A Thousand Eyes

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"A Thousand Eyes" is an interesting "nature fights back against evil corporations" type of book which is actually told from both animal and human points of view. 
Todd Wendt is at a very low point in his life when he is sent to a small town to work with a corporation he discovers to be shady and corrupt as are many of the townspeople. At the same time, Todd becomes aware of a series of vicious animal attacks that are aimed at the company and also himself as well. 
I enjoyed the novel though found it hard to like any of the main characters. It isn't easy to write a novel that includes nature's point of view but it was done quite well here. Overall, I found the story engrossing and an enjoyable read.
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Good, old-fashioned horror at its best! A captivating and twisted delight! Riveting. Emotional. Suspenseful. Truly a MUST for your TBR list!
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Thankyou to NetGalley,  John Hunt Publishing,  Cosmic Egg Books and Junior Burke for the opportunity to read A Thousand Eyes. 
I enjoyed reading this book.  It certainly was not what I was expecting.  The storyline was well thought out keeps the reader engrossed.  Well worth a read.
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What an interesting story.  The idea behind this one was very unique and compelling.  I couldn't put it down!
It is a terrific in the case study of human nature and throughout reading this book, I found myself choosing sides as the story unfolded.  
I recommend this one!
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Review: A THOUSAND EYES by Junior Burke

I totally loved this novel! Riveting, engrossing, compelling--I couldn't turn away. The author has a gift for understanding human nature as well as corporate nature. I immediately found my side and took my stand. In small-town Colorado, sheltered under the Rockies, the only industry has ever been a sole cement plant, progeny of the founder. Seven years ago, a new manager arrived, as the plant is now under ownership of a multinational. Suffused with greed, he develops a nefarious plan to fuel his own pockets at the expense of the environment. Literally stopping at nothing, his schemes create great stress for the environment, humans, and animals. The humans seem clueless, but the wildlife is extremely alert, aware, and ready to act. They cannot be bought off, and they won't be shunted aside.
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It was a good read and I enjoyed it. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting when but still enjoyable.
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This was an interesting concept. A company that is destroying the ecosystem of the town and the animals rising up in revolt. My criticism lies in the fact that so many characters are juggled that the various perspectives are difficult to invest in since there are so many. I think it is an interesting concept. I wish there was a little more focus on the animals and their revolt and protest against the company polluting the surrounding area. Overall it was a very good idea and an interesting execution of it.
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There s something bothering the animals and causing them to attack humans.. The animals are working together. Wolfpaw, a Native American tribe to talk to the animals, but will they listen?  Poison is being spewed by Mentex concrete plant.  People are dying from both. In this thriller from Junior Burke, we find a town that is dying from a concrete plant that no one wants to talk about. The guilty won't walk away and the innocent may not get out soon enough.  There are plans within plans with almost everyone wanting a piece of the action. Cinda is a cop and animal control in Lyndon. She is watching how odd the animals are acting and trying to find out why. Will Cinda  be saved, will anyone? You have to read the book to find out. I liked the way the book came together and will read more by this author. I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review.
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I came across this ARC and thought well that cover is cool, oh and the story sounds very interesting. Kind of horror and sci-fi mix. I am all over this book. I was more than happy to read this book. I am torn with this book. I just didn't care it. I feel there were some issues and I feel it could have been executed so much better. I can say for sure it was horrific though. 

There is a small town with crazy animal attacks. I mean crazy out of the ordinary animal attacks. People are dying. No one knows why the animals are going crazy. It is all mass confusion until one man and one detective figures out it's all people who had something to do with a pretty rotten company doing bad things to the environment.

I like the sound of this book, I just couldn't get into the story. There are a few reasons why. This will be short and maybe not so sweet. So I will just list my issues out. 

Too many characters to keep up with. I was confused for a majority of the book whenever the point of view changed. I have a hard time with multiple pov's when it's in the third person. I think there should have been maybe some kind of indication when a new pov started. Not just the pov confusion bothered me about the characters though. Ther was just also way too many characters to keep up with. I was also confused on who was who and I just couldn't connect to any of them. I really didn't care who died and who lived. 

The storyline. I liked the idea but really it felt too much like the book series Zoo. Too many things were the same for me to really get into this book. I felt it was just a do-over. I also felt it was too rushed. Things just didn't fit into place for me and didn't flow or feel natural to me. 

I finished the book. I wanted to see where the story would take me and I kept waiting for something big to happen. Then the end happened and I was like really that's it. It was very anti-climatic. 

The only thing I really liked it that the bad guys got what was coming to them. 

Just couldn't enjoy it.
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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This was a very unusual book--nothing like I was expecting.  I loved that the point of view shifted between the people dealing with the situations (that some of them caused) and the creatures trying to rectify them.   This perspective initiated a fresh new opportunity for me to think about the impact of people on the Earth and its inhabitants.  (One piece that was maybe out of place was some of the Native American character's efforts.  The plot was way out there to begin with and to add an odd character, and later a ghost seemed maybe a bit too much.)  On the whole, this was not only an enjoyable read, but it was also a kind of powerful eco-friendly statement as well.
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4 stars

I read the Kindle edition.

Ned Haddock is the mayor of Lynton, Colorado. It is a small community. He is arguing with Lowell Felker, manager of Mentex Colorado. Ned wants to pull out of a deal for rezoning. He cites the death of a recent town resident named Frank KIncaid. He says the man was poisoned through Mentex’ carelessness. Ned privately believes that agreeing to Mentex’ demands would be selling out the community. 

Cinda Rigg is a local police officer and animal control officer. She is about to go off shift when she receives a call about a triple homicide. The victims are Ned Haddock, his son Kyle and Kyle’s girlfriend Jessica. 

Todd Wendt works for Mentex. He is still recovering from the incomprehensible death of his wife. He is sent to Lynton to oversee operations at the plant. 

Wolfpaw is a local Native American man who has a kinship with the animals of the woods. Since the accident that killed the man at the Mentex plant, Wolfpaw has noticed a change in the animals. They seem unsettled and are making strange alliances. Wolfpaw is summoned to a meeting between the animals, the mountain lion seems to be the leader of the group, and through his red hawk friend he tells them who the Mentex bad guys are and asks them to leave the innocent citizens alone. He sends a message to Officer Cinda.  

Todd’s investigation into Lowell Felker and the Colorado Mentex plant is not going well. Felker avoids him, works odd hours and basically stalls Todd and is hostile to what Todd is trying to accomplish. People at the plant have been told not to talk to him. He is going to have to investigate on his own. Todd gets a message to meet someone to talk about what is going on at Mentex. 

Kent Kincaid, brother to the deceased Frank, and Ginger Kincaid, Frank’s widow, are up to something. This is besides sleeping together. Together, they are plotting to run a scam on Mentex. Ginger turns down a job offer from Felker and demands something else. 

When Todd goes to his clandestine meeting, it turns out to be a set up. Now he needs an attorney for he has been charged with assault and battery. He turns to Angie Prez the attorney who also happens to lead a group of people who are in direct confrontation with Mentex. When he gets an email from Mentex demanding his appearance in another state, he resigns his job. He moves to an out of the way place that no one knows about. But his troubles don’t end there. Angie disappears. Cinda gets fired. It seems Felker is targeting all the people who question him, and setting them up. 

Heck sakes, I started rooting for the animals. After reading what Felker was up to, I wanted him to get it – badly. 

This is a well written and plotted novel. The tension in the story began almost immediately and continued throughout the rest of the book. Being an animal lover, I was pulling for them as they tried to sort out their difficulties. Whenever one of the bad guys got it, I smiled to myself. There was sufficient background information given about the main characters to nicely flesh them out, but not so much that it intruded on the story. This was my first Junior Burke book, and I immediately went to Amazon to check out his other works. I enjoyed this book immensely and read it in one sitting. I recommend this book to those who enjoy mild horror, or just something fun to read wherein the animals get theirs back. Well done, Mr. Burke!

I want to thank NetGalley and John Hunt Publishing Ltd/Cosmic Egg Books for forwarding to me a copy of this great book to read and enjoy.
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A Thousand Eyes is a new thriller with the subtle implications of something supernatural set in a small town in northern Colorado town where man and nature collide.

This author has a lot of promise and has definitely taken some serious pointers from Stephen King, as King's influence and style is obvious and clearly strewn throughout the novel. The characters and their motivations are shallow but clear, and the cast fairly bland as a result; complete with mysterious individual of First Nations descent who communes with and tries to warn the white people of their impending danger to no avail.

A longer novel would have done well to showcase the author's strength, and I hope to see him come out with more as he develops his own style and depth.
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