Hot Pursuit

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The description mentions how the novel can inspire women to reach for their full potential. Sarah is doing just that when she takes off on an around the globe chase of a rockstar suspected of murder. What she finds out about him, herself and others in her life shifts the way she perceives the world.
 chases down a story.  Definitely a nice way to spend a winter night or two.
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This was a light an easy read following Sarah as she struggles with being left by her boyfriend James and is struggling with the aftermath. For an added bonus it's a romance with a mystery involved which helped keep me interested throughout the story. Unfortunately for me the book just didn't quite hit the mark. It was enjoyable but I had a really hard time connecting with Sarah and at times just found myself frustrated with her. While it is also quite a humorous novel I think it could have done with being a bit more serious at times. Overall a good escapist read but probably not one I would pick up again.
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Thanks to NetGalley and to Pantera Press for an advance copy of Hot Pursuit.

I wasn't sure whether this was going to be a chick lit or a modern adult romance, but I was delighted when it turned out to be a mystery with some romance thrown in for good measure.

I did feel that Sarah was a bit of a nymphomaniac on heat as she seemed to be attracted to almost every male character she came into contact with - apart from the really icky ones, of course. I also knew from the start who she really wanted to be with. But by the end, I decided that she didn't really want to be with anyone. She was far too fickle in her affections.

The story is a bit of a caper that leaves Australia at a rate of knots and travels very quickly across Europe. Sarah didn't learn from any of her mistakes, and I just felt that she was either very silly or very thick as she kept on walking into danger with her eyes shut. 

The mystery aspect really did appeal, though. But while I didn't guess who it was at all until the end, I'm not sure it actually worked for me. And towards the end, I also had to suspend disbelief for a short while. 

But it was a pacy, entertaining, interesting read and one that kept me turning the pages nonetheless.
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Hot pursuit was a light easy to read book.  It was an okay book and I managed to finish it but I don’t think the book will stay with me now I’ve finished it.
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This book was impossibly good! Fresh twists, mysteries upon mysteries, and a somewhat ambiguous ending that I'm still thinking about days later. I hope to see more from this author in the future!
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Really enjoyed this one, it was a cute fast paced book but still perfect for a light Sunday reading.
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An enjoyable rom com / chick lit style tongue in cheek crime story - well worth a read. I enjoyed this immensely and will look forward to her next book.
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Hot Pursuit was so cute!
I fell in love with the cover but ended up falling even harder for the characters in the book.
I read it twice in a row!
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An ok read. Very simplistic and quite silly at times. However, for an easy read on the beach this will pass the time.
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Hot Pursuit is a crime drama about an Australian magazine writer who goes io Europe in pursuit of a rock musician but finds herself a story about the drugs trade.  Flimsy plot and writing it is however a good beach read.
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Thank you so much for this ARC.

Unfortunately, I was not able to read this book completely as it did not capture my interest.
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Sarah is a Beauty Therapist turned gossip magazine journalist in Australia. After her love life takes a dive, she takes stock of her life and where she has been headed and decides to take her career path in hand. She lands herself the assignment of her dreams in Europe but the catch is that that the magazine’s photographer she has to travel with just so happens to be her ex’s best mate.  

It’s been a while since I’ve read a novel that is a fresh and light take on the standard chick lit genre. I was expecting the standard rom-com but this is a complete surprise. It's got a good pace with no long-drawn out chapters or irrelevant plot-lines, and the book would be perfect for lazy, Summer days by the pool. It has humour, travel and adventure mixed with the standard romantic elements (plus the added celebrity and rock star idol to boot!). Unlike most novels in this category, this is not the sole focus of the story and is just one of a number of threads running through it. Both Sarah and Nick, were frustrating at times in the story but then grew to be very likeable characters and had a good chemistry right from the beginning - despite their fractious relationship!  
4/5 – Enjoyable, funny and refreshing take on the standard formula for romantic fiction. Am looking forward to checking out more from this author! 

Thank-you to NetGalley for providing me with an Advance Readers e-proof copy from publishers Pantera Press. All opinions are my own and are impartial and free from bias.
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I absolutely love it! The banters between Nick and Sarah is too funny. Nick is a jerk most of the time (always!) but I realize he's doing it to get Sarah's attention. He likes to tease and challenge her knowing she'll be easy to back down. Sarah, on the other hand, is broken - financially and emotionally. Her too dumb ex-boyfriend dumped her to "find his purpose" after losing his job. 

I could've loved Sarah's personality but it gets too annoying when she finds herself trying to explain everything to her ex-boyfriend who in the first place doesn't really deserve any explanation from her at all. 

Enter Chris Ford, a rockstar who has been accused of murder. The journey of Sarah finding the truth will change her forever.
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This book was cute and funny romantic caper. I thought this book was full of adventure and I loved the tour through parts of Europe. 

I thought Sarah and Nick were both likable characters. 

I thought this book was a fast quick read. It was a slump buster for me.
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Hot Pursuit is a novel filled with humour, adventure and of course, romance. A strong female lead and the enemies to lovers trope? Count me in!

Sarah Burrows is at a low-point in her life. Her current job isn't satisfying her journalist dreams, her boyfriend suddenly left with no explanation and left her with a hefty mortgage to pay. Her journalism break comes when she manages to trick her boss into letting her investigate the story of a rockstar on the run. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it would be if she wasn't joined by Nick, the photographer, who just happens to be an old one-night stand and a friend of her ex boyfriend.

Sarah, from the start, throws herself into a situation and a foreign country she knows nothing about. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Sarah, and the fact that her boyfriend left her with no explanation made me feel empathy towards her. Then, she scores this massive story (well, lies to get herself into it), and is off to a foreign country. I would describe her as determined, she never gives up; no matter how difficult things seem to get. I found myself frustrated when she kept letting James play with her, telling her he loves her, misses her, then assumes she hooked up with Nick and tries to sell the house without her, dick move!

Sarah and Nick were entertaining. Their banter throughout the novel kept me intrigued some of the best parts are just them bantering. As the novel progressed, their feelings towards each other transformed from hatred, to, fondness. Their romance was a small part of the novel but I enjoyed it and thought they were a good match.

Honestly, as I was reading, I didn't expect it to turn out as deadly as it did. Sarah, at times, acted irrationally - barging into dangerous bars (with a dead phone?), but she was determined to get this story and prove herself, so she was under a lot of pressure. I'm really glad that she came out of it all unharmed!

The 'rockstar' in this novel was a bit of a bore, to be honest. The adventure was exciting, but he was Thank god he was just a small part of this novel.

This book, for me, was a quick read. However, I felt as though I just wanted to get it over with. And the romance was predictable, so I was not surprised when Sarah and Nick got together. But, it the whole adventure aspect was fun and made it an enjoyable read.
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This book was a great surprise, I was looking for something lighter and the blurb enticed me to give this book a go.Hot Pursuit was a real delight to read; full of humor and adventure, with a spirited protagonist that’s certainly bitten off more than she can chew.
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This is an enjoyable read. The start of the book was very strong but it became a little ridiculous towards the end. 
I loved the fact that it jumped between different European cities and I liked the main character. 
Overall, I’d give it 3.5 stars.
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Really enjoyed this book. Loved how this jumped countries in the pursuit of the story and ended in a whirlwind mystery with a dash of romance added in! Well worth a read! Thank you to net galley for my copy
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This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. lots of action, romance, humour and a great conclusion. the characters were really good and easy to relate to and the descriptive storyline made everything come to life. Great read.
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Well written, but as the book unfolded I found it difficult to be sympathetic to the main character. I did finish the book, and overall enjoyed it.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for a  copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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