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Mark Edwards always has such amazing characters and this was no different for me.  The characters are whst drew me in not the story.
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I binge read this book, as I am a huge fan of Mark Edwards (and I always look for the mention of Magpie somewhere in each of his books!). 

This one had a very complicated plot. Whenever I thought I’d figured something out, I realized I was wrong... or maybe only partially right. The Retreat has a lot of red herrings and moving parts, which is up my alley.

I feel bad giving a 3-star review to one of my favorite authors... however, I love his other books so very much, that this one had big shoes to fill and didn't quite make it for me as much as his others did.  But as always, I'm looking forward more Mark Edwards in the future!
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Already a huge fan of Mark Edwards and this book didn’t disappoint me at all. Would highly recommend everyone to read this.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the twist and turns in this book. There are plot twists galore and characters who are likable and then those who are not.  I thought the author set the scene well and  despite there being a lot of characters they were developed and I was able to get an idea of each of them. I generally am not into this type of genre as it does have elements of witchcraft but it is minimal and kept me turning the pages.
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This is another great instalment from Mark Edwards. He does eerie, spooky writing so very well. Julia's husband died a couple of years ago, trying to save their daughter, whose body was never found. Julia has converted their home into a writers' retreat. One writer, Lucas, comes to stay and while he is there he starts to experience strange happenings. This is the basis of this story. It is captivating and eerie, from start to finish. It's not at all predictable, which I loved. Mark Edwards is highly skilled in drawing the reader in and keeping him engaged right until the very last page. I highly recommend this read and look forward to so much more from Mark Edwards.
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Another rollercoaster of a read from Mark Edwards – this time set in a writer’s retreat in a quiet and secluded part of North Wales. The story flicks back and forth – we have the present day when an eclectic mix of writers of varying levels of literary success come to stay at Nyth Bran in Beddmawr to write, and the past; two years previously when 8 year old Lily goes missing and further back than that to when another child went missing 35 years before her.

Meet Julia, the central character in this story around whom all the other characters pivot. She is Lily’s mum and is clearly haunted by her daughter’s disappearance and her husband’s death – both events that happened on the same day. She has opened The Retreat in an attempt to move on, but it’s proving harder than she anticipated. As far as the superstitious locals are concerned, Lily was taken by The Widow, a local legend who is said to take a child every 35 years, unless one is ‘sacrificed’ to her. According to the police, Lily drowned in the same way her father did when trying to rescue her, but without a body and not one for believing in ghost stories, Julia refuses to accept either version of events. She has kept Lily’s room exactly as she left it and still charges her iPad every two weeks, in the belief that she is still out there and one day, will return.

Lucas is a one-hit-wonder horror writer who has come to stay at The Retreat in an attempt to get his new novel written. Around the same time that Lily went missing, Lucas lost his wife and he and Julia begin to bond over their grief. Before long, strange things start to happen. A new guest arrives – Ursula, who claims to be able to communicate with a Spirit Guide and promises Julia the proof she needs of Lily’s death. Things go missing. People start to die – seemingly naturally and unconnected to one another. Lucas hears child-like singing coming from one of the rooms, and then Zara, a Private Detective hired by Lucas to look in to Lily’s disappearance, goes missing.

The tension builds until an ultimately satisfying conclusion which I am not going to give away! I absolutely loved it from start to finish.

I would like to thank both Net Galley and Thomas and Mercer for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Mark Edwards books. They are always bold and dramatic and tense. Believable characters being tested to the extreme and this book was no exception. I read it a while ago but it remains one of my faves of his. Would always recommend his books.
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Can we give more than 5 stars? :-)
Wow - from the character building to the detailed scenery to the twisty twists and darkness.
I went into this not reading to much about it and I was glad I did. This was one I got lost in and i highly recommend it.
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Mark Edwards is now a favourite author of mine. It's dark, creepy and entertaining and manages to keep you guessing right until the end.  It was full of twists and turns that left me trying to figure out who the bad guy was through the day, even at work and during dinner, his books suck you in. After reading this, I quickly finished his latest novel too! I would definitely recommend giving this one a go!
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This one was amazing. As a parent it played on my worst fears. The world building really made the atmosphere creepy. I loved the characters in this and loved watching it unfold.
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From the king of psychological thrillers The Retreat is a thrilling, chilling book full of mystery, twists and turns.
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Unfortunately, I have to say I was disappointed with this book. It was a good story in theory, but I felt it dragged out and some of the story seemed to lose it's flow. Still a big Mark Edwards fan though.
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Good, enjoyable read as ever ... would recommend
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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This book starts very slowly, making the reader curious where its going.  Lucas needs some peace and quiet to finish his next big novel..... then the retreat where he is staying starts getting visits from ghostly visitors and he starts investigating.  This was really another Mark Edwards killer read, and firmly puts him on my best author list.
Highly highly recommended.
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This was one heck of a thriller with plenty of twists and turns and also pretty creepy at times. Secrets abound and make for a pretty compulsive read and my first Mark Edwards book so I now look forward to reading more of his novels.. if you want a good read then this is it ...
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I'm giving this 3 instead of 4 stars because the middle of the book dragged and seemed a little repetitive. But overall, the story is very unique and I loved the ending. 

Thank you Netgalley for my copy in return for an honest review.
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Quite a dark and atmospheric novel from Edwards, rich with local folklore and ghost stories (whether based on real lores I cannot say, but they were fun to read), interlinked with a missing person case. 
An enjoyable read with a few twists. Some of the characters were a tad annoying to me but generally this was a good holiday read.
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I’ve always enjoyed Mark Edwards books.
At the beginning of this one though I had a niggle of a doubt I might not like it. It started out fair but I couldn’t believe this was written by the same author. I couldn’t connect with it. Maybe that was my fault, I’m not sure.

By 1/2 way I was biting at the bit as it was picking up pace and I was on a roll then. “No one interupt me” I said, I need to read this!

He writes a realistic story that I ended up really liking.

I always love the section at the back. Don’t ever read those until you’ve read his book as it contains spoilers....always.

But I love them,
He tells us how he came to write the story. It intrigues me.

A house with a ghost.
A missing child-or two.
And The Retreat where authors can stay to write.

The owner of The Retreat is Julia. The Mother whose child is missing/stolen/dead.

You won’t know until the end because this wasn’t common knowledge to her paying guests.

I also loved the hint of romance thrown into this one. Two people, two tragedies.

Great book. 
Real people within these pages that soon blew up 3D in my mind. 

And to this authors style, a shocker at the end.
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Another year and another gripping read. The Retreat totally blew me away. Mark Edwards is Master of the psychological thriller.
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Another eery offering from Mark Edwards, with a healthy dose of secrets and lies in the mix.  I raced through this novel, not wanting to put it down.  When grief-struck Julie opens her house as a Writers Retreat, her guest, Lucas, becomes obsessed over what happened to her daughter and husband, who drowned in a river near the retreat.  Absolutely riveting and read it with the lights on.
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