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The Laird Of Blackloch

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Laird of Blackloch had me up until 4am! I had to know and finish the book and man did it have me in my feelings throughout the entire story. I recommend!
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I love Sarah and Alex's story. I enjoyed the plot and the chemistry between them. Plus the romance.  I highly recommend this book.  I can't wait to read more books from this author. Thanks to Netgalley for this free copy.
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Revenge might be sweet, but love is far sweeter.
This was a pretty good book. The overall plot is one I’ve read a lot but this one had a darker undertone. I liked both main characters and my heart cried for Alexander. I highly recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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A fantastic novel b6 a new to me author.  I can’t wait for more
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This book got had plenty of action and drama.  It also had a great romance. I gave it 4 stars because parts were a bit too detailed or slow for me.
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This one took me back to 1750’s Scotland and what a trip it was, there is so much happening a hero trying to get his title back and seek revenge on the man that caused so much hurt and devastation and the heroine caught up in the revenge plot proves to be a feisty and strong woman and when they spend so much time together love grows and happiness finally flourishes, this really is a story that will grab you from page one.

Alexander MacIvor has reinvented himself after the battle of Cullodon the Jacobite uprising, it has taken him ten years and lots of travelling, but now is the time to seek revenge and try for a pardon so he can reclaim his title as Laird of Blackloch. Firstly destroy the Earl of Tay head of The Campbell clan and to do that he is going to kidnap his fiancé Sarah Lambert, oh but there is a spark between them on their first meeting and this grows as they spend time together, for the first time in a long time Alex feels emotion again and the need to open up to Sarah.

Sarah Lambert is to marry Malcom Earl of Tay she is a wealthy heiress and is looking forward to her wedding, that is until she is kidnapped and learns the truth about her fiancé but that doesn’t happen straight away there are a few escape attempts and attempts on her life as well, Sarah shows her true strength while being held captive and she also learns a lot about Alex and what he has been through and willingly gives herself to the man that she falls for Alex.

This is a fast paced story, a story of love and the battle to get to the truth for there are many secrets that need to be uncovered and Alex and Sarah have a rough journey to get to their HEA, Malcom is the villain and Alex will go to extreme lengths to protect Sarah throw in a twist here and there and this is a story that I highly recommend, sensual and moving. Although the second in MS Bennett’s Highlander Rogue series it can be read as a standalone and I thoroughly enjoyed it thank you MS Bennett for a fabulous story.
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This is the first book I’ve read by this author and definitely won’t be the last.I love Scotish themed books and this one was right on target.The descriptions and characters fit the time period to a t.I enjoy the history and the settings taking place after the battle if Culloden and the survivors of the Jacobite revolution.I was cheering Alex and Sarah on even before she finds the truth about him and her rotten fiance.Very enjoyable book!
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I loved Alex and Sarah's story, the story line was well written and the chemistry between them was wonderful.
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A good historical story. I like a good solid historical romance and this one fits the bill. Sarah is a fierce young woman and Alex is determined man. What starts out as revenge soon turns to love. Great chemistry between them. Enjoyed.
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After losing everything in the wake of Culloden, Alexander MacIvor swears vengeance on the man who destroyed his family. Years later he has almost completed his revenge, he just has to stop his enemy from marrying for money. 
Our hero feels very guilty about his actions, but has good intentions. 
Heiress Sarah Lambert is looking forward to her wedding until she sees something that upsets her. That is just the start of her terrifying adventure. 
Our heroine is a strong and determined woman , but way out of her comfort zone. 
A scary journey through the freezing highlands for our heroine. This didn't go quite the way I expected. Lots of twists and turns. A very enjoyable read.
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Culloden was just the beginning...

Alexander MacIvor has lost everything. The war. His ancestral home. His title. His family. And if he is not careful... His life.  On the run from the English, this embittered Jacobite can do nothing but head for the Highlands.

Just when Alexander thought his life could not get any worse, an unexpected moment of good fortune falls onto his lap and paves the way for his escape from the hangman's noose or worse.  But as he says goodbye to his beloved Scotland, he vows to one-day return, reclaim what is his and destroy the man who had so nearly destroyed him — the dishonourable and dangerous, Lord Tay. Alexander will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.

Many years later, rich beyond imagination, Alexander returns to his beloved country. He goes by the name of Alexander Black — for Alexander MacIvor is still considered a traitor to the crown. Alexander has bided his time, but enough is enough. He must have his revenge, and if that means abducting the soon-to-be-wife of his greatest enemy then so be it. But Sarah Lambert makes for no easy captive, and he cannot help but admire her. What he must not do is fall in love with the spirited young woman. If she were to find out who he really was, it would spell disaster for his plans and for his life. He must have revenge. Nothing, not even Sarah, would stand in his way.

You know you have read a great book when you sit up to the small wee hours turning those pages because you cannot possibly put the book down and go to bed. The Laird of Blackloch: Book 2 in the Highland Rogue Series By Amy Rose Bennett is such a book.

I have to admit I am a big fan of Amy Rose Bennet. Her books always have a wonderful sense of adventure as well as a compelling and believable romance. I am glad to say that The Laird of Blackloch did not disappoint. Once again, Ms Bennett threw me straight into the story and very soon I came to care about both Alexander and Sarah. Although Alexander's plan for revenge leaves something to be desired, his motives are kind of noble in a twisted sort of way. By abducting Sarah, Alexander is actually saving her from a lifetime of misery to a man who is nothing short of a monster. And although Alexander's actions at kidnapping the young woman can also be seen as monstrous, Alexander has a kind and caring heart. He is quite a contradiction!

Sarah was simply wonderful. She was probably the worst kind of person to abduct because she does not come quietly and she certainly gives Alexander a merry chase on more than one occasion. She is very strong-willed but also incredibly likable. She is one of those heroines that you cannot help but admire. Both protagonists are well drawn, and their story and subsequent romance is very real in the telling.

Lord Tay, the malicious villain to this tale, has to have a mention. He is suitable evil and it a very desperate and conniving character. His only thoughts are for the money that Sarah would bring to a marriage and in fact that is his first thought when he finds out she has been taken. It is her money he loves, not her. Lord Tay is totally lacking in morals and is a thoroughly detestable man.

The Laird of Blackloch is Book 2 in the Highland Rogue Series and it is certainly my favourite so far.  Book 3 cannot come fast enough!!

I Highly Recommend.
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It was a good book that I have read in a while, the characters were perfect each other , their relationship was interesting to read
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I have been dying to read this book and I wasn't disappointed. Great romance. Awesome drama. Great read.
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This is one of those books which should probably come with a trigger warning. There is an attempted rape on the heroine and revelations of past rapes and murders committed on members of the hero’s family. While they are relevant to the storyline and not gratuitously detailed, if you have triggers for rape and/or sexual assault, leave this one alone.

Those things aside, this is a really good story. The author knows her history, and this Scottish Highlands romance set a few years after the final crushing of the Jacobite uprising at Culloden draws on that rich knowledge to weave an engrossing tale of one man’s quest for vengeance stalling out when he falls in love with the instrument of his revenge.

Sarah, the heroine, isn’t just a pawn in this story. While she was ignorant of her former fiancé’s former evil doings, her only fault is to be young and naive, the second of which flaws is quickly corrected when Alex opens her eyes to the truth. She was sassy and determined, brave even when the outlook appeared desperately bleak for her. I did think that she and Alex fell in love a bit too easily, but considering the kidnapping plot, it could well be a case of Stockholm Syndrome which did transmute into genuine love.

While this is the second in Amy Rose Bennett’s Highland Rogue series, the link to the other book is so tenuous this might as well be a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am happy to rate it five stars, albeit with the trigger warnings above to bear in mind.
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Amy Rose Bennett captures the essence of early 1700 Scotland in this story of revenge and deception that culminates in redemption of the heart.  This is my favorite trope of the scarred hero, which in this case is from seeing everything Alexander MacIvor owned and those he loved taken away from him when he returned home from war to Blackloch Castle.  Having been left with nothing, he recreates himself and gains back some wealth, while biding his time to ruin The Earl of Tay, chief of a rival clan who had rained down all the destruction and taken his home.  Slowly, Alexander has Tay almost totally bankrupt.  But he finds the rascal has engaged himself to a wealthy English heiress, Miss Sarah Lambert to save him from total penury.  Alexander devises a plan and successfully kidnaps Sarah and holds her for ransom, taking her to a remote tower in the highlands so she cannot escape.  Sarah begins to find out more about the Earl of Tay and his true nature but is determine to escape and return home.  As she and Alexander spend time together, truths are discovered although secrets remain.  Take the journey with these wonderful characters that come alive in the tale and find out what happens.  You will love this story and it will go on my to be read again shelf.  Cannot wait to read more by this author..
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After the Battle of Culloden Alex return to his ancestral home only to find the Earl of Tay has laid waste to everything he holds dear.  He is able to escape the Highlands and years later able to regain his home.  Wanting to destroy the Earl he plans on abducting his fiancé, Sarah and hold her for ransom.  Sparks fly between Alex and Sarah; will Alex still use her to get his revenge?  I really liked this historical read.  The story is fast-paced with plenty of drama and intrigue.  The characters and great chemistry and the story really draws you in.  A good read.
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This was an extremely well written story! This was a story about revenge. Alexander a man who needed to exact revenge on Lord Tay for what was brutally taken from him, his family, his fiancé  and his inheritance. Under an assumed name he got his land back, his plan to totally destroy Tay by abducting the woman he’s courting. The beautiful heiress Sarah Lambert. As plans go this one backfires on Alex and things go astray. Sarah is timid at the beginning but soon he realizes she’s no wilting flower she refuses to be a pawn and decides to take control of her life, starting with her escape and freedom! 
I totally looooved this story full of fast paced action, revenge, villainous plots, kidnappings, and a hero who will stop at nothing to claim the woman he loves. Amy Rose Bennett crafts a magical tale that keeps you glued to the pages.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publish via NetGalley. This is my honest unbiased opinion.
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I voluntarily read an Advance Review Copy of this book through Netgalley.  The book involves revenge, a kidnapping and a new discovered love.  Alexander is so set on revenge against the man who destroyed his home and family, that he unexpectedly finds the love of his life.  The book is well written and Inwould recommend it as a great read.
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After the Battle of Culloden,  Alexander MacIvor, goes home. When he reaches it, he finds the Campbells have killed everyone and ruined anything they could touch. His Parents, sister, The clan and his fiancé at have been killed in the worse way. He wants revenge against Malcolm, Earl of Tay..He comes across some money takes  it and sets himself up again. Then he comes back and he plans  his revenge. Miss Sarah Lambert comes on the scene, eleven years after the initial brutality. Her father died and left her an heiress, and she promise on his deathbed, she would marry Malcolm.
The characters are robust and alive. You can see the growth when you see how the way they act changes. The landscape is gorgeous, lush and green It is also hard to put down. I really loved it.
I received this ARC and voluntarily reviewed it.
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Alexander MacIvor returns to his ancestral home, Blackloch Castle, after the Battle of Culloden to find the Earl of Tay, chief of the rival Clan Campbell, has laid waste to all he holds dear. Alex literally loses everything and becomes driven by revenge against the Earl of Tay and anyone close to him. Tay has set his sights on beautiful and wealthy English heiress, Miss Sarah Lambert. Alex decides to kidnap Sarah to foil Tay’s plans by asking for a ransom he knows Tay can never pay.  During their time together Alex and Sarah become attracted to each other and she realizes Alex will never give up his plan for revenge. Sarah refusing to be a pawn in Black’s diabolical plan for revenge, set out to escape and regain her freedom. Both Alex and Sarah begin to have true feelings of love towards each other, but what will happened when the truth comes out?  Loved this story it had it all revenge, a hero, a villain and a beautiful heroine who refuses to be anyone’s pawn in this game for her life and her freedom.
This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no requirements for a review
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