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And Then There Were Crows

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Last updated on 22 Feb 2018

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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The Good:  Um, everything. Grey, the main character is a young woman coping with mental illness, but not in the sad-but-pretty way I usually see depression and anxiety portrayed. She's kind of a mess. And I someone with those same issues, I can seriously relate and loved the way Leyva wrote her. And, when she accidentally kicks off the apocalypse, she doesn't always handle it well, but she learns to confront her problems, albeit with a potentially unhealthy level of violent rage.
The side characters are also great, each with their own distinct personality. I especially loved Petty, because loving your sibling fiercely and also really wanting to strangle them is another thing about Grey that I can relate to. Grey's demon roommate was my second favorite, but to get into why would bring up too many spoilers.
The snark was also great. 
The Bad: The story tends to get a little tangled up at times, but in like a quirky and endearing way. That's really all the bad I have.
The Verdict: I absolutely loved this book. The style reminds me of Neil Gaiman a bit, which is, of course, high praise.
Read this if you like shows like Supernatural and books like American Gods.
Warnings: There is a lot of violence, a fair amount of language, and a heaping ton of sacrilege.

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