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I loved the book, although it took a couple of chapters into the book to get me hooked.  I loved the first chapter, set in 1933, but the second and third were a little harder to enjoy, it picked up again when Harriet made the journey.  After that I couldn't put it down.
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An amazing tale of two women from very different backgrounds. Harriet is young and going through a mess in life, her career is falling apart, and she's just lost.
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this is an interesting book with past and present colliding together. the book starts with a scene in the past showing how Elena life was. 
it is a slow read and takes time to build up but as they say good things take time. this book is about friendship, love , loyalty, promise, what matters more, what are your priorities. I loved the historical feel of the book. I enjoyed the romance between Neil and Harriet.
it is a good book and I will surely recommend it.
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An amazing tale of two women from very different backgrounds.  Harriet is young and going through a mess in life, her career is falling apart, and she's just lost.

She has built up a friendship with her older neighbor, Elena.  When Elena dies and leave everything to Harriet, although she's sad, she thinks she can rebuild her life.

An estate battle from Elena's family, leaves Harriet feeling devastated not because she lost the money left to her but because Elena's name has now been soiled.

Lots of intrigue and a wonderful adventures awaits you in this story.
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Harriet lives in a flat owned by Elena, an old Russian lady who likes nothing better than to regale people with stories of her early life in Russia, and they become good friends.   When Elena dies Harriet is amazed to find that her will leaves everything to Harriet,  she is delighted at last she can do all the things that she had wanted to do in life but Elena's family in Berlin have different ideas and challenge the will.   This is the start of Harriet's adventure and journey to Berlin to prove herself. 

A really good story,  I particularly liked Elena and the Russian story,  great characters and although fairly slow moving it kept my interest
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A Single Journey is an insightful and mesmerising tale set in Berlin, Germany. Following Harriet as she discovers how unpleasant life can be, A Single Journey witnesses a flurry of events which aren't all pleasant and we embark on a journey of self discovery and the meaning of life.

Starting off with Russian landlady Elena, Harriet aids in the sale of jewellery to the gentry in addition to making ends meet in the small stall. Keeping a watchful eye on what is said out in public, Harriet learns a great deal from the imposing neighbour and then inherits all her worldly goods. But it doesn't last with interfering family members who feel they are hard done by.

A Single Journey clearly demonstrates the difficult circumstances which often follow a death, which is written in a tasteful but imposing manner. The tone of superiority and heart pulling emotions are felt throughout the book, giving each event a meaning both in the story and for afterthoughts.

What I've loved most about A Single Journey is the depth of the characters involved in the plot. Every character has their own story which blends seamlessly into the overall storyboard and they all bring different experiences and questions with them. A love interest in the form of Neil also surfaces, which in itself raises it's own story and questions of loyalty, decency and affairs of the heart.

As historical fiction goes, A Single Journey has captured some of the fear that was once felt in Germany which to me illustrates a phenomenal writing capability. To feel part of the story is a gift which I truly felt while reading. For the flip side of wartime provinces, Christmas At Woolworths is a book I'd definitely recommend for the English side of the war.
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Harriet is a good  neighbour but she doesn't expect to be classed as next of kin and inherit anything from Elena. Her involvement with this elderly Russian neighbour causes Harriet a lot of trouble and a journey to Berlin to sort it all out. I found Harriet to be a believable character and enjoyed finding out about Elena and her family's past alongside her. Once the secrets and mysteries had been untangled, it seemed to take a long time to end the story.
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Hhhmmm.... I’m still not quite sure what I think about this book. It’s a physical journey, it’s a lifetimes journey (more than one lifetime...) it’s a metaphorical journey, it’s a journey about justice, bravery, strength, resilience and to a lesser extent romance. So it should be good. And it’s not bad. But is it good? Well it depends on your measure I suppose. It’s too slow. But it’s interesting. It’s telling more than one tale. Did I enjoy it, hhhmmmm.....
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Defiantly a tale of secrets.  When Harriet is kind to her neighbour she gets more than she has bargained for.  It takes her time to untangle the tale of Elena and her secret past also to clear her own name..  It is also a tale of love, disloyalty, loyalty.  I loved that it is set partly in Berlin, as I lived there many years ago
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I have read a number of books by Frankie McGowan and was really pleased to be given chance to read the latest one. The book was well researched and crafted. The ability of those with wealth to get their own way is still relevant and quite depressing. This book showed Harriet fighting against injustice and highlighted the inequalities of living in society across the world. Kept the reader interested until the last page. Review posted to Amazon.
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The book begin with the story of young Elena back  in Berlin 1933. After that we jump into the life of Harriet Flynn, a jewelry trader and Elena’s tenant. The pace of this book is extremely slow, we got to know Harriet Flynn’s problem in detail by description, thoughts or her detail conversation with other characters. 

I think the book itself told us the journey of finding one’s identity amid conflicts and life chaos. The journey that Harriet took to find Elena’s family, in the end also give her what she wants in life. 

Added romance sprinkles, the there-but-no-so-there affection, reluctance and acceptance give us the look out on Harriet’s love life. 

Overall the book is good for a casual weekend afternoon reading but I advise you to take this book slowly. 

Thank you #netgalley and endeavour ink for giving me access to the arc in exchange for honest review.
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