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This had an interesting premise. Unfortunately it reads like fan fiction. I think the story got overshadowed by attempts at (way too much) action and converging dramatic points. It became convoluted and implausible. I had to make myself finish reading it.
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Trapped is an emotional journey following a damaged young woman living in the aftermath of hell. Kelsey's struggle with her depression and anxiety will ring dangerously close to home for anyone who has been unfortunate enough to experience them. 
This is a really tough, young adult novel and deals with some delicate subjects such as rape and mental health so this book isn't for everyone.
I literally just couldn't read it due to certain triggers but don't let me reaction to the book put you off!
If you can - read it!
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Trapped is a story of abduction, rape and mental anguish.  
I gave it a 3* because although it was a good story I think the author could have done a bit better with the ending.
Was I a bit shocked by who the two abductors were? Yes. However, there were times when I thought it very well could have been at least one of them.
I will read the next book, Survive, and see how that I like that story
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I gave this book, Trapped by Sally Mason 3 stars. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this ARC book for my honest opinion. 
Trapped deals with Kelsey, a girl that was kidnapped and raped and her attackers one who she doesn't even know who he is and the other one, Jed gets off because of mishandling of the case. There were alot of good elements in this book but some of the other story elements seem a little farfetched for me  though to really believe it.  The characters are interesting for the most part and they do draw you into the story,  if your looking for a quick, interesting read this may fit the bill for you.
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Oh My Gosh! This book is amazing. The strength Kelsey showed only to have it beaten down over & over again. First she goes through the worst thing a woman could go through. Just to have justice ruined & then just when she starts to get her life back together she get thrown back into the worst thing again. Only to find out the worst thing!! I didn't figure out who "Napoleon" was until halfway through the book which is odd for me.

This is a very graphic & adult book. As the beginning page says:

Trigger Warning: This story includes relevant social topics such as anxiety, self-harm, and depression, as well as references to rape/abuse. Do not read if you find any of these topics disturbing. They are not meant to upset anyone but to raise awareness.

Only read this if you can handle the emotional roller coaster.
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This book starts out with the main character kelsey trying to get her life back together after she was kidnapped beaten and raped by two men. She is constantly reliving the past which give flashbacks of what happens after she sees her kidnapper Jed back in town. When Kelsey's friend Hallie is taken her only way to make sure that she is alright is to go back to her kidnapper Jed and Napolion. I think that the flashbacks were the most creative way to write the story, and the transitions between her past and her current present were seamless. I really enjoyed the story it was a dark book which I haven't read in a while but I found it very interesting. While Kelsey is not physically kept with Jeb, Hallie is and she has been told that he (Napolion) will hurt her if kelsey does not cooperate with his demands. I found that the story line was very creative and not something that you see all the time. There we so many twists that it really kept you on your toes. I think that my favourite character had to be Jeb and Napolion. I know that its strange to like the bad guys in a book but the way they were written was great! Napolion was a terrible person and tortured Kelsey both physically and emotionally and he almost went out of his way to find new ways to do it but I liked him because of the drastic contrast between the two characters they were like night and day.I think that I liked him so much because of how much I hated his character if that makes any sense. And I liked Jeb because even though he was a bad guy who was still a part of her kidnapping he seemed to have a soft spot for her and I kept wondering if he was going to do the right thing. However his actions sometimes made me question that as he also would do 
horrible things. This book was like the best kind of horror movies while the story was good and well written the topic was a little dark so it was hard to read at points but that's part of what made it good. The only thing that I didn't like to much was I found it a little difficult to tell the two kidnappers apart at first I thought that they were both the same guy then at other times I realized they were different. Just a tad confusing. If you like dark books this is the one to read. OH MY GOD! The ending!!!! I just can't speak more about it. It was a huge what the hell moment, something I never saw coming. I loved it! Great job.
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I liked certain elements, but others felt like the author was trying to squeeze too much into her book. It dealt with rape, and I think that was done well, for the most part, as far as the after effects of it. The self-blame, the depression, and feelings like that. Especially since Kelsey's second abductor and rapist wasn't known to her or police, her fear and distrust were very genuine.
But then the drugs, gangs, dea... it was all too much and I feel, didn't really fit the story at times.
There's a little romance with another character who has a pretty tragic backstory, but it's pretty on and off, for good reason.
The level of mystery concerning the second abductor was what really kept me interested in the book.
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