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To be completely honest, I hoped to like this book, but I couldn't get into it. I ended up DNF'ing it after 5 or so chapters. I won't review on GR and amazon so I don't bring down the authors ratings. That's the reason why it's taken me a while to review this book. I personally don't feel comfortable reviewing books I DNF. It doesn't seem fair to the author. 

But I was told that this was why my reviewing rating on Netgalley is so low, because I don't review the ones I DNF so I'm going through my list and giving this message to all the books I DNF'd in the hopes to bring up my score. I do feel bad about having to say I DNF'd the book. I guess it just wasn't for me after all.
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Wonderful characters. Interesting plot. Vivid descriptions. A riveting and suspenseful read with just enough of a horror/sci-fi edge to keep the story plausible. Well done!
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I've read several books from Severed Press, and they never stop impressing me with their catalogue. Creature From The Crevasse is a great book from a great author. I will definitely be reading more of Michael Cole's work. 

Creature From The Crevasse is about a prehistoric fish that comes through a crevasse at the bottom of the local lake, dragging fisherman and their boats into the  murky depths. Local sheriff is there to investigate. He's a complex character with a rich history with his ex-wife, the local doctor that enhances the story. 

I dig the concept and the execution. It's fast paced and full of pulse pounding scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, reading late into the night. Grab some popcorn and a soda because your in for one wild ride. I could see this story as a film.
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Prehistoric creature in a lake killing people and generally being a massive dick about everything? Why yes please!

As you know, if you've been reading my reviews, I absolutely love creature features, massive fish, evil cows, frolicking spiders, all of 'em. So I'm constantly on the lookout for them, like b-movies they're feel good stories for me, I wrap myself up in a blanket, make myself as comfortable as possible and dive right in. So good.

I loved this book, the drama and quirkyness of the characters, the massive fish being troublesome, the storyline, the escapades and the shenanigans. It was just right for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As soon as I finished this I picked up Thresher by the same author will be keeping my eye out for Behemoth. I just love these sorts of books.

*Huge thanks to Michael Cole, BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for this copy which I chose to read and all opinions are my own*
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This book was ridiculous, in a "B" horror movie kind of way.  Cheesy and predictable, it was everything this 80's horror movie buff needed.  

No punches were held, so don't get too attached to anybody.  Not realistic, and completely impractical.  Yet fun and absolutely delightful.  Think Lake Placid, or Pirhana.  Fun times were had by all... Or not.  

This is one to read on a lazy day on the lake... But might make you rethink dipping your toes in the water.
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I went into this with very low expectations because I saw so many negative reviews about it, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it!! It was an easy, mindless and entertaining read.

Morgan Sydney took the Chief of Police in the small town when he had had enough of being a police man in a big city, and after getting a serious gun shot wound. He thinks the job will be easy, and it usually is, but when people start disappearing near the lake, and accounts of a "big fish", he realises that there is a creature intent on killing anyone or anything that's in it's territory. 

The plot of this was relatively fast paced and quite entertaining. I love a good creature feature and also love a good b movie horror and this ticked both the boxes. The parts with the fish were well written and exciting, and I loved that we get to know more about the characters during the rest of the book. It made them easy to like and connect with. 

In all, this was a fun read. It held my attention till the end and made me want to check out more from this author. Yes, it mightn't be a masterpiece, but it's an enjoyable read non the less!
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title: Creature from the Crevasse
author : Michael Cole
Publisher : Severed Press
ASIN: B0798K3J9Z
kindle prince: $3.99
Print List prince :$11.95
Genre: horror, SCIFI
recommend : yes
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book synopsis:
A bizarre series of incidents take place on a usually tranquil lake. Boats are found ravaged, a body torn in two, other people are missing and an injured victim cries of a monster. Chief of Police Morgan Sydney must face the reality that a huge monster is lurking in the lake. With bulletproof scales, territorial aggression, and an insatiable appetite, the beast causes mayhem in the peaceful town. To destroy the creature, Sydney must form an alliance with the sheriff, a local lodge employee, his ex-wife, and an eccentric biologist who has a theory on what the creature is and its origins.

my thoughts:
 Wow after reading this I now knew that its not safe to get in any type of water wither its a lake or the sea ,or ocean, because you never know what might be lurking down there, this was my first read of any book by Michael Cole and I went in not know what it was about , I picked it because of the cover and I'm glad I did , it pulled me into the story and remind me of the old scifi movies from the 40s ,50s and 60s , so if you love movies like that then you have to check this one out, what's not to like a type of monster that kills and eat people vs the  Chief of Police  who's trying to stop it. Loved everything about it ,didn't want to  put it down but had to ,to get some sleep . Its the perfect amount of adventure and romance, and it won't be a disappoint . With that said I would like to think Netgalley for letting me read and review it in change for my honest opinion
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Unfortunately, I had to DNF this. While I normally try to stick through it to the (hopefully) bloody end, Creature From the Crevasse was just not doing it for me.The characters and their personal drama were miles away from being interesting to me, so rooting for any of them was out. And, the one thing that could have kept me hanging in there - the humans getting eaten - just left me sadly uninterested. 

I love my 'creature feature' books in general, but this one just didn't get me roaring.
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Not just any creature, a prehistoric one. A much larger and much more dangerous ancestor of a modern day plain looking seafood. This book was meant to be a sort of palate cleanser, but as such it worked kinda like Fritos. About as refreshing and nutritious. This metaphor probably doesn’t work for Fritos fans, so just substitute that with any disgusting snack of your choice. I mean, you can’t expect a literary masterpiece from a book like that and I didn’t, but I might have overestimated my tolerance for schlock or maybe misjudged my mood. And I used to read this sort of thing all the time…mind boggling. And wouldn’t it be fun if giant prehistoric creatures really lurked in some random bodies of water?  Here’s looking at you, Nessie. Anyway, if you are in a mood for some cheap thrills in and near the water, this is decent enough for what it is, a book equivalent of a B movie. Quick and mindless (very mindless) read. Thanks Netgalley.
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The Creature From The Crevasse is very much in the vein of classics like Jaws and Lake Placid, The premise is a giant prehistoric bass is stalking a lake and killing anything in its path and its down to the local chief to find a way to stop it. It probably won't win the Booker prize but it was an entertaining read.
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Ok, so, yes, this book needs some editing - a lot of editing!. Having said that, I quite enjoyed this book. I won't go into great detail on the storyline as the synopsis will do that for you, but basically, this story follows a similar premise to Jaws, that great 'big fish' book and movie (that really should have stopped after the original, but that's for another day). 

I really enjoyed following the story of the main characters, including Morgan Sydney, the local town police chief who took a posting to the small village where the story takes place after suffering a serious gunshot injury in the line of duty. Of course, he encounters his ex-wife, who is now the town's main GP/ER doctor/surgeon/hospital admin, etc. Add to them a host of seemingly inept sheriff's, a selfish mayor, an eccentric, half-mad scientist and dumb-as-f* redneck residents, and you have quite a fun read, which runs along a a good clip.

Unfortunately, due to the poor editing I could only give this book a 3 star rating, but it would have achieved at least a 4 star if that is cleaned up.
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Come on, really?  A giant bass!!!   So poorly written and developed I hesitate to give even 1 star.  Only my opinion.
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3 stars

Bob Ferguson, college dean, is out fishing on the lake. He is the only one there on this early morning. He gets a quick bite and is excited. A nice bass. Casting his line once more, little did he know it would be his last cast. 

Police Chief Morgan Sydney was let go for medical reasons from the Michigan State Police. He was shot in the leg and badly wounded while apprehending a suspect. He searched all over for another position, and all he could get was the police chief job at a small resort community. An officer of six months is Officer Tim Marlow who aspires to become a police chief somewhere. He realizes that he must get more training and in different areas to rise up the ladder. Chief Sydney grudging begins to like him and agrees if he does eighteen more months on patrol, he’ll recommend him for more training. 

The local sheriff’s department has somewhat strained relations with Sydney’s new police department. The police department is a new organization, having been created when response time from the sheriff’s office were too long. The sheriff’s department resents this.

The new doctor at the small medical center is Sydney’s ex-wife. Oh, this opens up a whole area of conflict for him. 

When Sydney finally realizes what he’s got on his hands in the lake, he is almost at a loss. He knows he needs help – and lots of it. He joins up with the sheriff, other local people and an oddball biologist who believes he has the answer. 

Yes, this story is reminiscent of Jaws. The characters are clichéd and predictable. Okay, you have five people missing by 23% of the book and none of them have been reported? The ex-husband and ex-wife thing was trite. The writing was sophomoric. But I don’t believe this book was supposed to be the height of literature. It was supposed to be a fun read and creature feature. That it was. It was just okay. I am almost embarrassed to add that this is perhaps the most un-inspiring novel I’ve read from BooksGoSocial.

I want to thank NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for forwarding to me a copy of this book to read.
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Wow! What have I just read? Seriously. Where do I even start? Ah, right. I’ve got this book from Netgalley, as a free book. So yeah, it’s not a very good book. Story is really crappy, like from those class B (or C) SciFi channel movies. It’s like “Lake Placid”, only worse and with a mega fish instead of crocodile. Another thing is editing. Was this book even edited before being published? Stuff like “recently added addition” or “pain in his leg didn’t hurt so much” are really weird. Not to mention spelling mistakes, lack of space between words and one occurrence of “you’re” instead of “your”! The book is uneven - part of the writing is better than the rest. Characters are quite one dimensional and boring. They are super cliche, too. Oh and the author has a tendency to repeat words - looks like he discovers new word and uses it all the time, like “chumming”. If the editing was better, the story would feel better, I think.
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3.5 stars.
This was a fun, easy and quick read. A feel of Jaws, with a prehistoric fish under a lake in a small town and nobody believing that could be what's causing the strange accidents. A fairly good group of characters, a little clichéd perhaps, but fine nevertheless. The story doesn't take too long to get going and is fairly fast paced once it does, and has a satisfying ending. It's not deep literature but I don't think it's ever pretending to be.
A few little quirks - sudden info dumps on people we've just been introduced to,  everyone has their clothing described, times are always written in italics for some reason, and the characters are quite obvious stereotypes, but nothing I couldn't get over once I got into it and I ended up very much wanting to find out what happened next. All in all I'd recommend it as a fun & exciting read!
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A rip-roaring roller coaster horror thriller, CREATURE FROM THE CREVASSE will also wring your heart and water your tear ducts, leaving you wondering how humans can be so blinded by greed and perceived fact. A peaceful lake community in Michigan, a new chief of police, a new hospital doctor...and a terrifyingly vicious new predator, unstoppable and implacable. Humanity fancies itself the apex of the food chain and the species in control of the planet. Sometimes Nature likes to ironically prove us wrong.

Something that "could not" exists is now hunting prey in Ridgeway Lake, and due to its enormity, it gets hungry very fast. Fish won't keep this predator satisfied.
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