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First time reading something by this author and I was not disappointed. I laughed and sighed, and fell in love with this delicious romance.
This was a quick read, and not just because it was about 100 pages but because the story was well written, and the characters just fantastic. It was also set on a cruise ship and that is always fun for me. Diana, the main character, is alone on a singles cruise because of a secret mission from her father. She meets Manda, who she quickly befriends and plays the game Boyfriend for the Night with. They each find a mate for one another for the cruise and when Diana meets JJ, a band manager who manages the band on the ship, sparks really fly.
I just loved these two together! The chemistry was flawlessly written and they complimented each other perfectly I thought. This was a perfect quick afternoon read and I am excited to read the 2nd book in this series!
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What's better than a cruise? How about a cruise with the lovely and spectacular Diana Clay? She and her business assistant were all set to cruise together, to do research for Diana's hotel tycoon father who is considering buying the cruise line. When the assistant bails, Diana continues on with the cruise and makes a new friend, Manda. While enjoying tropical drinks at bar on the ship, Diana and Manda comes up with a plan- they will each find "Mr. Right Now" for the other. Manda's match turns out to be her "Mr. Right" but Diana forgets about her date when she meets her handsome and dashing Phantom at the Costume Ball. She plunges ahead with her market research, deals with her demanding father, enjoys the cruise excursions and has some spicy sex! And, she  also manages to unmask her Phantom. If you are by a pool, or dreaming of a cruise, grab this book and have fun with this novella!
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I will review all three books in the series as a unit. Three delightful and sweet romances set on the high seas. All three authors did a good job in meshing the story line together so it seemed to be one long book. Loved the setting and the characters.
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This is my first book by Deb Julienne.

What I liked:
The monkeys

The book ends when they leave the ship. Do they get their HEA? Does J.J. get the job? A lot of unanswered questions.
I had a hard time staying interested in this book.
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Short, Sweet, and Oh so tantalizing! Despite being a little over ninety pages or so, this short story will leave you clambering for the sequel especially if you are into romances. It's a hilarious yet loving romp about two unsuspecting people who have a limited amount of time to fall in love, but who will cave first?

Diana Tolliver is abandoned by her friend and assistant Liv on board a singles cruise. Originally, she was sent there on a mission by her father to scope out whether it was worth purchasing by her father. It was supposed to be an innocent business venture alongside Liv. That is, until Liv decided to skip out on her own rendezvous and leave Diana stranded to figure what she'll do next.

Diana quickly rebounds and teams up with another solo girl on the ship and they both go on a mission. They both set up one another with a random male passenger. What could go wrong, right?

Loved the set up, execution, plus all of the characters in this story! Fell in love immediately and could not put it down. If you're looking for a short romantic novel to dive into - pick this one!
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A short book set on a cruise ship over valentines day. Diana is on the cruise alone after her friend fails to turn up.  She is set up with JJ and enjoys a holiday fling with him. 
There was no ending to the book though, so I am assuming there is another book to complete it, so it only felt like half of a story.
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