The Kiss Quotient

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DNF at 25%.

I am sorry but I won't be reviewing this book because I did not finish it. I only got to 25% when I decided it was just not for me. It was too steamy, and I feel that everything I read until that point was about sex. We didn't get any other informations about characters, especially when it comes to male character.
However, since so many people seem to love this book I do believe there is more to the story then just sex and probably love that will develop, I just don't have motivation to continue reading.

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read The Kiss Quotient and I am sorry for not liking it more.
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This was a Fun, light read for the summer. I enjoyed it and would recommend it for an easy read to friends and family.
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This steamy romance is exactly what the summer of 2018 needed. I am looking forward to discussing this book with my discussion group at the library. Everyone is going to love it!
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LOVE LOVE LOVE! Looking for a book you can't put down? This is it! So, I love opening a book knowing nothing about it, having no expectations. I'd seen this recommended by author friends and bookstagrammers. If you'd asked me if I read romance, I would've said no. But apparently I do - and I LIKE it! 
What a sweet, sensual, tender book. The characters are dear - I want to know them in real life. It's such a fun, sexy read - my husband liked it too. ;-)  I can't wait for THE BRIDE TEST!
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***This review originally appeared for RT BOOK REVIEWS***

Wealthy main character with intimacy issues? Check. Hooker with a heart of gold to turn them around? Check. Awkwardness and hot-for-teacher fantasy? Check and check. But this is where things you’ve seen before start to look very different. Hoang’s take on the Pretty Woman trope makes her heroine wealthy, emotionally awkward, sexually inexperienced, and – oh yeah—autistic. Her hero is half Swedish, half Vietnamese and one-hundred percent to die for. One of the reasons these two work so well together is that Michael is experienced in dealing with loved ones on the spectrum. He recognizes some of Stella’s coping mechanisms, respects them, and thinks about how he can be with her in ways that make her comfortable and happy. Surely this is a worthy goal for any romance hero! At first this is all part of a job, but soon, reaching and pleasing Stella becomes important to Michael in the way that pleasing the person you’re in love with becomes important to anyone.  Stella and Michael together are simply delightful. The Kiss Quotient rings with authenticity and will be on every romance recommended reading list this summer.

SUMMARY: Stella is used to solving difficult problems, usually with math and computers.  She knows that due to her autism she doesn’t do relationships the same way other people do, but she has solved this kind of problem before, and she’s a great student.  All she needs is the right teacher.  Michael has his own reasons for making money the old-fashioned way. Both Michael and Stella defy assumptions, family expectations, and their own insecurities to find their way to each other.
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2.5 stars. There has been so much buzz surrounding The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang that I was really looking forward to reading it. Shortly after its publication, the movie rights were snapped up for this book, which has been described as heartwarming and charming. The main character, Stella Lane, is a single, quirky econometrician with Aspergers. I love reading books featuring quirky personalities such as The Rosie Project, Fangirl, and A Man Called Ove because they are just so inherently endearing. Unfortunately, The Kiss Quotient felt more like Elinor Oliphant meets Christian Grey. Not intending to sound prudish, but the copious Netflix & chill scenes were unnecessary, over the top, and honestly just muddled the charm of the book. Hoang, herself diagnosed with Aspergers, writes with a truly authentic voice, so I would definitely give her next book a read. Her characters are genuine: Stella is honest and unfiltered and looking for love. Michael Larsen, her “practice boyfriend“ is handsome and caring but toting a lot of baggage. Their romance is a light and fun summer read that could have easily been elevated to another level if only the author could have ratcheted down on the steam a shade or two...or maybe 50. Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC, all opinions are my own.
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I’d like to thank Penguin Random House International for the ecopy of this book. It was my first time working with them! Hopefully it won’t be the last.
So, if you have Internet and a Goodreads which you should have and can add me >> here, you probably know that this book has been surprising the community, mainly because it’s a lot sexier than you’d think.
In complete honesty, I was expecting a cute, fluffy romance where the struggles of our protagonist don’t matter because they love each other.
Well… I was wrong. 
This book is very descriptive and very centred on sex. Stella, our main character has Asperger’s and is pressured by her parents to find a man. However, Stella doesn’t know how to act when with a man and so decides to hire Michael, an escort, so she can learn from the professionals.
I really like how Stella’s live revolves around mathematics and so she’s very rational, and through the book, although the falls in love and tries to resolve some of her problems, she doesn’t loose that. It’s not uncommon for characters to lose personality traits when in love, I feel, so it was nice to see that didn’t happen with Stella.
Do you ever feel that you are shipping a couple, knowing that they will probably end up together, but in the back of your mind there’s this little voice acknowledging how wrong those characters are for each other? Well, I didn’t have that feeling with Michael and Stella. Their relationship ends up being pretty normal, without dark sides or difficult decisions – mostly, there’s some, but you’ll have to read to find out about them.
I completely adored Michael. He’s so well-constructed and so complexed. His interactions with his family, his mom, his sisters. Everything. He’s gone to my TOP Male Fictional Characters for sure.
But my absolute favourite thing is, without a doubt, how the author handled Stella’s Asperger’s and the little struggles she goes daily. Because make no mistake, even though Stella does what she does to get a man, she’s a strong and independent woman that is not define by her disease. 
An overall very good read that brings some refreshing changes to the Romance World.
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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: THE KISS QUOTIENT by Helen Hoang
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 4.5 Stars 

Loved this book! THE KISS QUOTIENT is Helen Hoang’s Debut novel and left me with all the feels. It’s one of those books I want to pass on to all my girlfriends so I can to them talk about it. I just loved it! The characters, the storyline and the writing made this book unique and truly enjoyable. I’ll be following and adding this author to my buy list and recommending her to everyone. I recommend this book for contemporary romance lovers looking for a new author’s series to stalk with me and a great summer read.

*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review. 


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This debut has gotten a lot of hype, and those always make me so nervous to read, but I finally gave in and tried it. I'm so glad I did!

THE KISS QUOTIENT is a gender-flipped PRETTY WOMAN, featuring a male escort and a successful, wealthy woman with high-functioning autism. I realize this doesn't sound like a very sexy premise, but it delivered one of the best erotic romances I've read in a while. (I'm classifying this as an erotic romance because the character development and story was centered around a sexual relationship, but don't let that scare you away! It was also one of the sweetest and insanely romantic romances I've read in ages.)

One of my sons is on the spectrum, so some aspects of the heroine's journey really resonated with me. While this may be considered the story's strength (it's an #ownvoices book), I also really, really loved the hero, too. (I dare any romance reader to read this and not fall for Michael. It's impossible!) Both characters were beautifully drawn, and while the editor in me wished for a stronger dark moment and ending, I was completely pulled into this story.

RATING: B+ (4½ stars)
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Ok I read this because my coworkers RAVED about it and I was not disappointed one bit. Stella and Michael are both adorable, insecure, smart, and obsessed with each other once they meet. It's obvious to everyone but them that they belong together. This book was sweet, sexy, and everything I needed in a summer read. Definitely recommend!
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Absolutely adored this story of an unconventional heroine falling in love. I identified so much with Stella and thought Michael was wonderful. Full review given during two podcast episodes about the book!
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Incredibly fun, sexy, and heartfelt book. Not my usual cup of tea but utterly delightful all the same.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Helen Hoang. It is light-hearted and a quick read while still maintaining substance and depth.  It is rare to read the perspective of autism from a female point of view and this book had lots of quirky anecdotes and even a little romance thrown in.  Would recommend for fans of Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine and A Man Called Ove.  While the writing is not on a par with either of those novels, the story is engaging and compelling and the character relatable, heart-warming and endearing
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This book is so steamy! I wanted to read this book since I first saw it on I was so excited when it popped up as a Book of the Month selection. I knew I had to put it in my box. OH MY GOODNESS, I may have only read part of the description or well I didn’t expect the steam.

I love how the author tackled the high functioning autistic people. You meet Stella Lane and she is knows she isn’t normal but she wants to learn how to have a “normal” relationship.  That’s where Michael comes in. He’s only suppose to teach her how to kiss, engage a man in sexual relations and just be in a relationship. Stella knows Michael needs the money and so she hires him. Michael doesn’t know that Stella may be “special”.

I love Michael’s family they are the cutest ever! (I just had to put that in there)

This book is steamy like I said. It’s a very fast read and so good. I know that the author is planning on a sequel but I don’t believe Stella or Michael will be in the story.

Will Michael be able to teach Stella how to be in a relationship? What happens if they fall in love? Will Michael learn the truth?

Rating 4 stars.
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Unfortunately, this book is not for me. I was looking for a smart, quirky book, similar to Eleanor Oliphant. Instead, it's filled with sex, which is not really what I wanted. I will not be posting a review on Goodreads so as not to skew its ratings. Thanks for the opportunity!
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There’s only one way to summarize my feelings for this book, and that’s to tell you that it’s an ABSOLUTE FREAKING MUST READ. The Kiss Quotient was quite possibly the most charming, addictingly satisfying romance I’ve read all year! It was everything. ALL OF THE THINGS. And I’m on cloud 9 after finishing it! I don’t even know what I’ll do with myself now because nothing could ever compare to the ultimate perfection that was this unique and wonderful story full feels and steam. Nothing I could say could possibly do it justice, but I’ll try.

The heroine: Stella Lane

How I loved her. Here’s a female that’s the very antithesis of your typical romance heroine and she was PHENOMENAL. When I first read the blurb and saw that Stella has Asperger, I was so curious to see how the author would depict her. And I can tell you that I couldn’t be more satisfied. There’s just something so incredibly endearing and ultimately just…real, about Stella. She’s full of quirks, but she’s also vibrant in her own way. She has a fulfilling and successful career, but relationships and sex are such a foreign subject to her, that she continually suffers through terrible dates and unsatisfying sexual encounters. With her family’s constant pressure for her to finally settle down, she knows that she needs help. And so she gets that, when she hires an escort to guide her through the art of dating and relationships.

The hero: Michael Phan

Gah! JUST GAH! This man. I can’t even begin to describe all of the ways I adored him. Forced to work as an escort in order to help his family, Michael doesn’t exactly brag about being an escort. As a matter of fact, it’s more of his shameful secret. Used to women seeing him for just his looks, he’s almost jaded on relationships….until he meets beautiful and sexually clueless Stella. There’s just something about her that makes him question everything he thought he knew. Their connection is instant and so potent, I felt the energy of it sizzle on the pages. Here’s a man that’s not a playboy (escort aside), he’s not an a-hole either. There was also something so real about Michael to me. I adored his relationship with his quirky and colorful family. But I absolutely loved the way he was with Stella. He’s the perfect gentleman with a filthy mouth. God but I loved him. I loved him so freaking hard.

This book was simply amazing. It was unique and fresh and full of heart. It was unlike any other romance I’ve read and I couldn’t get enough of it. Helen Hoang has got an instant mega fan in this reader. I will blindly read ANYTHING she writes, no blurb required. She’s a talent that EVERYONE needs to discover and this book one that EVERYONE needs to fall in love with. Because that’s exactly what will happen when you meet Michael and Stella; you’ll fall head over heels for them same as I did. This romance will stay with you, it will engrain itself into your memory and make your heart feel full with it’s emotion. In a nutshell; read it, read it, JUST READ IT!!
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It was a nice romantic read. I haven't had a chance to write up full reviews yet because I am in the midst of packing for a big move, but I did enjoy this and hope more people read it.
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Two coworkers spoke highly of this, so I was expecting greatness.  It's ok.  The female main character seems real enough (makes sense, since it's a little autobiographical), but the love interest is a cardboard cutout of a modern Prince Charming (maybe that also makes sense, if the author is on the Spectrum?).  Another New Adult romance set in California, which is quickly melting in with all the others in my memory; not much of a stand-out on any front.
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One of my favorite romance novels of the year (so far)! I absolutely adored the chemistry between these two characters and the premise was both original and still familiar. I had a few issues but by and large it was a steamy, sexy, romantic book I'll be recommending far and wide.
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Great, fun book that challenges some of the stereotypes within romance novels.  Sadly, this book is not right for my library.
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