Angela Cray Gets Real

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 09 Mar 2018

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An interesting enough premise of party girl having to use ingenuity and well-honed skills at finding low lives did not deliver for me.  I did try, honestly I did, but the voice, the easy assumptions and banter were so off-putting that I could not get past the first chapter.  I am sorry about this --  this could have been funny, sharp, sardonic....
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4.45 awesome stars

I loved this book.

Angela is not your regular female protagonist but more like an anti-hero. She is more out of jobs than in jobs. But she is a very likeable and warmhearted gal.
When her neighbour and friend the elderly Iona passes suddenly away Monalisa, her granddaughter and lawyer, moves into the house and offers Angela to investigate a missing fiancee for one of her clients. She is not going to screw up this job and is gung-ho to find him no matter what it takes... And, whoa it takes a lot....
Angela doesn't always make the smartest decisions but that just contributes to the fun of this roller coaster ride.
When I read the description I did not expect to...

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