A Necklace of Virtues

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Mar 2018

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It was so cute and interesting and totally good for kids.
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"A Necklace of Virtues" teaches young kids a very valuable life lesson... it is better to give than to receive and out of our abundance we can bless others that are less fortunate than us.

Princess Audrey, a real life princess, lived in the 7th century in England.  She loves her necklaces and finery and one day she decides to go to church to pray and light a candle for her little sister who is bed-ridden and covered with red spots.  

While in her meditative mood she hears a baby wailing in utter distress.  Touched by his incessant cries she goes over to seek him out.  His mother is very embarrassed that her baby is relentless in his tears and is disturbing the young princess's quiet time.  

Undaunted, the compassionate princess leans over and lovingly strokes the little guy's toes to comfort him.  His mother tries to move away apologizing for her infants disruptive behaviour.  The mother turns to go and when she does the baby wraps his little hand firmly around Princess Audrey's necklace that is dangling down towards his face. 

 The baby "transferred the shiny pearls to his mouth and climbed into Audrey's arms."  

"Trying to hand the baby back to his mother, Audrey said, "I think he's a little hungry."

"Sighing, the mother replied," You are more right than you know." 

What do you think Princess Audrey's response is to this hungry child?  It is one that changes her for the rest of her life.  She grows up to become queen and a philanthropist extraordinaire which then leads her to the best life change of all.... Princess Audrey becames a nun.  She follows her heart ( and I'm sure God's guidance) to always help the poor and destitute.  She becomes a servant of God and continually blesses those around her. 

The illustrations are vibrant, expressive and emulate stain-glass windows that you would find in a church setting.  I think the message was relevant then and is also relevant today.  I highly recommend this book.
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I enjoy the mixture of imagination, lesson and history in this book. It is a fun idea to help learn about an important character in history. The pictures are well done too.
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It's a sweet Christian story about Saint Audrey. It shows how a young princess trades in all her riches to help the poor and lead the life of a nun.
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This is a lovely children's book with such a beautiful message! This book can help teach young children compassion, kindness, and the virtue of charity. I highly recommend this book for all little girls!
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