Last of the Summer Vines

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I honestly love it! I'm surprised I didn't read this immediately as soon as I got picked from one of the lucky readers. Seriously, this has been my pick-me-up because lately, the books I've been reading are kind of boring and lacking in different aspects. I love the world build up and the characters are relatable. Seriously, after reading this, I got hungry and ordered pizza. Yup - that was how the book affected me - not just my mind but my appetite. I wish I can transport to Italy in a snap!
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This is my first book i have read by this author and will read more as it's such a good book so well written and with great characters and so warm and funny read with romance and emotional while being sexy a real feel good factor book and full of beautful countryside and vineyards as well. Loved it from the first page and wanted to read more.
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well this is the perfect summer read. I loved this book. it is very descriptive and you feel you could be there soaking up the atmosphere and feeling the sunshine on your face. Sarah has inherited her fathers property in Tuscany and she makes the decision to stay there and renovate it. The book is full of romance and food with a little mystery thrown in. what a great combination.
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Oh what a fantastic book  loved every page  a story of inheritance  and the trials and tribulations of  it can highly recommend  this book
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Love this book! Sarah inherits her fathers property in Tuscany and begins to renovate it rather than return to her city girl life in London. And we get to learn all about Italian food, and culture along the way. This book is very descriptive, you can feel the heat of the sun, smell the lemon, rosemary and olive wood and picture the glorious scenery. Throw 8n a little romance, a little mystery and did I mention the food? It’s a winner!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   seriously loved this book. The author either did serious amounts of research or she knows about the wine making process along with Tuscany and its local foods. I really felt like i was learning about wines while i read this book!
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This was the first book I've read from this author. It was a fantastic, chick lit read set in Tuscany. It was a realistic read, focusing on burn out from working too much (it happens!) and an escape to Tuscany is just what the dr ordered for the main character. I could literally feel myself there, basking in the sunshine, drinking the wine, and the delectable eats. It is on my "must travel" list for sure.
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Thank you to NetGalllery, the publisher and author, Romy Sommer, for the opportunity to review "Last of the Summer Vines."  All opinions expressed are solely my own.
I enjoyed "Last of the Summer Vines."  Sarah Wells is the main character, due to a big miss-up she did at work, she is asked to take a "long vacation."  On top of the mishap at work, she is going through a failed relationship.  Her father has passed away and leaves Sarah his wine farm in Tuscany.   With everything going on in her life, Sarah decides now is the time to go to Tuscany.  While there, Sarah runs into childhood friend, Tommy.
I loved the cast of characters and the romance aspect.  I especially enjoyed the baking......made me hungry reading all the scrumptious baked goods Sarah was making. have wine and wine making added into the story?  Perfect book for me!
If you are looking to read a nice, light love story with some humor thrown in, this is the book for you.
Highly recommend!
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A slow burn - the first third I wasn’t sure about this book, but then I warmed to the characters and really enjoyed the rest of it. We all need a Tomasso!
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Enjoyed this book enormously.  Kudos to Romy Sommer.....great writing.  Enjoyed every minute of the book.  A definite must read for everyone!!!!
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A book that had everything you need for this amazing weather. Amazing scenery, wonderful sound food that got me hungry, a bunch of characters I absolutely adored. It was summery and adorable. It has a great feel of Italy and I really enjoyed all the descriptions of the place, the people, the food and wine it was just really enjoyable. I felt transported while reading it and it was really enjoyable. The characters are all so interesting and again, the food and wine had me craving. A brilliant story from Romy that will have you checking flights straight after you've finished.
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I  couldn't make up my mind how many stars to give this story as I did jump through some chapters.
It starts off with Sarah who goes to Tuscany as she inherits her late father's estate or rather part of it the other half was left to her childhood friend Tommassco.
Of course romance blossoms for the pair with some ups and downs along the way.
This is a nice holiday read but some chapters was a bit long winded for me.
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Lovely feel good warm read. Nice characters and a good book to read. Well written and bound to be a huge favourite in the summer season
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Sweet and fun :c)

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I love when I open a book and get lost in the story. Being my first book ever to be read written by Romy Summer  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book. 

From the very first page, I swept up into the beauty of Tuscany. 

I loved the story and the characters. I have always had a soft spot for string, fierce, independent female characters and Sarah checked all these points for me. I loved seeing her grow and rediscover her passion for life and for what she loves. 

I also feel that the author did a great job in building a great backstory for Sarah and Tomasso. Watching them fall in love all over again was sweet. 

Just like any great love story you have to have a few obstacles before finding you're happily ever after. sarah and Tomasso had quite a few. 

I really enjoyed this book it came to life with color, emotions, and smells. OMG, the food is this book is unbelievable. I was hungry the entire way through just at the sound of the food they made. 

I now want to go to Tuscany and walk through a vineyard, sip tea on a balcony as the sunsets, eat pasta and homemade bread on a terrace overlooking fields of grapes. 

This story was truly a beautiful love story that swept me up and carried me across the ocean to witness what can only be described as an EPIC love story.
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A well written perfectly paced story pulling you in from the start.  Sarah returning to the vineyard to tie up her father's estate hadn't expected to run into her childhood friend Tommy.  Tommaso wasn't sure what to expect from having Sarah return.  They became partners in the business but love in the end wins out for everyone.  A great love story.
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First, I’d like to thank netgalley, the author, and the publisher for the chance to read and review this book, which I did honestly.

I absolutely adored this book!  I took it with me on a small little getaway and it was the perfect vacation read!   

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but it won’t be the last.  I loved Romy Sommer’s writing style. I loved the main character, Sarah, and found her very relatable and her storyline plausible and fun.

Most of all I loved the imagery in this book.  Why am I not in Tuscany yet?   This author clearly knew the area well and made it come alive in the beautiful way she described it in the novel, from rich scenery to the delectable food, and amazing wine I felt like I really learned a thing or two about Tuscany.   I can’t wait to read more books by this author.
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This was a really cute story.  And not only that but it was very well researched, I learnt so much about wine and wine making it really added depth to the whole thing. Sarah's development throughout the story is very good, she grows as you hope a character will and the challenges she faced helped her to open her heart again and find a new appreciation of life.
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The Last of the Summer Vines made me want to go to Tuscany! 

I loved this book. It's the perfect summer or beach read. It was so interesting to learn about wine-making in Tuscany. Sarah Wells leaves London to settle her father's estate and finds out her teenage summer love has inherited the other half of the estate. It's a sweet romance with some delicious food. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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It is really something when you meet one character that you really like, to meet a whole cast makes you feel spoilt. When I finished this story, I was so sorry that the world the writer had created wasn’t real. I desperately wanted it to be. I wanted to be able to go and visit the Castello in Montalcino. I wanted to go and gaze upon the frescos in the drawing and dining room, goodness, I even wanted to renovate the house with them! I wanted to walk the perimeter of the vineyards and take a tour of the cellars too, but mostly I wanted to sample some of Sarah’s wonderful bakes and spend a lazy lunchtime or two, (or three) at the trattoria.
The writer invites us into a sumptuous world of dreamlike delights. She encourages us into her tale, to taste and to see life, to grab it with both hands and to savour the good times. The Italian countryside comes alive and each page of the book is a picture-perfect painting of the sexy, seductive and sun-kissed scenery. I felt taken on a magical mystery tour of the region, enjoying every twist and turn in the tale and every change of season. The delightful Italian phrases that top and tail each chapter made me feel part of a fairy-tale. It was fun to say them aloud; just having them trip off of my tongue whisked me away to a land of sunnier climes and filled me with the heady hum of holiday happiness, whilst also adding a touch of extra exotica to the story. 
This book is like one of those amazing colouring books that come to life when you tap the page with a touch of water on the tip of a brush. The talented writer uses her pen like that paintbrush and ensures that sights and sounds come to life before your eyes, lighting the fuse of your own imagination. Within just a few words I was welcomed into a foreign land whilst on familiar familial territory. I was tucking in to the taste of Tuscan delights, making new friends and catching up with old histories. With something to laugh or cry about on every page I was soon absorbed into the community and could happily picture myself as part of the crowd. We the reader get to people watch – such a lovely thing to do. We see romance begin to evolve, like a very romantic waltz, the story playing like music in the background whilst our hero and heroine step around each other, tread on each other’s toes, and miss the beat; as the reader I was so hoping that they would catch it again and be at one, in harmony, with the music and rhythms of life.
This book is the perfect aperitif to a summer holiday. For me, on staycation, it provided a first-class ticket to rest and relaxation. The colourful hues and the gentle breezes that weaved their way through the storyline caught me up in their embrace and put me safely back down again at the end, feeling refreshed and revived and basking happily in the glowing embers of this love story. Oh yes, and desperately in need of a lovely glass of wine.
Coffee Cup Conversations and Teapot Talking Points:
If you and I dear reader were sitting down together today, having both read the book, here are a few of the points we could mull over together, out on a sun-filled terrace with a sip of a glass of red of the highest quality of course.
Have you ever visited a winery or done some wine-tasting?
I know that many people do this either on holiday or as a fun evening with friends. I have done a cheese tasting evening, but never a wine-tasting. This story definitely got me in the mood and I would love to do it one day. I am not sure if I would be able to identify the individual fruits and tastes in the wine, but I would sure love to give it a try. The spitting it out doesn’t look too ladylike and I think that I would probably swallow more than I should. But in the depths of a beautiful cellar with an expert to guide me and my hubby there – I think it would be fun. Since I have been living more healthily I don’t drink much alcohol, but I have found myself thinking that drinking a better bottle and just having one glass to savour would be fun – with a candle or too in the garden on a sunny evening or by the fire in winter, it could be very hyggelig.
Have you ever renovated a house?
I really enjoy getting hold of a room and giving it a makeover. This normally is on a small budget, so might involve a bit of painting and some new nick-nacks and cushion covers. I really enjoy thinking about different rooms in the house and what they could look like. I enjoy reading books about this, and find it really relaxing looking at magazines of people’s houses. Having the ability and creative gumption to renovate a house is really appealing and I really admire people who have the talent and tenacity to do this. I guess we all find it relaxing and inspiring as there are so many shows on tv that relate to this idea. I know that some of the rich and famous spend their time and money doing this – I reckon that it is one of those things that once you start you most definitely get the bug for.
Have you ever had a taste of Tuscany?
My experience of Italians has not been that positive so far in life, but I must admit that the atmosphere created by the writer in the book and the different foods described has made me curious. I lived in Spain for a year and love Spain. I think that I would definitely like to explore this beautiful new region now that the author has brought it to life so brilliantly.
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