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This was such an interesting read.  The swapping between characters sometimes got confusing, as there were several main characters - but the book was written as such that you don't know who did "the thing," and that it could have been any of them.  The author is clearly well-read, as he often cites quotes from different books.  There are a ton of relevant cultural references (Black Lives Matter, current presidential situation, etc) that he intertwines into the main characters stories.  I will be really excited to read the second one when it comes out.
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Patriots is an intriguing modern day collection of stories within a larger story that kicks off with the ending hurled at us at the very beginning-- and the lead up outlines the rest of the novel to the moment things go wrong.

What I liked: Characters. None of them flawless and all of them share a self-absorbed quality that's quite refreshing to see not only stated, but acknowledged and called out. From a good looking on the surface power couple whose lack of depth and honesty is crumbling the foundation of their relationship to the broken unrequited love and opposing sides of a life long friendship quickly destroyed, to the insidious anti-government and anti-all-but-white group, to a...

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