all throw out everything you have ever read about vampires, and get rid of all your pre-conceived notions you’ve learned from movies and television.  Blood Type is like NOTHING you have seen or read before!  These vampires don’t sparkle, they don’t burn in the sun.  They are unique in their own right, and K.A. Linde has created a new world that we haven’t seen the likes of before.

When we first meet Reyna, I almost liken her description of the world, in a dystopian flair.  People are poor, starving, hungry, jobs are not plentiful and there is a vast difference between those that live in the city and those outside of it.  In a desperate attempt to lessen the burden on her family Reyna takes a job that is hated by most other humans.  But little did she know she would be thrust into something even more then what she bargained for.  Reyna will have to leave her family behind in order to make this new job work, she loves her family so much she won’t pass up the job, but when she finds out that the placement she will receive is not a temporary one but rather permanent, everything changes…

 Beckham is mysterious and broody, he has a new blood escort, who has now invaded his home and his life.  This isn’t something he wanted, but was rather forced on him, being a top executive at Visage.  Beckham Anderson is senior vice president of Visage Incorporated, and with the new venture of determining permanent escorts he’s expected to take one of his own, to show support of the new initiative.  It’s clear right from the beginning that Beckham is anything but willing where Reyna is concerned.  He’s cold and distant, leaves her in a new city, with no family and no friends, and a new wealth that she cannot fathom.

As much as you think that you know what is happening you couldn’t be more wrong.  I cannot say much where the story line goes because it would be a major spoiler!  Let’s just suffice to say that some people aren’t who they seem, some people are bigger villains then you can imagine, and when push comes to shove, some people will go to great lengths to protect those that matter most.  I don’t know what’s to come in the second book, but the cliffhanger from the first nearly gutted me!  I’m patiently waiting to get Blood Match where I’m hoping more answers will come, but to be honest the wait is well worth it.  Blood Type was one of the few vampire books I read that was realistic enough that you can see this happening right outside your doors, who knows, maybe vampires do exists and are walking the earth with us.  K.A. Linde sure makes it seem believable!

If you haven’t read Blood Type yet, I encourage you to do so.  Even if this isn’t a genre you’d normally read, I think it’s a book that everyone can enjoy!  There is that underlying suspense, angst that K.A. Linde is famous for, and not to mention that sexy, broody vampire Beckham!  Pick up this one if you haven’t already, I assure you it’s like nothing you have seen or read about before!
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Gah! I love, love me some paranormal romance!
Reyna and her family live in different times. Vampires are out and among regular people. But the economy isn't the same. Most people have fallen on destitute times. In order to not feel like a burden to her two brothers she decides to leave and become a blood donor for a vampire.... pending she passes all the screening.
Not only did she pass, she was selected for a new experiment. She would live with just one vampire for a longer period of time. What she didn't expect was being attracted to her new "boss".
Beckham is against this new experiment, and keeps Reyna at arms length, but the attraction is real. 
Will Beckham open up and let Reyna get to know him? Will they find out that there is more that is going on in the background?
You definitely need to one click this - I wasn't able to put it down.
So I have to start off by saying that I am not a paranormal genre reader at all, but this was one of my favorite authors and it had vampires in it... I liked Twilight and The Vampire Diaries so I thought why not! Well damn am I happy that I picked this book up because holy crap was it amazing. I would give it a huge 4 stars and highly recommend to others. YOU do not need to be a paranormal fan to enjoy this book I promise.. take the leap just like I did you won't be disappointed... although the cliffy about killed me.. now I await the next installment while biting mine nails with anticipation!
I will not bore you with what you have already about this story or give you spoilers, but I will tell you Reyna and Beckham's chemistry is off the charts... Two worlds colliding and secrets unveiling will keep you flipping the pages.... and the ending.. OMG WTF... yeah should have seen that one coming!
Get to one clicking because you will love this story as much as I did.. hey maybe even more!
OMG! This book was amazing! I love PNR and this one is a must read. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the cliff hanger. I need book two now! The chemistry is great, the story is fabulous, and the characters are well-written. 4.5 stars!!
Trust me you will want to read as much as you can about Reyna and Beckham and crave more. They try to fight it...there are secrets, lines not to be crossed, and so much more. It's a one click that you won't be disappointed in.
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I loved that this story did not follow the typical, vamp 'formula'. It was a very unique tale that immediately drew me in. The characters were vivid and complex and made the story seem so realistic, that I often felt like I was actually there watching the story unfold.
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Blood Type, K.A. Lindes first paranormal romance for me! Reyna lives in a world of poverty. In a world where vampires and humans live in complete poverty. Reyna and her two brothers are destitute. Reyna decides to become a blood escort against the better judgement of her brother and the society she lives in where blood escorts are the lowest form possible. She is assigned to Beckham, a vampire, who is powerful and holds high prestige in his world. Reyna navigates herself into Beckhams world and eventually his bed.
I love how Reyna is strong, independent and realistic and always has her brothers best interest at heart. Beckham on the other hand is secretive, and at times cunning. Ignoring his growing feelings for Reyna. Love to hate him at various points through out the book.
A definite must read of 2018
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I love this author and everything she writes. Blood type took me completely out of my comfort zone but I kept coming back for more. I need to know what happens next!!!
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This was a pretty good read. I enjoyed the romance and semi-suspense added to this story. It was a action and sexy all in one. I enjoyed the dynamics between all the characters as well.

Reyna is down and out and lives on the poor side of town with her brothers. She takes a job as a blood escort out of need for money, but never expected to fall in love with a vampire -- her boss. Reyna is sassy, bold, quirky and reckless. She knows what she wants and goes after it with out regard of the danger. Danger seems to be her middle name as she always ends up involved in some type of craziness. She's not the type to easily give up, even when it seems like she should. I loved Reyna and can't wait to see how she changes in the next two books.

Beckham is a man with hardly any words and seems to keep himself. He carries secrets from everyone around him. He tries to keep himself neutral while around everyone. He may not speak much, but underneath it all he is a man that will kill for his. He's not the type of man you push or test. Beckham is a romantic guy, but stays guarded. I loved him and can't wait to see more of him.

The romance was freaking awesome! Even though the attraction between Reyna and Beckham could be seen, Beckham always found a way to guard himself. I enjoyed it because it was more so Reyna vying for his attention and love while he kept to himself. I enjoyed the moments when he let his guard down and allowed himself to feel. Their relationship, though a bit strange, was definitely heartfelt and emotional. I think they were the cutest couple and could possible be the key to peace within their society. 

I'm intrigued and want to learn more about Penelope and the group Elle. There definitely needs to be more shared about them and the rebels. I can't wait to see how that all turns out. Steven and Rowland are assholes! Willing to take advantage of poor Reyna. Though one is a human and the other a vampire, they are both twisted and evil at heart. Monsters to the core. Mr. Harrington may play the role of a good business man, but I think deep down inside he's a twisted vampire that wants control of the world. I seriously do not trust that man at all.

That endings leaves me dead! I need moreeeee! What happens now? Will she die? Will Beckham find her? Will their love survive? Will Everett die for what he did?! I totally need to read Blood Match and Blood Cure because this is good!
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I don’t do paranormal. The only paranormal romances I ever read were part of the Twilight series 11 years ago. I don’t do paranormal. Vampires (except Edward), shape shifters, wolves, and more aren’t my thing. I don’t do paranormal. I didn’t do paranormal until now. Until K.A. Linde’s BLOOD TYPE. 

GAH! With over a decade since my last and only paranormal, I had no idea what to expect. Nothing. So I picked up Blood Type, challenging myself, stepping so far from my story comfort zone that I wondered what happened to Karen, and dove into this oh-so-different-for-me book. Once I started, I didn’t want to ... I wouldn’t ... I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t put down this paranormal book that suddenly had become UNPUTDOWNABLE.

”We are killers. We don’t hesitate.”
Blood Type gripped me from the very first page, grabbing me word-by-word, willing itself to stick to and with me, and I couldn’t stop my descent into unchartered paranormal territory. I was FIERCELY FASCINATED. This shot of paranormal romance was my drug. I was HOOKED and HIGH on Blood Type, my heart hammering and pulse pounding with every word.

Beckham was an enigma wrapped in a mystery.
The INTENSITY had me ON EDGE, flames fanning from the pages, bleeding angst, as Blood Type held me in its clutches. Unyielding and unrelenting. I had no choice but to succumb to this extraordinary story. The heroine, Reyna, is a beautiful young woman who will save her family at all costs. The vampire hero is hauntingly handsome and complex, so broody, so badass, so big-hearted, so YES! I’d give Beckham my blood in a heartbeat. Together, they ignited with banter that was biting and smolder in spades. 

”Oh Little One, this world will kill the goodness left within your beating heart.”

“But it will not break me.”

“No. I will do that.”
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I LOVED this paranormal sensation—the passion, the pleasure, and the pure buzz and bliss. Every bit of Blood Type is UNIQUELY INCREDIBLE, unlike any book I’ve ever read. Blood Type is thrilling, tenacious, and TERRIFYINGLY BEAUTIFUL. It twists and taints and teases and takes. Everything. IT’S EVERYTHING!

”It could just be that you’re a man desiring a woman?”

“No. It is an animal enjoying the hunt. The monster within struggling to get out. Nothing more.”
That ending?!? I am still panting and about to show my vampire fangs if book two doesn’t surface soon. K.A. Linde SLAYED this story like a vampire hunter, hot hero vampires of course. This so-not-a-paranormal-reading gal is converted, at least for this STUPENDOUS SERIES. Shockingly, Blood Type is a TOP 2018 READ, and I have to bestow my highest blog rating on a paranormal romance. 

”Just choose me.”
💋💋💋💋💋💋 beautiful bloody kisses
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This book!  I can hardly put into words all the feelings I have about this book.  Blood Type is a paranormal romance that has to do with vampires.  First of all, I’m not a big fan of paranormals.  I read them every six months or so, and they’re always ok, but nothing magnificent.  I was really big into them in the early 2000s but since then, I haven’t picked many up.  However, Blood Type is by K.A. Linde and I love her and her writing so I knew that no matter what genre this was, I had to give it a try.  And seriously people, this book is probably one of the best books I’ve read so far this year!  It’s new, and refreshing and lends so much more to the genre of paranormal romance that I can’t stop thinking about it.  What stands out to me about this book is it’s dystopian feel, and the political workings mixed throughout the story.  There’s these characters that are cunning and twisted, and this whole interworking layer of deceit mixed throughout the pages.  It was brilliantly done.

Blood Type focuses on two main characters.  Beckham Anderson and Reyna Carpenter.  Life as we know it today is gone.  There was a financial collapse, and 90% of the world is destitute and living in sheer poverty, while the remaining 10% are living the life filled with money, parties, and extravagant gifts.  And they’re also vampires.  Reyna lives with her two older brothers in the warehouse district, and after trying everything to get a job, she applies at Visage, where she basically sells her blood to the vampires.  Except rather than it being handled like a blood blank, she lets her sponsor drink directly from the source.  It’s a last ditch effort to give her brothers a better life, and when Reyna is accepted into a new program where she is placed with a permanent sponsor for twice the amount of money, she finally feels like she’s making a difference in her life.  Yet, after meeting Beckham, Reyna begins to reevaluate everything that she thought she knew about life, and like the layers of an onion, the story is slowly peeled back and revealed to the reader.

Reyna is strong, and determined, and doesn’t take no for an answer.  She can be a little bit dumb when it comes to her decision making, but she’s young and naïve and it comes with the territory so it’s hard to fault her for that.  It actually makes her character feel more real.  She has bouts of anger, lust, and even jealousy and it all plays perfectly into the story.  Reyna wants to make a difference in the world, and she continually tries to illustrate the differences between the classes, even though everything could very well just blow up in her face.

And then there is Beckham, or Becks.  Becks is stand offish, and full of secrets.  He hides himself away from Reyna and refuses to feed from her, even though that is what he is paying her for.  Despite several advances and mistakes as he likes to call them, he tries desperately to stay away from Reyna.  But there is an instant connection between the two of them that keeps reeling him in, over and over again.  It’s a delicious tug of war between a captive and his prisoner, and wrapped up in this political intrigue with a pretty little bow.  But when they do come together, the entire story explodes, and I couldn’t get enough.

I’ve read a lot of Linde’s books and this is, by far, my absolute favorite of hers.  I can’t speak highly enough about how much I adored this book.  Everyone, whether you are a fan or paranormal or not needs to pick this one up.  It will change your view on paranormal romance, and I can’t wait to see what other treasures are hiding in the pages of Blood Match.
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I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.

Now when I requested it, I hadn’t even read the description because it’s from KA Linde. But I was surprised to see Vampires mentioned. Even though I’m not into paranormal/Vampire type stories, this one started out good and interesting. Half way through the book it was going slower and I lost track of how long Reyna was at Beckham’s place (at the end I found out it had only been a month). The end seemed to get closer and closer with no HEA in ends in a cliffhanger.

To be honest, I do not know yet if I’ll get books 2 and 3 (June and August). I’m kind of rooting for Beckham (even though his confessions at the end are a bit far fetched) to find his happy ending, don’t know if I like Reyna enough to continue reading this series.
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I don’t think I’ve read a vampire romance since the Twilight saga of 2009! I have to say Blood Type has a similar theme to the Twilight series. However, I really enjoy how this world is set up… vampire and human living together. It seems the only way to get the human “race” to unite and stop their bickering between themselves was to throw some vampires into the mix.

Now, the characters… I was frustrated with most of the characters! Reyne forgives Beckham so easily. He would make me crazy with his non-answers and constantly ignoring me. While it might annoy her, she always seems to forgive him. OK, OK… I know I’m being a hard ass… I tend to forgive my husband for things he does just to annoy me and he DOES do things just to annoy me. I wish with all my book wishes that we could have Bechham’s POV. I want so badly to know what is happening in that head of his!

I’ve read/listened to a few KA Linde books but this one was written so well. I mean, Ms. Linde created an entire world where the world is pretty much in complete chaos and the vampires are leading the world. The story was so different and unpredictable, the angst and the sexual tension was palpable. This book ends on the mother of all cliffhangers and I nearly screamed with that ending! I’m honestly relieved that I don’t have to wait to listen to Blood Match… I’m going in!
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Gahhhhhhhhhhh! I hate cliffhangers and lucky for me the next book is already out. I loved this book and a different look into the vampire world and the relationship between the H and h. This is a must read for any PNR fan.
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This book was actually better than I expected! I really enjoyed the Dual POV and third person tale of the alpha male re-imagined in a paranormal and futuristic story. Beckham and Reyna are some super mysterious characters and this story was pretty well developed, things that once seemed right go wrong and the lines get blurred. I liked the world that the author created, it was very hard to see what was coming, I liked being kept in the dark until we needed to know.
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I feel like every storyline has been tried with paranormal and especially vampires but KA Linde surprises me again with a fresh twist on vampire lore in Blood Type. Reyna Carpenter lives in a world where vampires rule and humans are living in poverty. She and her two brothers barely make ends meet and she feels useless to her family. Reyna decides to be a blood escort. In this world, vampires drink from a person of their choosing from a "bank" where they are matched with them. They keep them for long periods of time. For a human, they receive money, gifts and are taken care of but the job is looked down on by humans since you are getting paid and giving up your body/blood. Reyna is matched with Beckham Anderson, an extremely powerful and rich vampire. She senses immediately that their relationship isn't what she had originally thought it would be and they dance around each other. 
One of my favorite lines courtesy of Beckham:
“Everyone is corrupt. Everyone is broken.” 
“I’m not,” she whispered. 
“Oh Little One, this world will kill the goodness left within your beating heart.” 
“But it will not break me.” 
“No,” he agreed. He leaned his head into her hair and drew a deep breath. “I will do that.”

Beckham confuses Reyna and she fights to understand him. I adored that she never bowed down to Beckham and she remained strong and independent. Becks is still a bit of a mystery.....I hated him but then I liked him and by the end I was in the questionable lane again.....I was on edge with him the entire book.

I couldn't have predicted how the book ended and K.A. Linde nailed it even with the cliffhanger. If you have PNR and a fresh twist on the vampire world, go get Blood Type. I am dying to know what is going to happen with Becks and Reyna.
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I really want to like vampire romances, and I continue to...not, which I think says it all. I think this is a really creative concept, and I liked the dystopian-y twists on it, but there were just too many of the vampire tropes I don't enjoy (hot & cold personality, clearly uneven power dynamics, etc.) for me to fall in love.
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This review has been a real struggle for me. I love the premises of this book and the series; I was very intrigued by the unique-sounding take on the vampire world and I enjoy this author's work. The store fell short for me, though.

I understand that ARCs are not fully edited. I get that and don't expect a book to be ready to publish. With that said, I would hope a book going up on NetGalley would at least be a little cleaner than this. Words were switched around in sentences, wrong words were spread throughout, the plot had holes and inconsistencies. It was just too rough for proper reviewing. 

But I wanted to give this story a chance because I was so intrigued. So I waited until the audiobook released and picked that up on my own. One of the upsides of audiobooks is that a lot of errors seem to be corrected when someone has to read the words out loud. I also love the narrator chosen for this book.

Some of the more obvious errors were fixed and that was great. The plot issues remained and I just felt disappointed at the story progressed. The story has a jerky flow and several scenes that feel forced and/or convenient. I also noticed a lot of similarities to the Sookie Stackhouse series, which I was not expecting. The similarities are most likely not on purpose but given the fact that I was so excited for a vampire story that was different, I was disappointed to be reminded of the more commonly-used characteristics of vampire stories. 

I do not have plans to read the second book in the series; maybe I'll pick it up if it ever goes on sale. I tried hard to like this book but my "fan-goggles" just wouldn't stay on. This book needs more editing and focus and maybe then it could be great. Until then, it's just "meh" to me.
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KA Linde kills it at paranormal! Blood Type was a wonderful, and heart-gripping beginning to this fantastic new series! I'm intrigued, and will be hunting for the rest of the series!
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Blood Type dives us into the unique world of vampires and Humans K.A. Linde has created and what an interesting world it is.  

Reyna finds herself in a hard place, needing a job so she can help what little family she has left maintain a livelihood of any means finds her at the last place she expected to work Visage- as a blood escort for vampires.  In an unexpected turn though, Reyna, is employed to a permanent position with one vampire, an elite one at that.  Reyna is an interesting character, she's go against her fears, against the worries of her siblings into an unknown world because she wants to do her part and she wants a good life.  She has no idea what she's getting into by accepting this position, but life is about to change in many ways. 

Beckham is one of those characters that you have to peel back layers on to get the real man. He's stern and comes off as a jerk at first, but the truth is there is so much more to him and his behavior.  I loved peeling back those layers and finding the man inside the monster. 

Blood Type has that slow burn feel to it, but in addition to that, there's a layer of suspense, an air of mystery that drags you in and makes you question well pretty much everything.  This story will grab you and compel you to keep reading,  if you are like me you will find yourself unable to set it down, needing to read the next chapter, then the next until you've gobbled it all up and are left still thinking about it and wanting more. 

K.A. Linde has created a neat spin on the paranormal world of Vampires and I can't wait to see where she takes us next with Beckham and Reyna and the rest of this world.
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Oh wow, color me intrigued! Vampires are my absolute favorite paranormal beings to read about, there's just something about them that's so alluring and erotic. And the new take on the vampire world had me completely hooked on Blood Type.

With K.A. Linde being one of the authors that I'll absolutely read anything from, I was more than elated once I heard she had a new paranormal series coming out. So I was definitely on board before even knowing what the series would be about. Just like Reyna, we're learning more about this world of being blood escort right alongside with her. She was very naive about the world she lived in, but she did what she could to stop being such a burden to her brothers. I completely admired how selfless she was and I was constantly rooting for someone to truly appreciate her for the person that she is.

And all eyes were staring right at the vampire extraordinaire that is Beckham Anderson. I'd like to describe him as a nice and cold, shiny rock. It was a mystery for a while about why he decided to take on Reyna as his blood escort, but she was definitely treated more like a paid roommate. Their conversations were little and there was no telling what he actually thought about her. However, some of his actions towards Reyna's whereabouts and well-being showed you that he actually cared more about her than we thought. But it just makes it hard for us to love him because he has this hot and cold persona going on. And it's quite the sight when he finally opens up to Reyna!

It's a bit of an action-packed journey as Reyna tries to figure out what the heck is going on in the world of being a blood escort. The cliffhanger is a killer, but I don't care. I'm completely invested in this series and can't wait to see how everything will end!
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