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Hoang masterfully writes about it all: love, family, work issues, neuro diversity, acceptance, letting people in. 

This story told in both Stella and Michael’s POV is captivating, their minds are so different and yet the reader can see just how they are perfect for each other. 

I love a good homage and this gender-reverse Pretty Woman was so much fun. Intersect the rules of family expectation, personal expectation, and such well-written Asperger’s POV., and this sexy book fills your heart in all the best ways.
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This book checked all the boxes for me: independent woman, sweet romance, a multi-racial main character who wasn't a caricature or stereotype. I loved this book and have recommended it to everyone who likes romance.
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If the last three days of my life are anything to go by, it would seem that I have become utterly OBSESSED with Helen Hoang's books. I could seriously kick myself for not reading them sooner. The stories are nothing like I expected them to be—so much sexier, angstier, and in many ways, a lot more serious in tone than the cutesy covers would suggest—and I can confidently say that Hoang is now one of my new favourite authors. The Kiss Quotient is the story of a brilliant young econometrician on the autism spectrum who knows everything there is to know about algorithms and economic principles, but doesn't know anything about romance. So in an effort to become better at dating, she hires a male escort to teach her everything there is to know about sex and relationships. But it doesn't take long for the rules of their business arrangement to change altogether. A tender yet passionate romance with vibrant, endearing characters that I loved so so much.
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This book! One of the best romances I've read in years. Intelligent, heartwarming, and even instructive - I definitely learned a bit about living with autism.
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The Kiss Quotient is not a book I typically would pick up. I enjoyed the gender-swapped Pretty Woman idea, although the plot was a little thin for me. However, I did love her characterization of Stella and her realistic portrayal of a woman who is also autistic. I'm looking forward to seeing Helen grow as an author and will read more by her.
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From the moment I've read the blurb for The Kiss Quotient , i knew—I KNEW— it was going to be my 2018 treat.
And do you know what I do with my treats? I make them last. I draw the pleasure out. I savour them.
That's exactly what I've been doing with Helen Hoang's remarkable debut.

And you know I was pretty much sold with the book knowing these few facts :
-heroine has Asperger
-hero is an escort (I have a real thing for Escorts in romance, don't ask, it's just hot and mysterious)
-pretend relationship

But even knowing the heroine hires an escort, I don't know why— maybe the cover, or the shy smile's on the author official picture— I thought The Kiss Quotient would be a whole lot sweet, a little awkward, and plenty swoony.

What I hadn't expected was the level of STEAM, hot sex and angsty feels! Guys, my heart hurt, my heart swooned, my heartbeat quickened, and my feels were all over the place. The Kiss Quotient was sex focused, yes, but the heroine's issues to become intimate weren't glossed over.

Helen Hoang kept me on the edge of my seat (ok I was lying in bed all night, so what. Details.) and had me entirely too obsessed in seeing through Stella and Michael’s HEA.
Her “not so perfect for in our society” characters turned out to be pretty much an ideal. I’m daring you not to root for these two to stop pretending and become a real couple!
Stella altough perfectly aware of her social skills defect, was determined to live her life regardless. Even if it meant trying to overcome issues she has very little control over. Some scenes where she finds herself unable to understand social “etiquette” were truly heartbreaking.

Stella's shortcomings didn't make her weak, I was glad to discover a driven and strong heroine, no self-inflicted pity party for Stella. She was in constant adaptive mode, collecting new data, processing and moving on.
I adored Michael’s gentle and caring nature, the patience he relentlessly demonstrated toward Stella made of him a real hero with a golden heart.

As much as I tried to make my treat last, I ended devouring The Kiss Quotient. It's impossible not to fall in love with Stella and her daily struggles to fit in, impossible not to wish for a Michael, impossible not to share shy smiles with Me, Ngoài, and laugh at Michael's sisters bickering.

Even if I was a tiny bit disappointed with the way Michael’s secret profession blew over near the end (predictable and unimaginative), I spent an amazing time and was left wanting more.

I'm in love with this book and a little obsessed with this author.
"-I do not look like Daniel Henney.
-No, you look better."
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What a cute book from a new author to me! The Kiss Quotient is the debut novel by Helen Hoang and what a fun, sweet, heartwarming read.

Stella has Asperger’s—a mild form of Autism—that makes it awkward for her in social interactions including those romantic in nature. Stella hires Michael Phan as an escort. What starts off as teachings of the physical turn into lessons of the heart as these two start off as a business agreement and turn into something much, much more.

I fell in love with Stella from the get-go. Her honesty, almost to the point of rudeness at times, her complete innocence in all situations but her true inquisitiveness and want to better herself. Not ever realizing that who she is and how she acts is the true gem of who she is.

Michael, being this really great guy despite his job, sees this from the start and rather than treat her as a business transaction, he has always shown her more… how it feels to be loved, touched, kissed, and treated like she is perfect in every way. I LOVED his gentlemanness, I loved his other side to his escort business—his true self with his family and his career—and I just loved the way he respected and worshipped Stella from the beginning.

Their interactions vary from fun bantering, to sweet moments, to hot and steamy WOW! I was entranced from the beginning to the very end of this book and am amazed by this author’s talent. I very much look forward to reading more from her!
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What a fun witty book. I ignored all my adulting that I had to do and just kept on reading until I finished. I regret nothing.
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You know how you read a book and you feel like your heart will spring right out of your chest? That was me as I read The Kiss Quotient, so beautiful and poignant.

Stella will grab you from the start. She’s quirky, a woman with a closer affinity to numbers than people. I love that Helen Hoang made Stella’s Aspergers almost a non-starter. Yes, her social chip occasionally goes on the fritz, but you know, as do her friends and a family member or two, that she cares and cares deeply.

Our hero, Michael, is perfect. He recognizes everything that Stella can’t see in herself, and he yearns to show her how wonderful she is. The problem, however, is that Stella may not want that.

Grab your tissues, dear readers. I wept (more than once) as Stella tries to overcome the difficulties she faces. She is a treasure, and you will want her to find her path. Helen Hoang doesn’t always make it easy for Stella, but she sure makes it worth it.
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This was alllll kinds of fantastic! Such a breath of fresh air. I haven't read a book quite like this before, and I loved that feeling of finding a new, unique and special read.
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What a cute and steamy read — I mean, wow, I was not ready for that. I thought this book was going to be a lot more wholesome, but alright. I’m not complaining.

So, it’s a funny story. I actually got this book from NetGalley months before it came out, and I never read it. I want to shake myself but I also don’t want to, because I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much as I did now.

Anyways, Stella and Michael were adorable. I literally wanted them together from the moment they started talking at the hotel. The connection was incredibly real, which made the book so much more interesting and amazing. And even though there wasn’t much that happened asides from their relationship (asides from the typical family drama), I was still invested in the story and romance.

Unfortunately, there were some chapters I felt a little bored, which is why I didn’t give this book five stars. I felt like the scenes with Michael’s best friend and mother could have been more interesting or less filler-like. But I’m also wondering if those chapters felt dull because I just wanted more Michael and Stella moments.

Overall, a fast and entertaining romance — one I see many people enjoying. That being said, if you can’t handle some heavy/hot scenes, then maybe this one isn’t for you, because I was certainly caught off guard by all of that action.
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This is a delightful book. I love reading from the point of view of the main character who is not a typical romantic heroine.
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This was! So cute! 

No, seriously, I adored this in so many ways :) It was meaningful and well-written and just the right level of angsty. I would have liked a bit more exploration of the heroine's relationship with her mother, but beyond that, I was so happy with this book & absolutely cannot wait for BRIDE TEST.
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The Kiss Quotient first had me when I heard about how adorably awkward the heroine, Stella was. I’ve now read and finished the book, only to realize that while she may be adorably awkward, she’s so much more than that. Stella is the type of character that has you wishing she were your best friend because she’s so completely honest and kind. It’s hard not to fall in love with her charm and naivety. 

Stella is need of some loving—more like she needs help perfecting the act of intimacy. So she does what any intelligent and wealthy woman would do and hires an escort. Enter Michael—said escort. One of the coolest (and best) things about the book is the fact that all the roles were reversed. Instead of a wealthy man picking up an escort; it’s the woman. Think Pretty Woman in reverse! Stella has the status and the money, even if she doesn’t quite fit the mold of how an insanely rich person would act. 

Michael is just trying to survive and help out his family the only way he knows how—by selling his body for money. When he and Stella meet for the first time, she treats him as an equal, not someone that she’s paying for intimacy. The thing is, Stella starts wanting his expertise in more than just sex. Michael doesn’t do repeat clients for many reasons though. So why can’t he stop thinking of her?

I loved, adored, and cried such happy tears while reading this book. It’s one that’s completely unique to the genre, in my humble opinion. I loved the fact that the hero is Vietnamese (well part anyways) and the heroine has Aspergers. Huang brings us something completely fresh and in the process will hopefully help open the eyes of those who don’t understand autism as well. I feel like this is a changing point for the autistic community (and those with other forms of disabilities) as a whole. You aren’t alone. 

Diverse books are absolutely something we need more of—and this one will most certainly not disappoint. It’s smart and sexy—a lethal combination! Seriously, if you’re in need of something sexy yet romantic, and a hero that genuinely cares about those around him, including the heroine, pick this up. You won’t regret it! These characters will stay with you long after you finish reading.
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OMG. I’m in awe—just pure, straight-up awe of this book and its utter magnificence. Just... WOW. Now I know what the fuss is all about, and I gotta say, there’s a damn good reason why everyone’s been raving and talking about Helen Hoang’s debut novel. Because this one was written and meant to make you fall in love HARD. I just wanted to plop face down and squeal like a crazy school girl when I reached that last page. It filled up my heart and soul to the point that I needed to let out some of the feels and giddiness it left me with. Or I’m pretty sure I would’ve exploded.

“You don’t like French kissing?”
“It makes me feel like a shark getting its teeth cleaned by pilot fish.”

Stella Lane is an incredibly smart and driven woman, but having Asperger’s has made socializing and connecting with other people extremely difficult for her. She’s soft-spoken and awkward, kind and gentle, and found comfort in order and her routines. But you’d be surprised with how much love and goodness this woman has to give. She’s got so much tenderness and passion to share with that one person who got her. The one who fit her like the missing puzzle piece in her life. And don’t even get me started with her obsession with Michael and his scent. It’s just too adorably heart-melting for words.

“Michael was mint chocolate chip for her. She could try other flavors, but he’d always be her favorite.”

Michael Phan may be working his ass off as a paid escort, but he’s so much more than meets the eye. He’s a remarkably talented tailor who loved to make clothes and a devoted son who always put his loved ones above him. When you finally get the entirety of his back story, when you find out why he ended up in the situation that led sweet Stella to him, your heart will just shatter, ache and weep. I actually ended up wanting to save him myself and give him hugs for days. Needless to say, loving this man was quite inevitable and I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Thank you for giving me that choice so I could pick you.”

The Kiss Quotient is an extraordinary and very endearing fake relationship kind of romance that will sweep you off your feet. It’s as sweet as it’s sensual. Funny as it’s moving. An unexpectedly breathtaking tale that ultimately gave life to the hopeless romantic in me. Stella and Michael just stole my heart and completely obliterated it. I didn’t expect to love their story this much. Hell, I’m still reeling over it. And truthfully, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of reading this book. Of listening to it and reliving every single moment. There’s just something so special, so intoxicating and gripping about The Kiss Quotient and the way Helen Hoang penned this that will make you want to experience it over and over. Now I can’t wait to devour Khai’s book!

“The sight of their intertwined hands pleased her. So different, but still five fingers and five knuckles, the same general blueprint.”
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Featured on Season 1 Episode 8 of The Infatuated Podcast ("Four romance books that will make you a better person"), to be published on January 10, 2018.

Hands down my favorite book of 2018. This book changed my life and my perception of who I am. 

The main trope is reverse Pretty Woman, so the hero is a male escort the heroine hires to help her explore her sexuality.. The hero has so much patience, and such a big heart (not to mention SKILLS), that I just wanted to cuddle him and love him and take him home with me. The heroine has some very specific challenges, and she just sparkles as a person. Her situation is probably more common mainstream media portrays, and I ached for her, really felt her struggles. 

At the end of this book, the author talks about her struggle and being late diagnosed with autism and recommends some books. Don't skip this last part! I recommend this book to ANYBODY, even if you believe you do not have autism or you're perfectly normal, whatever your perception of "normal" is. The Kiss Quotient will open your eyes to the struggles that some people have, and it might make you more willing to accept other people's quirks.
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The Kiss Quotient is such a cute and adorable book. It only took me 2.5 days to finish it and it took longer because, you know, life, LOL, or else I would have finished it sooner.  I did a lot of sneak reading at work too. (shhhhh)

When I first got The Kiss Quotient, I knew I was going to love it, I mean, just look at the cute cover! Thank you Berkley for my adorable package too. Look at that mug!

But for real though, this book was amazing.  It was super cute and hilarious! Can I just talk about my favorite secondary character?  Ngoai was stinkin HILARIOUS! I loved reading the parts when he took Stella to visit his family. His mom, grandma and sisters were amazing. Coming from a big family myself, I can totally relate with Michael. 

But right now I want to talk about the funny, yet hot sex scenes! Yes, I said "funny." Poor Stella had like, zero experience before she met Michael. Her previous sexual encounters were pretty depressing, actually, which is the reason why she hired him in the first place. Now, Michael is a pro....literally, but he's not cocky either. He's sweet and gentle and after the first night with Stella, he knows he is going to break his number one rule - Don't see the same client twice.  But sometimes in life, things don't always go according to plan. And that is not always a bad thing. 

Another thing that I love about The Kiss Quotient, is the awareness that this little book brings to autism. Stella, the main character has Aspergers and Helen brings to light Stella's daily struggles. Even the simplest things and situations, can cause over stimulation and cause severe anxiety. I have never read a book that has a character, with autism.  So, Helen, thank you for sharing Stella with us! 

It's hard to believe that this is Helen's debut novel. She through this one out of the ballpark. So make sure you add this one to your TBR list. Better yet, add it and then go buy it! It's a perfect summer read!
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If I had taken the time to read the synopsis of this book, I would have gotten to this one so much sooner. I’ve read a few romances where the Hero has Asperger’s but this is the first book I’ve read that it’s the Heroine who has the disorder. 

I loved EVERYTHING about this book! The plot and characters were superb! I am beyond thrilled that my last read of 2018 is this spectacular one. Sometimes when I see a ton of five-star reviews for a book by an author I’ve never heard of before, I get a bit skeptical but I can honestly confirm this book deserves ALL THE STARS!!! 

Michael and Stella's journey to love was beautiful and super steamy. The story flowed so perfectly. Never did I have the urge to gloss over anything. This book consumed me!

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5++++
Heroine: 5+++++
Plot: 5++++
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5+++++

THE KISS QUOTIENT is currently available and if you haven’t read this one yet, get to it as soon as possible!!
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Absolutely adorable! If Rainbow Rowell wrote Sheldon Cooper as a sparky, shy woman, with a dose of steamy romance and a touch of Project Runway, it would look something like Helen Hoang’s debut novel. I am incredibly impatient for her next book in this series!
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