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At first, it felt like Happiness Hacks was going to be a bit long and wordy, but it actually turned out to be an interesting read. Not only are there tips/hacks, but there is also descriptions of relevant research. Worth a read.
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This is a fun, well researched little book filled with science-backed ways to get a little happier.  I liked the shorter length of the entries, but that they still provided information to back up their claims.  Examples of hacks are to get more plants, not to retire early (despite what you might think), to meditate, to get outside or even sit by a window, take up yoga, etc.  Most of these are things we already know, but it's a good book if you're looking for a big list of little positive changes to make in your life.
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It's a listicle of a book: little bits of somewhat scientifically studied wisdom on how to be happier.

Could I tell you any one of the suggestions at this specific point in time after reading it? No.

Was there a detailed bibliography of the studies and articles that Palmer took these happiness tips from at the end? Yes. Does well documenting your sources make me happy? Yes. So one happiness hack at least succeeded, with regards to me.

Happiness Hacks by Alex Palmer went on sale May 15, 2018.

I received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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A fun engaging read that gives lots of fun, easy ways to be happier every day.  Did you know putting a plant on your desk increases productivity?
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The book explains in a light and creative ways some concepts of the positive psychology and philosophical aspects related to happiness and to mindfulness.
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Just a summary of scientific study that one can find on the internet.  I probably wouldn’t follow through on any particular topic.
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A precise and well presented book offering happiness hacks for everyone. 
The chapters are clear and precise, offering some wonderful and sustainable "hacks" for happiness. 
The book begins with telling you what happiness is and how it varies from instant gratification versus long-term fulfillment. This chapter also contains a section about being your true self. 
Chapter two discusses being happy at work, and how you can achieve happiness through your work. 
Thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to implementing some of the happiness hacks explained.
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Not a bad read just easy things to recommend you do to make you happier. Just because they are easy to recommend DOES NOT make them easy to do though
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This book is full of practical recommendations. To be frank it is easy to recommend but hard to do it yourself. But nonetheless this book is a nice read.

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This was an ok book that shared interesting facts about happiness and what we can do in different facets of our lives to become happier.
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This book was a fun read full of great ideas, quotes, and thought provoking ideas.  Although I’m not sure that I discovered any new ideas I really like reading this book and being reminded of some great ways to bring more happiness into everyday life.
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A well-written fun lighthearted read full of happiness tips based on research. Palmer has organized the book into sections addressing different part of life: work, play, love, home, friendship, health, etc. Readers can easily jump to chapters that they feel most interested in. With each chapter, Palmer presents the research and follows with actionable tips. References are provided at the back, so readers who want to know "where to find the science," can read up more about it. Highly recommended.
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Happiness Hacks brings together different research on happiness.  The research is grouped with one theme per chapter e.g. friendship, health, love. It is summarized in short sections (for example one or two paragraphs) often followed by a suggested action.

I was disappointed with the book, and although it had short sections it took me a long time to complete. I think this is because I did not find the book inspirational. It felt very dry as it talked about one piece of research after another with few individual stories, for example how someone felt after implementing one of the suggested actions.

However, I am taking some points away from the book. I’ve already started implementing not just liking social media posts but using them as a reminder to engage with the person by commenting or sending them a message.  One point I want to remember the next time I plan to acheive a challenge is the mist effective way is to have a support group which also has some form of competition e.g. leader board.
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This is a really neat book. You look at the title and think "seriously? Science?", but there is actual research and facts in here! Who knew?!? 
There are great suggestions for happiness in different parts of life such as work, relationships, etc. Alex Palmer did a great job of stating facts in an entertaining and relatable way.
I will be purchasing this book formy daughter who is dealing with anorexia and depression.
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The best thing about this book is that it addresses different important aspects of our life, the writing and actionable tips are fun too, plus, I like the cover. 
Overall: 4/5
Writing: 5/5
Cover: 5/5
Appeal: 4/5
Page Design: 5/5
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For some people this could be "the" book. For me, I found a lot of useful information, some new and some recycled. I enjoyed reading through this though. I especially enjoyed the way the book was laid out, with chapters on how to be happier in different areas of your life. In particular I enjoyed the finding your happy place chapter. All in all, a great little handbook with great tips.
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This is an attractive repackaging of ideas I've read elsewhere. There are nice breakdowns of chapters like Happiness at Home, Happiness in Love, etc. with subsections underneath each. They include some simple hacks like creating creativity by working in the room with the highest ceiling or journaling or taking an eight day vacation. There is also a lovely chapter on the downside of happiness that you don't usually see in most books. For the most part, it is just a repackaging of ideas that you've probably read if you're a self-help junkie but that last chapter brought it up a star for me.

Three stars
This book comes out May 15
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Such a fun lighthearted read with great tips. I thought the information was synthesized pretty well and while it was short they offered fun tips and the length of content definitely kept me engaged.
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I found this to be a good, enjoyable read. Deginitly something to look into to get ideas.
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This is really a happiness helper. Any and all aspects of life are addressed. The words help by giving advice leading the reader to ideas on living a happier life. I like each idea has a summary that points out the main details just discussed. This book does help lead to happiness, as a reader we find what works for us.
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