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This was my first Zoe Chambers mystery. Apparently it was her first time back to work after an injury and her first call is for an elderly woman who supposedly slipped down her stairs but the victim regains conscious long enough to let Zoe know that it was no accident. AT the same time there is a rash of burglaries l inked to a couple of charlatans masquerading as  water company employees. Are the con men the killers in a job gone wrong or is there something more going on. Zoe is a very likeable character, an excellent paramedic, and an avid horse woman. So many different victims so many different suspects. The story flows nicely and the romance angle is well covered by Police Chief Pete who worries but doesn't condescend like so many other cozy mystery men. Very interested in reading the next installment. I didn't figure out who did it until the author was ready to reveal.
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Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy ~There were very tactfully handled issues of crimes against the elderly. This was my intro to this cozy series. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.
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When I saw this was the 6th book in this series, I went WTF. I read books 2-4. How in the heck did I miss book 5? Grrr

I love this series because its set in Pennsylvania in a made up county which should be somewhere near where I live. That was a huge draw for this series for me. Plus Annette writes SW PA just like it is. I feel like Monongahela County is my county which is Washington County.

This story involves some elderly people being conned and one elderly lady being murdered. This book really hit home, with the subject matter and Pete and his issues with his father with Alzheimer's. As far as mystery series go, this book has to be the most emotional, especially as things progress and you see what's behind some of the crimes.

I don't usually get emotional when reading books like this, but the victim and her family and a man that was close to the victim all play a huge part in this story.

I love Annette's writing. She's created characters where the mystery always feels personal to Zoe and company.  Places and people from other books figure in this one as well, especially the Knolls and another farm that Zoe's mom inherited.

I think this series just keeps getting better. The ending had me in tears. 

I can't wait for the next book
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Cleverly crafted mystery.
Good characters and an interesting mystery with amusing as well as tense moments.
Well worth reading.
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Uneasy Prey is absolutely one of the best books I've read all year.  It deals with issues that are all too real, such as con artists taking advantage of the elderly in Monogahela County, Pennsylvania, and a parent with Alzheimer's, and it really hits home.  I felt the same sense of urgency that Zoe and Pete share as they try to track down the elderly-preying criminals, as well as their outrage at their crimes.  The story moves quickly, has several twists and a nail-biting ending.   Annette Dashofy has created wonderful and interesting characters that the reader cares about and roots for throughout the book, especially Zoe.

I recommend this book without reservation and think it is a definite must-read for anyone.  Uneasy Prey is only the second one of the Zoe Chambers Mysteries that I have read, and I can't wait to read the ones that I have missed.  Although the sixth book in the series, this book can definitely stand on its own.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.
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I’ve enjoyed this series by Annette Dashofy. In this book (which is the sixth in the series), paramedic and deputy coroner, Zoe Chambers, is once again in the thick of a murder mystery.

There is someone preying on the elderly in their town. They are posing as water department employees and are busy casing homes for burglaries. After a woman dies, the hunt is on. Zoe’s boyfriend, Police Chief, Pete Adams, is called in and is busy hunting down the murderers.

Zoe gets in involved when her elderly friend appears to be the next target. Zoe moves in to help keep both Mr. and Mrs. Kroll safe from the unscrupulous criminals. With Zoe now in danger as well, Peter goes into overdrive to keep both Zoe and the elderly in their town safe.

There are side plots in this story as well. Peter and his sister Nadine are at odds with how to treat their father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Zoe’s relationship with her mother is not good so when Mom shows up, the tension is palpable.

The book can be read standalone but the characters have history which has been building slow and steadily throughout the six books. I highly recommend reading the series in order.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
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Annette Dashofy is back with another Zoe Chambers cozy mystery, Uneasy Prey.

I was first drawn to this series due to the main character being involved in rural EMS. While I never took the EMT test I have spent some time helping folks working in EMS. So it is always fun to read a story dealing with the reality of smaller community fire and ambulance services.

In this story, Zoe is dispatched to the home of an elderly resident. Someone who calls 911 on a regular basis. As they respond to the scene the medics think this will be some routine run. On their arrival, the patient is badly injured at the bottom of a staircase.

When the patient dies it becomes apparent someone pushed her down the stairs. The rural county has been hit with a rash of daytime burglaries. The criminals are preying on older homeowners and using the disguise of water department worker to gain access inside their homes.

The story has a good pace and multiple possible suspects. There are just enough clues to keep the reader questioning which of the possible suspects are involved. By the end of the book when the killer is revealed I felt satisfied.

So if you are looking for a book to pick up I would suggest checking out Uneasy Prey.
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Loved it! As a senior citizen, it hit some issues. Of course, in my mind I can still identify with Zoe Chambers and follow her antics with trepidation. She is a capable woman, but she does push the boundaries. I am eager to read the next one in this engaging series.
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Paramedic Zoe Chambers and her partner Earl get a call about an elderly woman who has fallen down a flight of stairs to her basement. On the way to the hospital, Oriole Andrews briefly regains consciousness and tells Zoe that she was pushed and then succumbs to her injuries. A pair of young con men has been visiting homes posing as water company workers and casing the places for future robberies. Are they responsible for Oriole's death? When Zoe’s former landlady and her husband become the next target, Zoe temporarily moves in with them to protect them. Police Chief Pete Adams has to find and stop these robbers as well as deal with the upcoming move of his father into an assisted living facility.

This is another strong entry and enjoyable read in the Zoe Chambers mystery series. 

I received an eARC via Netgalley and Henery Press with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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In the sixth book in the Zoe Chambers series, an elderly woman appears to have fallen down a flight of stairs to her basement. On the way to the hospital, she recovers enough to whisper to Zoe that she was pushed. A pair of con men has been visiting older members of the community posing as utility workers and casing houses for future robberies. Are they responsible for her death?

When the robbers visit Zoe’s former landlady, she decides it’s a good idea to move back in short-term as protection. Police Chief Pete Adams, her boyfriend, is adamantly against this. Her decision ultimately places her in the path of danger, but it doesn’t stop her from trying to figure out who is responsible for the robberies and Oriole’s death.

For those of us who have older friends and family or perhaps are older ourselves, this mystery hits home. Anyone could fall for what those con men were doing.

Then there is the addition of a character – a pesky reporter type. Zoe finds she is suspicious of the woman and her motives. The chief just doesn’t really like her at first because of her pushiness.

The characters are interesting and varied. They range in age from adolescent to senior citizen. They all come across as real people. There is a little character development as they grow and react to things going on around them.

The plot moves along at a good speed. It flows smoothly, is complex, and is well written. There is a secondary mystery, but I don’t want to go into it because of spoilers.

This was my first Zoe Chambers mystery. You can read it as a stand-alone, but I found it whet my appetite for the earlier mysteries in the series. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. The book is well-written. The characters come across as real people. And the mysteries are well done. There is enough background given to enjoy it even if it’s the first book you are reading in the series. I recommend it to people who enjoy cozies.

Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy is due to be released March 27th, 2018 from Henery Press.

Disclaimer: I received a  copy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions herein are my own and freely given.
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This is an easy and intriguing read that completely took me over as soon as I started reading with unforgettable characters and a good mystery that quickly became a page-turner. I really liked paramedic Zoe Chambers and her dynamic with the other residents of the rural Pennsylvania community, especially Police Chief Pete Adams.

Even though this is the sixth book in the series, it is the first I have read and I had no problem reading it as a standalone. I enjoyed the book so much, I purchased the entire series and look forward to reading it in order. I also look forward to future installments by this talented author.

I highly recommend Uneasy Prey to anyone who enjoys a well-written mystery. I received a free advance copy of this book from Henery Press via NetGalley and this is my unbiased review.
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Uneasy Prey

by Annette Dashofy

Zoe Chambers is an EMT whose first call after being on medical leave for eight weeks is to the home of a ninety-two year old found lying at the bottom of the basement stairs. She says someone pushed her. Zoe involves her boyfriend Pete, who is police chief of Vance. The plot gets more involved as the police try to track down a white truck with no windows, Pete has to situate his father in an assisted living facility and Zoe has to find a new home for her horses. 

Who wants to prey on elderly residents of small town Vance, Pennsylvania? They are frightened, losing their valuable possessions and potentially their lives. Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy is a cozy mystery that tries to answer this question, but opens the door to many more. This is a good read with several surprising twists as Zoe, Pete, and a cast of characters solve crimes and help others.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Henery Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: General Fiction (Adult), Mystery

Notes: #6 in the Zoe Chambers Mystery Series, but works well as a standalone

Publication:   March 27, 2018—Henery Press

Memorable Lines:

“No, he’s not okay. He’s got Alzheimer’s. He’s never okay.”

…the resolve and underlying anger in Marcus’ eyes made Pete think there was more going on here than a simple brawl between two testosterone-driven teens with anger-management issues.

A familiar mop of short blonde hair…a flash of crimson…sent his heart plummeting. All he could hear was the echo of stillness inside his head and his chest.
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This very good book stands on its own just fine, though it is sixth in a series. Some serious topics are covered, such as crimes against the elderly and the pain of having to put a loved one in an assisted living facility. Those topics were very well handled. I appreciated that the things that should have been dealt with seriously were, but that there was also plenty of fun in the story. Have to admire an author who can pull that off.

I liked the main character, Zoe. She's brave, but not very reckless. She gives her all to help her patients and friends. Her work makes her involvement in the case logical. She might take a little too much of the weight of the world on her shoulders than she needs to. I did wonder if she should really be a deputy coroner because of her difficulties with some things.

Pete was one of my favorite characters. Watching him try to deal with all the women in his life was a real highlight, whether it was his sister who demanded help with their father, his girlfriend who refused to stay safely on the sidelines, or the female reporter who just wouldn't go away. I really liked him. I even sympathized with his frustration, even while I laughed at them.

The mystery was well written. There were enough details to make a pretty good guess as to what had occurred.

All in all, I thought this was an above-average cozy mystery. I didn't have any trouble wanting to stay with the story the whole way through. I look forward to the next book in the series.
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Another great one!  I met Zoe and Annette Dashofy last spring 
when I had the chance to read/review No Way Home.  I loved 
book 5 in this series.  I have not had the chance to read the 
earlier books.  
Book 6 is another page turner.  I was engaged and captivated
with page 1. (just like in book 5) 
UNEASY PREY was a totally different story/plot than the 
previous book.  
The characters are the same and of course a few new ones.

The story revolves around the crimes committed to the elderly. And the drama and struggles families face as their loved ones need help and professional care. 

Zoe gets involved in investigating a burglary ring that is targeting the elderly. 

I totally got this one.  While I could see this really happening as my mother is 94 and we have concerns about people taking 
advantage of her. 
She reminds me a bit of Zoe's mom so I have a little more empathy for her even though she's a bit of a piece of work (Zoe's mom). 
I couldn't help but turn the pages.  The story/plot was not only 
interesting and entertaining.  
Zoe is a great gal always wanting to help and investigate even when she puts herself into danger.  
I'm still routing for Pete and hope that the romance sparks in the next book!
I enjoyed reading UNEASY PREY and hope for the chance to read the remaining books in this series. 
I received a complimentary copy.
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This is the 6th release in the Zoe Chambers series . Each book can be read as a stand alone . I do recommend the entire series . 
This is one of my favorite in the series. The  fast paced well crafted plot made this a fun read. 
In this next in series our protagonist Zoe is back to work as a paramedic after a medical leave. in She has moved in with her police chief boyfriend Pete and is beginning their life together. Her first call is to a neighbor who seems to have fallen down the stairs but insist she was pushed. Seniors are being targeted in the area and Zoe is concerned about a elderly friend so she moves in with her to protect her.  She is soon investigating a ring targeting seniors living alone and places herself in danger once again. 
Each book is a mystery lovers delight. This is so fast paced and well plotted that I was unable to part with it until the end of the book. I look forward to the next in series. 
Thank you for the ARC which did  not influence my review.
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I loved everything about Uneasy Prey.  This novel deserves an award on its literary merit and for the issues that the book addresses; there are so many special outstanding elements throughout the novel. While I am especially drawn to characters, the plots in Uneasy Prey shine as unique and captivating and draw me as much as the amazing characters.  With the ups and downs, joys and sorrows they experience, Zoe and her extended family feel true to life. The caring that they show draws me to their happiness and their pains and of course to this amazing series.
I am so glad that Ms. Dashofy had the courage to once again include Pete's father who has Alzheimer's.  Continuing with this story line has to be so hard for her but she manages to give us moments of happiness for him as well as sadness; so many of us know what is present his like and what his future holds. His move to assisted living, that is assisted living, not a nursing home, is one more reality that makes the books stand out. That repeated reminder, "not a nursing home", brings home our experience with a bit of a smile.  I also appreciate that she took the time to help people understand that while the future is beyond grim, the living options do not have to be.  This story line is built smoothly into the book and only gets such emphasis here because it matters so much to me.
Zoe and Pete's romance has to take a back seat to her caring heart and his is so evident in his handling of the first death and the scam against the elderly. The Kroll's continued probably create new issues for Zoe to address and a visit from her mother once again fails to make her day.
I was absolutely thrilled when I received notice that I was approved for an ARC of Uneasy Prey from and I was just as thrilled with the book!  I will be sharing my love for this book every chance I get just as I have the earlier books in the series.
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I do like this series. I think Zoe is an interesting protagonist, and although the stories sometimes have their issues, the mysteries are usually good and Zoe is good at her job and has a reason to be involved in investigating murders, which always helps.  I haven't read all of the books in the series, just the first one and the one before this, but I don't think that it really caused me too many problems - except that I'm missing some of the backstory with Zoe's relationship with her mother.  Other than that, this is a well-plotted mystery with a couple of different strands and a varied bunch of characters.  It's a little darker than some of the Henery titles, but I think you get the idea of that from the cover, so that's good.  I need to go back and fill in some gaps in the series.
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Uneasy Prey
Zoe Chambers Mysteries, Book #6
Annette Dashofy
5+ Stars


On the way to the emergency room, an elderly woman regains consciousness long enough to inform paramedic Zoe Chambers that her fall down the basement steps was no accident. Before she can say more, she succumbs to her injuries, launching Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams into the investigation of a burglary ring targeting the area’s vulnerable senior citizens. 

Zoe—in spite of Pete’s objections—takes it upon herself to act as protection detail after the con men, disguised as water company employees, set their sights on Zoe’s beloved former landlady. It’s a decision that eventually puts Zoe in harm’s way. 

With Zoe already recovering from one close call, Pete must race against time to stop the crime ring—and a dangerous killer—before they strike again.   (Goodreads)


The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  I think that Zoe and Pete are some of my all time favorite characters.  Individually they are both loyal, tough, caring and hard working.  As a couple they are loving, unsure and totally devoted to each other.  But they also have problems like everyone else.  They have family problems that they try to tackle together and they can be stubborn to a fault.  I just love Pete’s father, Harry.  He reminds me so much of my own father and it was bittersweet reading about him and his problems.  

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  I felt the style of writing allowed my to get a very clear picture of the characters from their actions and words.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I felt like I was right there, watching the snow swirl around and watching all of the action taking place.

The mystery was well plotted and carried on well throughout the whole book.  There were enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through.  The mystery was not an easy one to solve and I was surprised who the culprit was.  

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  With fantastic characters, a realistic setting and a top notch mystery, there is not one thing I would change about this book.  The whole series is not-to-be-missed.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Henery Press, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.
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Dollycas’s Thoughts

Someone is preying on senior citizens and Zoe isn’t going to stand for it, especially after one woman dies and her friend Sylvia Bassi may be their next target. Then she learns Mrs. Kroll has had a visit from the burglars too. Her boyfriend, Police Chief Pete Adams, wants Zoe to stay out of it but she moves out of his house and back in with Mrs. Kroll to keep her safe. Pete also has his hands full with his father who has Alzheimer’s. His sister, Nadine has decided it is time to move their dad into an assisted living facility. There is also a new newspaper reporter in town and she is not warmly welcomed by Zoe or Pete, but she keeps showing up everywhere they are.

I love this series and these characters. The character development that has taken place over the six books is phenomenal. Zoe has just a warm heart and always tries to the right thing, even when the right thing puts her in danger. Pete loves her so much, but he has reason to worry about her. She has racked up quite a few injuries herself. He appreciates her intellect and the way she doesn’t give up. He loves her for her independence but has a hard time with some of her decisions. Like any real-life couple, they have their up and downs. They are surrounded by a strong supporting cast that makes these stories even more real.

This time Ms. Dashofy has taken on some hot topics. Criminals do prey on the elderly. What happens in this story could happen in any town, anywhere. She also shines the light on a hard decision families must make when their parents and grandparents can no longer live a home. When Nadine faces the truth that she can no longer care for their father, Harry, and informs Pete about an appointment to visit an assisted living center, Pete is not happy. He doesn’t want to put his dad in a nursing home. When he visits the center he sees the difference between a nursing home and the type of center his sister has chosen for their dad he starts to see his dad’s future home in a new light. It does take a bit of time for Harry to get comfortable but he does make a friend right away. The two topics come together nicely.

There is also a surprise visit from Zoe’s mother that made things very interesting and at times pretty funny. She arrives just in time to help Zoe handle a horsey situation.

Uneasy Prey was a wonderful read. Well-written with a strong plot and supreme characters that kept me totally entertained start to finish.
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This book reads well as a stand alone but this is a series that you'll also want to read each book written.
The characters are well rounded and defined. They seem so true to life they can at times surprise the reader. That even means some unpredictable behaviors or hidden motives.
The story is intriguing and keeps you wanting to turn pages. I like how the personal lives of the main characters support everything else that is happening along with the main crime being investigated.
Certain areas did indeed come full circle and are tactfully and thoughtfully addressed.

If you just want to read for the mystery and not all the wonderful elements that make this such a great series, you will not be disappointed.
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