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This is my first read from this author and what a sweet story it was. I really liked both Easton and Taylor they were really good characters and so good together and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop this was a good romance and I am looking forward to reading more of this series
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I had a really hard time enjoying this book. The story seemed very muddled from the beginning and I just could not follow the narrative. The cover and the initial description made me want to read this book and hope that I would enjoy the plot, but I just could not. The description made it sound more exciting.  The whole book felt very contrived and forced. I could not relate to the main character in any sense. The premise for this book is really great, but it failed to keep my attention.
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I often say that some books are so predictable, the story the same, you know exactly what will happen when, well not with this book. Yikes! so much action, so many surprises, a few scary moments, love, sex, friendship. A good read.
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I absolutely loved this book! The synopsis of this story is what drew me from the start – I’m a big fan of trapped in isolation stories. 
This is a sweet story about Easton and Taylor who become lost at sea when the yacht they are on catches fire. They eventually come to a deserted island where they fall in love (even though it seems they are both in denial and/or don’t want to admit it to the other person). This becomes evident once they are rescued and recovering in the hospital. One of my favorite scenes is Taylor waking up to East in her hospital bed with her. Awe – to have a man that devoted to you!
This story is all from Taylor’s POV and she is concerned East is only with her because she is the only one available. 
I have not read any books by this author before. This book is not a part of a series although I would love to read a book about Carter finding his one true love. *Hint, hint, hint!!!*
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This book has a gorgeous cover, and the blurb sounded super interesting. What would I do with a sexy man if we were stranded on a tropical island? I'm sure you can imagine, my mind went to all sorts of naughty places. It still is even hours after I finished the book.

The book wasn't what I expected, at all. It felt unfinished and forced. The conflict was something that could have been so easily remedied by with a few sentences of communication. After being stuck on an island with one person and one person only, I don't think communication should be an issue. It made Taylor seem needy and whiny and I couldn't relate to her after the boat sank. 

There's one part where it seems to allude to her being pregnant (she's in the bathroom,, staring at her reflection seeing if she looks any different and 'sets down the thing that just changed her life') but it's never addressed again. Which is unfortunate because it would have made the rest of the story seem less forced and more believable.

It's a neat idea for a story. It wasn't my cup of tea.
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I enjoyed the idea and basics of this novel but there were certain things that bothered me so much that I actually started to dislike it at the end. First off there are SO many inconsistencies throughout the novel. For example there's a whole paragraph stating that Taylor didn't have a bra on because the boat sunk at night and she was in pjs, flash forward to the intimate scenes in the novel and now she miraculously has a bra that East needs to take off. If this just happened once I could get over it but it happened so many times. I can't tell you how long they were actually on the island 37 days, 47 days, 2 months?Those dates were all stated. At one point East lost the spear he made but held on the lobster while running from a shark, but a few scenes later Taylor is using the spear that was supposedly lost at sea. When they are rescued Taylor talks about Jamie as her old fiancee yet the rest of the book (both before and after that scene) he was just a long time boyfriend. I was able to get over the poor writting style and the cliches in the novel to actually enjoy the story, but sadly those inconsistencies killed what joy I had for it. If the author could fix those before publishing I think there would be more enjoyment in the story.
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Adrift is a short feel good wish fulfillment novel about love, loss, and survival between two very different people who have to depend on one another to survive.

This book is average in pretty well every way; characters not very thoroughly fleshed out but still very much your archtypes in the romance genre, the set up and execution, as well as the wrap up and ending. You can predict where it will go-- and for what this novel is? Makes it good for those who want light, hopeful, and casual.

I'll throw some perks to the author for doing some decent research for survival, however.
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