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Forgotten Women: The Leaders

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Unable to read this book due to not having a kindle version. However, I have read others in the series and they’re very fun and informative reads.
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I loved this book. It was a perfect amount on each woman. I cannot wait to read more from this author.
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This is one of a four book series looking at women who have largely been forgotten from history. Some of the names and stories I recognised, but most of them were people I had not heard of or did not really know anything about until I picked up this book. 

I liked that the author presented a really balanced view of the women and showed negative aspects of their character and legacy as well as positive, e.g. Isabella of Spain who unified the country and was an effective leader but also set up the Spanish Inquisition which killed thousands. Zing Tsjeng presents a nuanced view of the histories of these women. 

The majority of the book showed a lot of diversity covering different areas of the globe and periods of history. The last section on reformers, however, was very American centric.

This book included beautiful illustrations and I am keen to buy the whole set for my coffee table.
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Forgotten Women: The Leaders is part of a four book series called "Forgotten Women". The other three are about writers, artists, and scientists. All four books are written by Zing Tsjeng. The book is broken up into five categories; The Rebels, The Warriors, The Rulers, The Activists, and The Reformers. Under each section, are mini-biographies of many different women from many different time periods and cultures.

I thought this was a great book. It gave a lot of information on women I knew of like, Grace O'Malley, Ida B. Wells, or Hatshepsut, and even women I had never heard of like, Doria Shafik, Anacaona, or Lillian Ngoyi. I really enjoyed learning about all the women and everything they did. It makes me want to learn even more, since these biographies aren't able to go into great detail. That might be hard since some women are from ancient times with not many (if any) historical records. However, the women with more information should be easy to look up.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about some of the people that history has overlooked and undervalued. I am looking forward to being able to pick up the other books someday and see what other women I can learn about.
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Rebels, Warriors, Rulers, Activists, Reformers. 

The many names women have held over the years but are never remembered for. 

Forgotten Women: The Leaders is a powerfully insightful reflection on the women of our past who helped shape the world for better or worse.  In clear and concise sections, this was very easy to read and full of beautiful illustrations. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Zing Tsjeng for this ARC,
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This is a fab series, I enjoyed both this and the science one as well. I love books that highlight those forgotten, underrated, fabulous women who paved the way for many of us today. A wonderful collection of strong, underrated women throughout history.
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I adore this series of books, I have gifted the other books so many times to people and everyone loved them. This one is no exception. Clever, informative and often a great pick-me-up when toxic masculinity is threatening to pull me down.
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Empowering. Fascinating. These are the stories I wish I’d heard at school. Fearless women, resilient and bold. This book does a good job at getting these women’s names and stories on people’s lips and on their mind. I’m eager to check out the others in the Forgotten Women series. 
It is a true injustice to these women’s lives and the things they have had to overcome,  that they are ‘forgotten’. Give me more books like these that aren’t just about boring white men.
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I enjoyed how this book gave a great description of both well-known and somewhat lesser known woman leaders. I think that there are still not enough of these types of books out there, and it was refreshing to read this publication. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the copy of this book!
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This book is one that needs to be on every shelf.
It has certainly earnt it from me. 
Pride of place for sure.

We are shown brief but very detailed accounts from brave and fiercely strong women all of which are inspirational to all women including myself. It is a fantastically interesting collection of women ranging from activitists to reformers and even rulers across time. 

This a deeply educational book and one I feel that should be made more available and given a lot more hype, I can even go as far to saying that it should be in all schools for people to learn about and read freely. Zing Tsjeng is deeply passionate about her work which I love and she's researched it very nicely.

I wished that there was more for me to read because I enjoyed it so so much. I am going to seek out more of these books, for the pure pleasure of reading them, I felt pretty impressed as a woman myself, though I'm not sure I fit into any of the above categories still its something to aspire to. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, who provided me with an free copy in exchange for a honest review.
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Absolutely an incredible read.  Thoroughly enjoyed reading about all these incredible women. 

First time, I have ever been so taken back by a book in how thorough and deep it was too.  Definitely a book for all bookshelves.
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"Forgotten Women: The Leaders" by Zing Tsjeng is an educational, inspiring, and wonderful book about women who we should not be forgotten. Women who have led this world to change, who made history. 
We need more of such books, we need to know more about incredible women from the past and we shall never forget them!
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Absolutely incredible!
Zing Tsjeng has clearly done her research on all of these amazing women. There is so much detail in this book, and all of it fascinating. 

I've read books similar to this before and often they revolve around who these women married and who they were the mother of, so this is very refreshing. 
To read about all of these talented and pioneering women is a gift.
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Couldn't download, has no kindle download option. I'm sure it's great though. I would suggest making it available.
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this is a really interesting collection of women! i hadn't heard of many of them, despite going through a phase of reading a LOT of anthologies about great women for a while. 

i really enjoyed the length of each entry and the illustrations were beautiful. there was a lot of diversity, from women all over the world and from all through history. would be nice if schools spoke more about them!!

stand outs are the mirabal sisters, catherine the great, and zenobia. but honestly in awe of them all

would recommend this to people of all ages!!
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Having just read Forgotten Women: The Scientists, much of what I will say is the same. 
This is full of brief but detailed accounts of strong, fierce women who did what they thought was right or best for their people. 
I enjoyed learning the stories of women I had heard of and learning of those I hadn’t, all of whom are inspirational.
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A part of a series of books about women who should never be forgotten, Forgotten Women: The Leaders is a fantastic collection of women throughout history from all over the world that need to be remembered. Given to us here in a few pages with illustrations this book really inspires you to know more. 

Made up of different sections that include Rebels; Warriors; Rulers; Activists and Reformers, this book covers a dimension of different women including Agent 355 to Sylvia Rivera, giving you a real intersectional view of women who have made change in the world and does it incredibly well. Easily read particularly for young people, Tsjeng writes about these with passion and it shows in her writing. 

With these women’s short biographies are some excellent illustrations of the women that really capture the story Tsjeng tells about them and they make for a treat to the eyes throughout. 

A great book to discover some incredible women with. 

(I received an ARC from Netgalley for a honest review)
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