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This was an interesting read with an awesome premise that unfortunately just fell a little flat for me. I liked the characters and the story but ultimately I just wasn't invested enough to want to go out of my way to continue the series; despite the bits of mystery and unanswered questions we're left with. Overall, a good book and I'd definitely give the author another try.
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I loved how traditionally dystopian this story was but still keeping it's originality. The writing was flowy and engrossing, and the plot well executed. As always, my favorite part was the character interactions. So many good scenes and dialogue. Everything well put together. It's the first time I've read anything by Lynette Noni and I will definitely look up her fantasy series as well.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I really love the concept and found it to be very unique. I am really hoping that there will be a second one because I am dying to know what’s going to happen. I highly recommend this one.
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This was... so interesting and entertaining, I adored the plot and the pace of it. Really and truly, I'd recommend it to anyone who'd listen. 

Def for Divergent and Stranger Things fans!

I felt like it could've been shortened because going over the MC's routine the first half got tedious but it was worth it.
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Whisper by Lynette Noni was a fantastic, thrilling, crazy ride from beginning to end.   The characters are interesting.  
The look at good vs evil is well done.  The writing is amazing, and this isn't Noni's first novel so I am now going to have to find more done by this author
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When I started reading I didn't know what to expect, to be honest. But then the story really picked up pace, and I was totally lost in it. Thanks for the copy!
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I feel like this would have been really popular back in the good old days of YA, along side the likes of Divergent and Shatter Me (which despite never having read, I can tell that Whisper has a very similar premise). 
I liked that romance didn't have a central part in the story, because it honestly really didn't need it. I appreciated the intrigue concerning Jane's past and what is really happening at Lengard, but I found a lot of the big reveals to be easily predicted. Maybe it was supposed to be that way? I don't know.
If you're missing the days of OG YA, I recommend this book. It was nothing spectacular, but it also wasn't terrible.
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DNF @20%.
I couldn't get into the story. Probably reading it at the wrong time.

I will try again in the future, because the synopsis still sounds SO good! and it really interests me.

Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people,” they told me. 
I believed them. That was my mistake.
There isn’t anyone else in the world like me.
I’m different. I’m an anomaly. I’m a monster. 
For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes, Subject Six-Eight-Four — ‘Jane Doe’ — has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word.
As Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her new — and unexpectedly kind — evaluator, she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot … and one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world.
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Absolutely loved this book. 
I was immediately drawn to this book after reading the description. As I started reading I was even more intrigued about why the main character refused to speak. The book takes some time before even attempting to explain what is happening or why, but this is done so well that it doesn't frustrate or confuse the reader. 
The story was always moving forward always keeping some mystery and holding my interest. Anytime some new piece of the story was revealed, it was done by giving enough information to understand the events that were happening, but not so much that future events would become predictable. The answers to most questions I had while reading usually came when I least expected them, which was refreshing. I was actually never too sure where the story would go next.
I feel the author did a great job of creating an immersive atmosphere and maybe that's why I could relate so much to Jane in some situations.
The one thing I wasn't a big fan of was the explanation as to how these people got their abilities and I found the "villains" to be a bit overdone, but that didn't take anything away from my enjoyment of the story as a whole. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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I wanted to enjoy and love this book, since the summary made it sound fan-freaking-tastic! But sadly the actual book felt very rushed and under developed to me and so while it was a nice read it wasn't a great one!
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(Oops, I posted this one Goodreads when it released, here's my review, I wasn't able to log-on to NG at the time, and it seems I forgot. Original review link included.)

I...LOVED IT! This book was one of those that I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I started. I had heard of Lynette Noni's other series, though I've yet to read it, but seeing SJMaas' praise, along with an interesting blurb, and I was all for it.

I'll admit, I rewrote this to be double sure to avoid spoilers, as the first one talked a lot about the characters. That said, this is one of those books that it's best to know next to nothing about so you can enjoy it as it unfolds.

This books starts out with a strange girl who is selected by a governmental facility for a 'program' go one is willing to tell her about. We aren't given a name, so she is called Jane Doe. For over 2 years, she hasn't spoken, or even responded to treatment, evaluation, or torture. In a last ditch effort to get a response, the Director tells her she had 30 days to show improvement, or she will be removed from the system. To sweeten the deal, he adds a new face to her schedule.

I loved the characters, plot, and writing style, but most of all, I love the mystery and sci-fi elements of this story! It's so fun unwrapping the layers of the story, and coupled with a fast-pace and complex original characters, I loved every moment of it!
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I went blind going into this and I was surprised by how much I like it. It started real slow as we get to know more about Jane’s situation. So many questions but has been answered, albeit slowly. Even with such a steady pace, I find myself completely engrossed. The concept is very interesting, the story is enthralling and Jane, utterly fascinating. She is such a strong lead even before she started talking and her ability was revealed. The supporting characters are all delightful and fun, with their exciting backstory, to read, while the villain is despicable.

There’s not much world-building but since most of it happened in an underground facility somewhere in Australia and everything was distinctly described anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really require a lot of world-building. There are mystery and action, and of course, a hint of romance and the ever-present love triangle. I love the underlying message the story present. That our words are so powerful. It can either make or break someone and we should be more responsible for what we say. Be more mindful of our intention. Whisper is very well-written though of course there are some loopholes and it left some questions, still, I find it really entertaining. A solid start for a series. I will definitely wait for the next book and delve deeper into Jane’s world with more action and adventure hopefully.
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The summary of Whisper is so damn clickbait that YouTubers should start taking notes. And to think this book had had such potential. While reading Whisper, I kept thinking about all kinds of books that had already done everything this book was trying to achieve. It didn't bring anything new to the table and that made it downright tedious despite Noni's best efforts. The plot was your basic YA story line with your basic plot twists, what could have been nice light romance was boring with a not-very-subtle hinting on a future love triangle, and don't even get me started on the fact that we once again have a special snowflake heroine.

The beginning was actually quite intriguing - mysterious setting, unreliable narrator, all that jazz, and I can't say I wasn't excited. The biggest disappointment came gradually with the realization that the excitement had completely dissipated and I was left rolling my eyes at the forceful denial our main character Jane was insisting on staying in. 

My biggest problem is that everything felt too rushed but at the same time the pacing was off and the story dragged here and there. I wouldn't have minded reading a couple more pages if it'd have meant added depth and reasoning behind actions the characters took. Jane, with all her resolve, seems to soften up to Ward (and everyone else) way too easily, and, with all the coldness and distancing herself from everyone she preached, it just didn't feel natural. I would have appreciated some more structure to the breaking of Jane Doe's walls. This way, she comes off as gullible, love-sick teenage girl who has a terrible, terrible secret she's not willing to give away. It get's old really fast. Also, the humor was so unnaturally forced - you know those comedies that have ridiculous scenes just for the sake of "comedy," those kinds of scenes that didn't really take any thought or smart contemplation of possible inteligent humor? Those "oh my god, he farted" or "look at him falling down the stairs" scenes? Yeah, that was the kind of humorous scenes that occurred from time to time in Whisper to lighten the mood, I'm guessing. Oh, let's have our friend be attacked by a llama, that'll make people laugh. C'mon. 

Now to the gaping holes in the construction of the whole fantasy aspect of this book.  I haven't seen a super-power-based abilities this poorly done before. Seriously, how hard is it to stay consistent with the rules you yourself have set? After the great realization that she's not the only one with special powers, she's brought into the world of Speakers. Speakers, I repeat. Then how come some of them don't need to speak to use their abilities (like, say, Ward and Kael)? And then when they speak a blob of light comes out of their mouth. So how come she hasn't noticed when she has Spoken before? Or when she was Spoken to by Enzo all those alleged times? So, the rules of the great Speaking apply only when it's convenient? Not cool, not cool at all. Speakers are just glorified superheroes. Nothing more, nothing less. The whole Speaking thing is there just to make it "different." Simple as that. 

Whisper is nothing more than a basis for the next books in the series to stand upon and it's painfully obvious. The way the last few chapters kept opening up new questions so the sequel would be more then necessary didn't even attempt at being subtle. I had my hopes up too high and, sadly enough, my expectations weren't met. I should really learn to lower my standards because I'm literally becoming my grandma - always grumbling about something.
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"Words are too precious to throw around carelessly. Words demand respect. They are beautiful; they are terrible. They are a gift and a curse. I will never forget what they can do. Because words have cost me everything."

Whisper is an organic drama encased in technological dread, a warning but wholly alive voice echoing through a sterile ward. The power of words is a mighty one, and it bears a price to match if words are abused.
It's a literal interpretation of the potency of language and the tendency for words and actions to fall upon their creator - a young woman, titled only 'Jane Doe', is held and experimented on by the government against her will because it's discovered that she can alter anything in the atmosphere - time, objects, people - with words alone.

It's a cross of warm, poignant character-building with the brutal nature of scientific politic and the "end justifies the means" mentality. No one ever wants to take the blame for the aftermath of their creation, even if it means violating and erasing the humanity of its victims.

"With my mental image well in hand, I open my mouth and speak for the second time in over two and a half years. The sound I make is barely a whisper, but the power behind it knows no bounds."

I liked Whisper's concept more than its execution, it falls a bit into typical YA form, hinting at so many deeper things but never breaking the surface. You can't argue that it's an interesting idea, though, and pretty original.

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I DNF this book. I got about 30% and just found that I could not get into it at all. It didn't really develop for me the way it did for others. Maybe it's just me and if I come back to it I may like it. I will update if I do. But for now it's a 2 in my book.
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Lynette Noni is one of my favorite authors!
and I was super excited to read this book.
However it would not load to my Kindle, so I have yet to read it.
But I plan to this month. I will re-write my review once I do and upload it to Goodreads and Amazon 
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As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

To be honest, I did a Very Bad Literature Lover Thing when I requested Whisper. I, wait for it, didn't read the synopsis and only was intrigued by the cover. I know, I know, bad. Should I ground myself, now or later? Don't worry, I'll ground myself after the review. Double honest moment: I'm glad I judged the book by its cover because I found Whisper to be intriguing and read it in one sitting.

I love (love, love, love!) Sci-Fi as a genre but I do struggle with it when it comes to the YA exploration of it. Most of the time, books in the genre just fall flat and don't reach my expectations. Lynette Noni's writing is just fun and purely so--it has that can't-put-down quality to it that we all crave when it comes to literature. What I liked most about her writing was the unexpectedness. After I lit a fire under myself and did read the synopsis, I was skeptical of Whisper--it sounded like so many other YA science fiction releases and I was like, "Oh. Great." And then Noni hit me upside the head with some sort of magic and I was like, okay, fair.

In short--I was pleasantly surprised in the most genuine way. Whisper totally surprised me.

And who doesn't like to be surprised in YA?

There was so much groundwork laid in Whisper. I'll be real--I don't know if there is a sequel planned or already floating around out there but if there isn't, there's a good chance I'll riot because you can just tell that Noni is only just getting started with her brilliance and I'm ready for it.


-More worldbuilding. Sing to the tune of ABBA: Gimme, gimme, gimme! Noni put a great deal of effort into Whisper and as I've already said, you can tell she is only just getting started.
-The characters continuing down the path of being well developed. Seriously, a lot of YA books don't always do the greatest job in developing and portraying characters but Noni is in a league of her own. I wanted more, which is selfish and a dumb reason for knocking down the rating that half-of-a-star but here we are.

That's not a very long list, I know. Really, I want to see where the story leads us and what comes next for Jane and this world. I am very excited by the possibilities of it all! So excited, in fact, that I'm not going to get into the obvious flaws of Whisper because frankly they are pretty minor and common for a book that could potentially be the first installment of a series--and that is how I am going to treat it.

If you're looking for something quick and captivating in the YA genre, Whisper is definitely for you.
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When a mute test subject called Jane Doe suddenly finds her routine disrupted by a kind boy called Ward, her whole world changes. Unlike the confinement in a cell and the torturous laboratory tests she’s been undergoing, he actually talks to her and treats her with kindness. What does he want from her? Is this just a trick? Whisper opens up with the core mystery: Who is Jane Doe and what do they want with her?

After reading and loving the Medoran Chronicles, I had high hopes for Whisper, but unfortunately I found it to be a fairly standard supernatural sci-fi story. If you’ve read or seen anything involving test subjects with people with special abilities and an evil corporation, it pretty much isn’t anything you haven’t seen or heard of before. There’s lots of twists and turns in the story, as we slowly find out more about Jane, where she came from and what happened in her past, along with the motivations of the people surrounding her. It takes a while to get off the ground, peaks in the middle when we find out about the heroine’s abilities, and then wanes again after this happens.

I tend to lose interest when a character has an all powerful special ability that she just naturally knows how to use, and when everyone is in awe of how incredibly special she is. That narrative runs strongly in this book which is part of the reason why I wasn’t particularly invested in Jane. I did like the concept of Speak and garnering the power of words, and how Jane could achieve anything that she wanted with her ability, as long as she learnt how to use it. My favourite scene was when she summoned a full room of animals as part of the training, which was a lot of fun! I wish we saw more of the other character’s abilities though, many of them felt like throwaway characters who didn’t have much of a personality.

I’m kind of glad that a romance didn’t evolve between the many guys who Jane encountered her, although that’s not to say that it won’t happen in a sequel. I found the love interests to be kind of irritating – first there’s Ward, who is really kind to her but obviously has an ulterior motive for doing it and was a jerk after a while. Then there’s Kael, who knows more about her than she knows herself and can’t stop calling her princess despite her pushing back. I really didn’t care enough for any of these characters unfortunately.

While I liked the concept of Whisper and the supernatural ability of speaking, there wasn’t anything unique that kept me reading. I didn’t care enough for any of the characters or for Lengard and the secret research facility. Although the book wasn’t for me, I can definitely see others enjoying it especially if you like supernatural sci-fi reads! As for me, I’ll stick to the Medoran Chronicles (which I love).
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I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I can’t believe how good this book is!  Recently I couldn’t finish many books for some reason.... but this one.... I was captivated from the first page and couldn’t stop reading.  I also liked the subtle romance. 

4,5 stars. I highly recommend it.
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This one archived in the middle of me reading it, so I can’t give a full review. However, I enjoyed the part that I did read and will keep an eye out for it so that I can finish it.
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