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Veggie Burger Atelier

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penny s, Reviewer

I've preferred veggie burgers for over 25 years, I've had some amazing ones and many not so tasty burgers. For unknown reasons they remain one of the few food items I'm more likely to purchase prepared so all I need to do is heat it. Olsson's book, Veggie Burger Atelier, provides me with the tools I need to learn to create my own amazing veggie burgers. It's all about understanding how combinations of the four basic elements: texture, flavor, firmness, and juiciness can create the ultimate burger, or not. The photos are clear, bright, and make every burger look appetizing. Ingredient measures are listed in both imperial and metric, a small detail I appreciate. Recipe inspiration spans the globe and considers that it may not be possible to find special ingredients. In addition to many vegetarian instructions there are often vegan recommendations and recipes to bring a similar flavor and texture experience. This book shows off the ease of making and versatility of veggie burgers.
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