Disney Manga: Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon

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An entertaining and magical Disney fairies manga! I loved the artwork and the story was very interesting!
Rating: 4 Stars!
FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review
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I've said this before, but Disney Manga circulates incredibly well in my library, so this was an immediate pre-order for me! I love that each of the Disney Fairies volumes centers on a different fairy, as I didn't know any of the fairies other than Tinker Bell before reading these, but I know that many of our younger patrons are enamored with Disney Fairies.
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This was confusing. The stories weren't clear, the drawings were ok but lack of color dulled the impact of the comics and the length was excessive. I didn't like it.
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Sorry, I can't access the file, i can't read that, but i guess it is a good manga. Tokyopop has great titles, for example Grimm's Tales, and i suppose that manga is enjoyable too.
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Disney style manga works! My nearly six year old daughter, who is a Tinkerbell fan, enjoyed this. It is a long read-aloud but the fairies look cute manga-style. Well worth a look if you enjoy manga and Tinkerbell.
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Im not a huge fan of Tokyo pop manga and i'm not fully aware of the lore and stories with the Disney fairies but i liked the story inside it. The fairy Rani was interesting however i disliked the portrayal of the mermaids. I think that it could've been done with a crossover with Ariel but the familiar characters we did see where well drawn. The art style was cute and that was the typical manga style that Tokyo pop are famous for. Im not completely sold on this series but it's Disney and i would try another in a various series.
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Of course I had to request this book when I spotted it. I am still not a fan of Tokyopop, and I never will be after all the poop they pulled, but I do want to read this manga. But I am thinking that after this one I may just stop reading. Yes, it is a fun series. Yes, the characters are cute. Yes, I am even liking Tinker Hell. 

But the story is just so much the same. We have a fairy who is different from the rest (Vidia is very deredere/emo and doesn't really like to go cute yay yay like the others, Petite didn't know what job she can do, and in this one we have Rani who is a hero, but is a wingless fairy because of it, and while the others act like they don't mind they do act different around her), then something happens, everyone gets emotional, our MC goes on a quest/runs away, they learn all sorts of important life lessons, things gets patched up, fairy accepted in the fold. It would just be nice if the formula would change. If something else happened in the volumes. 

I did feel sorry for Rani in this one, but I did think she was overreacting at times (not just at the beginning but also during the underwater parts). Instead of just talking to people about how she felt (and not just Tink), or going to the queen and ask for an audience, no she just cropped it all up until it exploded. 

The mermaids? I did like them in the beginning, but they show their true colours quite early on. Then again I couldn't hate them, it is just in their nature to be aloof and silly and not care about things. I am sure they don't mean it as rude or mean. It was still fun to see them + their kingdom. I am not too sure if I would like living so close to everyone else, but eh, this way you know everyone is safe I guess. 

I am happy that Rani was able to open her eyes and see how valuable she is to everyone. 

The ending was cute, and I was definitely happy with how they ended it. It was an ending that will be sure to make people go aww!

The art is still pretty good, at times a bit silly (like when they are smiling and their mouths just cover almost all of their faces, or some of the character's hair). 

So yeah, I may try the next book, see if it goes with a different formula, and otherwise consider this series dropped.

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I adore the writing and art style of these books. Even though I own them all in the standard release from years back, the new manga lets me love them again in a new way
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My daughter really enjoyed this book and she was excited to read it . It kept her interest and as a parent as long as I could get her focus on reading for 15-20 mins that serves the purpose, she read the book and it kept her interest.
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I am sorry cannot give a review because I'm unable to access the file.
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