The Twin Test

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This is the fifth book in the series but can easily be read as a stand alone. 

I enjoyed reading Pippa's story after first meeting her in the first book in the series. I liked the hero Dax and his trying to take care of his rambunctious twin daughters. I loved the African setting and the author's knowledge of the region and its people.

A very sweet story of two people who've been hurt before finding their to a new love. 

There was an epilogue that brought us way into the future--60 years. Although after finishing books I love I always wish for a glimpse into their future, I think that thing is better left to the reader's imagination. A case of "be careful what you wish for".
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Not my favorite of the series, but still a good read!

The Twin Test is Pippa's story--a much-needed HEA for the character who was left behind by her almost-(or at least expected-)fiance in Every Serengeti Sunrise . Dax is a great hero for her story, and Pippa is clearly the only woman in Kenya--heck, probably on the planet!--who can help him tame his twins. Ivy and Fern are the cause of many an LOL moment in the book as they admirably perform the job of children everywhere--making adults rethink every difficult moment they gave their parents as children. Poor Pippa! ;) (And poor Dax! Though at least they eventually have each other to help them get through the soon-to-be-upon them teen years, so that's something, at least.)

Two minor complaints: the side plot involving Dax's job (and reason for being in Africa) still felt somewhat unresolved at the end, and that sixty-years-later epilogue was more of a downer (for me, at least) than a sweet resolution. I mean, yes, it was sweet, BUT...

I'm not going to say any more about it--you'll have to read it yourself. But if you know me at all, you can probably make a guess about what's going on in sixty years that I didn't need to know about. (Or, if you're my brother, you've already heard me complain about it live and in person. Sorry, bro-man!)

The Twin Test, though fifth in the series, would work fairly well as a standalone. It will have more of an impact if you've read book four and watched Pippa's earlier drama unfold in that book already, but if you haven't, no worries since she lets you know what you need to here. And of course if you've read The Promise of Rain and/or After the Silence , you saw a good chunk of Pippa's childhood and will appreciate even more what the twins put her through here. 

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / C+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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This was a really enjoyable story for someone like me who reads a lot of children's books. It was almost like reading a middle grade novel from the adults' perspective! Though it's the fifth book of a series, it worked fine for me as a stand-alone, since the author makes sure to fill in any missing background details where needed.

From the beginning, I liked both Pippa, the geologist-turned-teacher and Dax, the seismologist and father of twins whom he asks Pippa to look after. I also found the twins to be believable eleven-year-olds and not just props or talking heads. Some parts of the story had a bit of a Parent Trap vibe (like the camping trip), but the setting (Kenya) and involvement of the Maasai community, elephant babies, fracking, and environmental preservation in the plot were unique aspects of the book that made it different from other romances I've read. This book has substance beyond just a simple love story, and I was pleased by that. I also love the way the author brings all the threads of the story together at the end. The dramatic climax and sweet resolution to the love story are both very satisfying. I've only read a few books from the Heartwarming line, but this is my favorite so far.
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reviewer:        Clare O'Beara
  recommendation:  Majestic Kenya has shocks in store
  title:           THE TWIN TEST
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Dax is a Earthquake expert working with some oil company and brought his twins along for the ride. When the kids were up to their antics again leaving him desperate for another nanny to fill in while he works he comes across Pippa. Pippa is much more free spirited then he would've liked since hes such a stickler for rules but needs her help. Both have their own set of issues when it comes to love and the last thing they expect is to fall for one another.

I really enjoyed this book more then I thought it would. If you are the type of person who enjoyed a heartwarming books, with twins that are up to trouble, and a slight bit of romance you'll enjoy this book. I loved getting to know the two main characters. I loved that the twins didn't fall to the side because sometimes kids tend to disappear when adults start to fall for one another, not sure what that is about but the twins did remain throughout the story and I loved seeing them slowly change into better people. I loved seeing how Pippa was there to help not only this family but many others bring education to those who needed it, she even helped out Dax to open his eyes a bit to certain situations. There is plenty to enjoy when it comes to reading this book and its hard to speak about without spoiling it but Id recommend you lovely readers to check out this book because I really enjoyed it.
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