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This book attracted me because of the dance and foreign country narrative, two of my favourite things. But the story felt short. It was a good example of telling and not showing, some of the characters didn't seem to spend any time together or have any chemistry and yet it was said they had chemistry or were related which then made it all okay. But because it wasn't showed, I didn't feel any urgency to know what would happen and I had a hard time believing all those relationships.
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Magical and mysterious. A combination of doing the right thing, or what one feels is the "right thing" and following your heart, as well as falling into situations and having to survive them. Tangled complications and outright deceit make for a fascinating study of human behaviors.

Flora, Gil and even Marco are pretty sure they know which path in life will make them happiest.
Of course life always throws up obstacles to test our dedication to our dreams. For Flora,her awakening comes when she is dismissed from her role as a supporting ballerina as she is trying to move into a more prominent role. Her father has recently died and the reading of his will is an eye opener. He must have had some reason why he did not choose for his children to inherit equally. When she arrives in Portugal to view her inherited home things get very complicated when she finds it NOT vacant.

This is a story about dreams and love, of various kinds, loyalty and injustice.
It may not be everyone's idea of a light, breezy beach read, but it has its own endearing qualities.
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Flora's dreams of being a prima ballerina take a back seat when her father's will is read and she discovers that she has inherited an already-occupied little cottage in a remote village in Portugal.

This book had every opportunity to be a great love story and the perfect vehicle for a sweet humanitarian story as well. However, it fell short of both. At the end, the story could have benefitted by at least one more chapter or at least an epilogue because the "resolution" was so abbreviated.

I wanted to enjoy this book because it had a promising premise; however, it never did click with me.

*Many thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Cat Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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