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Absolutely wonderful resource!  Everything you need to know to make wearable garments, in a multitude of sizes and yarn weights.  This is one of those books that every new knitter needs, and every seasoned knitter will appreciate.  

Simple patterns, and wonderful charts for customizing.  Everything laid out clearly and concisely.  Would make a perfect gift for any knitter!
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I have yet to complete a “people-wearing” size sweater, as I’ve only done doll-size, but the group of knitters that I’m part of makes sweaters and they always speak of “sewing” the pieces together as being not such a pleasant part of the process, to put it nicely.  This book drew me in because it is an all in one knitted pattern book.  I like that this book includes sizing for children, women, and men and it includes different designs for options.  
I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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One-piece knitting is a trick, a scheme that simplifies knitting somehow, but I have never really understood its appeal. Shape is what makes garments attractive, allows them to drape well, and separates them from sacks with belts. One-piece knitters shape garments with increases and decreases but not with shaped sides and seams. What is the advantage? Ms Hubert suggests that it is the ease of making sleeves which are knitted in place instead of sewn. Maybe that's true but, other than raglans that never have shoulder seams, do seamless sleeves look better? I don’t think so.

Ok, that's my prejudice against the knitting concept out of the way, let's talk about this particular book.

Ms Hubert provides foundation patterns for four sweaters, each knitted from a different direction. She then provides a series of variations on each and suggests that if you are clever at varying your yarns and gauges according to the intricate size charts provided, you can make an infinite number of sweaters. Well yes, but why would you want to knit the same thing over and over? Are these the sweaters people want?

I don't really know anything about Quarto Publishing International except what it says in its NetGalley blurb, that it is a press that specializes in providing reference materials for crafters. I would like to suggest that Quarto should have invested a bit more in photography and art if they wished to make these designs attractive.

•	Many of these designs are knitted in yarns that look cheap in the photos. In reality they might be quality yarns but in the color plates they tend to look shiny and synthetic. One sweater looks as if it is knitted from rug yarn from a discount store.
•	The sweaters in the photos are poorly blocked which renders them less attractive and also suggests they are made form synthetics that do not block properly.
•	There are too few close-up photos of structural details to help knitters master the tricky bits.
•	The instructions seem sketchy to me, not enough detail for the novice.
•	What's with the bit of pony tail in the front cover montage?

I suspect that online knitting sources will be more satisfactory to the beginner or advanced knitter than this book.
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This is such a well presented book, it is an essential for anyone wanting to construct sweaters for the whole family.  The sizing charts are invaluable, and together with yarn type advice, these patterns are achievable for knitters of all stages.
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I have been a knitter for a number of years and anything that cuts down on sewing seams on the finished item is a big bonus, believe me.  I would not suggest this book for a beginner but anyone who feels confident following a pattern and has knitted for a while will probably enjoy this different technique.  The patterns come in various sizes although a bit plain.  I think I would add my own designs.  One for my wish list I think.
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I’ve been knitting for more than forty years, but still love to discover new ways of doing things. Having up to now always been a traditional knitter in the sense that I knit all the various bits and then sew them together, it’s great to come across a new way of creating a garment that doesn’t need seams (or at least very few). Over the years I’ve tried different types of seams, but always come back to the backstitch method my mum taught me. However, it has to be said that for some garments it isn’t the flattest or neatest way to sew up.
So, finding out how to avoid seams at all has been fascinating. And it’s been good to challenge myself to knit something other than a sock in the round. I haven’t a finished a garment yet, but I have a couple underway and they’re working out nicely.
A new way of knitting means a new way of laying out the pattern. The charts in the book are very easy to follow once you get the hang of them. You’ll need stitch markers and a row counter to help keep on track, but those are usual tools of the trade. Yarn amounts are given in yards, which again is something new for me, but easy to deal with since balls of yarn give both weight of the ball and its length on the label. 
The garments are knitted in three different ways: top down, side to side and back to front. That last means starting at the back, knitting up over the head and then down the front – not knitting the wrong way round! 
There are attractive raglan and yoke pullovers and sweaters with some pretty lace patterns in every size from small children’s 2-16, women’s small to 5X-large and men’s small to XX-large. That should cater for most families!
There are useful tips and tricks too from the author.
This is an innovative and exciting book with super patterns and a fresh approach to knitting.
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Good book for 5e knitter who needs several sizes for their family.  Good instructions.great patterns.
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I am a knitter, but have been too intimated to try making my own sweater. This book is so thorough that I actually have confidence to give it a try! That in itself is enough to give this book 4 stars. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book, which I voluntarily chose to review.
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The sweaters are a little plain, but the structural guidelines here are invaluable for a knitter new to sideways knits. Useful as a jumping off point for creativity.
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The book has a variety of sizes from children's sizes to adult 5x! There are four basic sweater patterns.   The charts are well written, however I feel that they would not be that easy for beginning knitters to follow.  One thing she does that is nice is she gives variations to the patterns and another thing is that the charts are shown with three different weights of yarn (DK, worsted, and bulky)
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I'm going to buy Hubert's book for my personal library. She takes the guess-work out of creating sweater patterns for the whole family.
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Great book! It is full of wonderful patterns and ideas along with instructions that are easy to understand. It is important in such a book to be inspired and know what you need to fulfill the outcome. This books does it.
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Unfortunately the preview expired before I finished knitting one of the jumpers. The book looked really good, so I guess I will buy it, but quite disappointed as it’s over a month until the book is available and I can’t finish the jumper until then.... :(
The book itself looked good, some fun ideas and nice patterns. I used the same yarn as in the book (though different colours), which was a great quality yarn. The patterns I started was easy to follow. Unfortunately as I can’t access the book anymore so I can’t write more details, (I would normally post reviews on Amazon too, but don’t feel I can do that in this case.)
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I did like this book. I tried one item and I did nt find any mistakes. I did have to look up some tutorials on how to do  some of the stitches but I normally do that. I would say that I wish it had more yarn options for the knits.
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I love knitting and sweaters but never knitting sweaters. The sewing and the joining of sleeves....I haven't made a sweater in years. However, I may just change that reading this book. I love the lack of sewing and the patterns are pretty cute as well. To a beginner, some of the shapes may seem weird to be making a sweater, but I promise as long as you follow the directions, the weird square thing will end up as a sweater in the end. I wish more patterns followed this style for clothes and look forward to any future books from this author.
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I wasn't sure how easy it would be to review an online knitting book.  I was pleasantly surprised.
The simple format, easy to understand instructions and great images make this book a 'keeper'.  I have no doubt I will go back to this book many many times in the years ahead.
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Useful guide to low sew designs. Very good instructions with excellent photos. I really appreciate the wide range of size instructions. Basic sweaters but classic; this is a book you will be able to use for years without it going out of style.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for a honest review.

3 1/2 stars

One Piece Knits by Margret Hubert. I found this book to be outside of my realm of knitting. I was confused and could not get very far into it. I'm not sure if just my experience level or the explanation in the book. There were parts of the book I liked like when the author would take a basic design and then give you the measurements for a child, woman, and man, that was interesting. I did find many of the patterns dated and I was not interested in them for myself. I also received this as a pdf file and found it hard to maneuver, maybe it would have been better as a physical book.
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Love this book! The patterns are not for a beginner, but for a more advanced knitter. The patterns are clear and easy to understand. Sizing for each project is diverse. The pictures are colorful and really grab your attention.
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I am a visual learner. What held me back from more complex knitting for a long time was slogging through reading patterns. It wasn’t until I learned to read lace charts that I truly became much more adventurous in my knitting.

Margret Huber’s One-Piece Knits lays out the simplicity of top down sweaters, side to side and simple one piece construction sweaters. 
Charts show how many stitches to cast on, increase, decrease all at the prescribed intervals. 
And, Margret Huber’s years of experience of an instructor shines as she clearly explains essential techniques for gauge, seaming, installing zippers (the best I have seen!) .

Patterns are included that illustrate each style of one-piece sweater. These instructions are also a worthwhile read, as they will give insight on how to interpret other knitting patterns. 

Indeed, the chart format is an essential tool for a top down raglan or yoke sweater. The chart format in this book can be adapted to other patterns to help knitting go a little more smoothly. For top down sweater knitting, Margret Huber’s book will join Barbara Walker’s book on Knitting From the Neck Down on my shelf. 

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley to review. Thank you!
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