Veggie Burger Atelier

Extraordinary Recipes for Nourishing Plant-Based Patties, Plus Buns, Condiments, and Sweets

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Pub Date 13 Feb 2018 | Archive Date 17 Apr 2018

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Whether you're new to plant-based eating or a seasoned pro, Veggie Burger Atelier will disrupt your assumptions of what a veggie burger can be! 

Nina Olsson (@nourishatelier) shares her secrets for crafting the perfect veggie burger with considerations to texture, flavor, firmness, and juiciness. You will also learn substitutions that will let you vegan-ize your burgers, or make them gluten-free. Nina's extraordinary veggie burgers are creatively conceived, straightforward to assemble, and presented in incredible, full-color photography, with step-by-step instructions. 

Explore more than 40 recipes, including:
  • The Berliner: leek, lentils, pink kraut, and curry ketchup
  • The Habibi: broccoli, white beans, scallions, and cashew cream
  • The Bombay: cauliflower, turmeric, and sesame carrot salad
  • Pulled Jackfruit Sliders, Falafel, and a sushi-inspired Avocado Tofu Rice Bun 
  • Plus, recipes for homemade Ketchup, Harissa, Kimchi, Vegan Mayonnaise, and Quinoa Spelt Buns  
Veggie Burger Atelier is your one-stop guide to making the most flavorful, beautiful, and delicious meat-free burgers!
Whether you're new to plant-based eating or a seasoned pro, Veggie Burger Atelier will disrupt your assumptions of what a veggie burger can be! 

Nina Olsson (@nourishatelier) shares her secrets...

Marketing Plan

Campaign Focus:
Using a vast arsenal of ingredients and techniques inspired by global flavors and traditions, Nourish Atelier's Nina Olsson disrupts your assumptions of what a veggie burger can be.
Key Selling Points:
Features extraordinary veggie burgers inspired by global cuisines
Author is a worldwide Instagram sensation and magazine editor (Buffe)
Delicious, fascinating and irresistible recipes that even the most omnivorous will love; for adults and kids
Gorgeous photography by the author
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Campaign Focus:
Using a vast arsenal of ingredients and techniques inspired by global flavors and traditions, Nourish Atelier's Nina Olsson disrupts your assumptions of what a veggie burger can be.

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Featured Reviews

I was so excited to be granted access to this book. As a recent convert to the plant based lifestyle, I thought these recipes would be just the ticket. I was not wrong. There are so many delicious sounding recipes contained in the book. They cross the gamut of somewhat familiar (iStroganoff Burger) to somewhat unusual (Sushi Burgers with rice buns) to got to try it right away (Caprese Burgers). There are also recipes for sauces, condiments and sides as well as one sweet recipe that I will be trying out asap, Sweet Date and Raspberry treat. I will definitely be trying out the recipes in this book for a long time.

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5 yummy stars to Veggie Burger Atelier! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I’m always looking for ways to re-invent my veggie burgers, especially because I don’t tend to like any of the packaged ones. Veggie Burger Atelier is chock full of ideas and beautiful pictures!

After going over some veggie burger basics, the book is divided into chapters based on regions of the world: Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Asia, the US and Latin America, and more.

All the recipes are simple and straightforward with a short, but interesting, list of ingredients. Topping the list of burgers I want to make are the Mars Burger, which is Italian-inspired and has romanesco (broccoli-like vegetable), mint, beets, and parmesan/rawmesan cheese, the Greek Burger, with mint, feta, zucchini, and a creamy chili dressing, the Caprese Burger made of lentils (mmm!) with fresh burrata, and the Falafel Burger with feta cream! Chickpeas just so happen to be one of my obsessions.

Also included are recipes for condiments, sauces, homemade buns, and tons of yummy sides!

Overall, I was grateful that the book did not push any processed or packaged ingredients and included cheese and cheese-substitute recommendations. I also found many, many uncomplicated recipes that I’m excited about and want to try asap.

Veggie Burger Atelier will be published on March 1, 2018. Thanks to Nina Olsson, Quarry Books, and Netgalley, for the complimentary copy to review.

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Veggie Burger Atelier by Nina Olsson
Extraordinary Recipes for Nourishing Plant-Based Patties, plus buns, condiments, and sweets

In less than 100 pages this wonderful gem of a book provides the basics of veggie burger making, ingredients to use, best ways to cook them and includes recipes for not only burgers but buns, condiments, sides and other interesting ideas and recipes to contemplate. The recipes have regional inspiration from Northern Europe, Southern Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, Asia, The United States and Latin America.

I have just completed a vegan challenge and would have loved to have had this cookbook to pull inspiration from. There were a number of new-to-me ideas of ingredients I have never before contemplated putting into or onto a burger with some intriguing takes on ethnic meals that have been turned into burgers and are totally plant based.

This is a cookbook I would like to sit down with in the evening for reading pleasure BUT would also like to have post-its nearby to use to mark recipes I might want to try. I may not be able to find this cookbook where I live but do plan to find the author’s website and subscribe to her newsletter today!

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarry Books for the ARC – This is my honest review

5 Stars

Was this review helpful?

The term "veggie burger" can induce dread all too easily, at least for this reader. I've had quite a few disappointing experiences, ranging from bland hockey pucks to recipes that never became anything more than words on paper due to ingredient lists that had the potential demolish my weekly food budget in a single meal.

So suffice to say, Nina Olsson's "Veggie Burger Atelier" is quite the delightful work on so many fronts. On top of providing an array of solid guidelines for what's needed to make a decent vegeterian burger, she provides an incredibly diverse array of recipes (along with sandwiches, spread, condiments, and sides) that literally span the globe with their flavors and ensure that there's something for all preferences. And she pulls that off without asking readers to take out a loan just to afford dinner; all the ingredients are items that can easily be found at any well-stocked grocery store.

Olsson doesn't merely provide a meatless alternative to the burger. She wows and dazzles through a rich collection of different tastes and wonderfully creative variations,, all of which are in easy reach of any home cook. This is a must-have for vegetarians, vegans, or those who just want to spice up their meal rotations with a healthy alternative or several.

Was this review helpful?

One day I about 2 years ago, I ate my first veggie burger at a local restaurant. The burger was delicious but unfortunately I have tried MANY and enjoyed few, whether because of the bland taste, the burger crumbling into bits when I take my first bite or having to spend a fortune to buy a package of 4 burgers.

I picked up this book by Nina Ollson and leafed through it; loved some of the names (ie. mars burger, stroganoff burger to name two) and the colorful pictures made my mouth water! Such creative offerings. Since that day (one week ago), I have already made two of the burger recipes - the caprese burger with sun-dried tomatoes and the ‘shroom and egg burger. Quick trips to the grocery store to get the readily available ingredients and these burgers were both scrumptious - even my husband the meat guy was impressed.

Ollson also includes tips, suggestions and recipes for toppings like apple and fennel slaw (what I’m making next), buns and condiments such as homemade ketchup. One great tip is to switch it up by using portobello mushrooms as buns. Never would have thought of that - what a great idea!

*Will be posting my review on Goodreads, Powells and Amazon upon publication date.

Was this review helpful?

I love this book! It's full of great information on vegetarian cookery and, of course, how to make a great veggie burger, including all the sides, toppings, condiments and breads you need to go with the burger patties.

The introduction and information at the beginning about how to put together your burger is really useful. You are not only given recipes in this book but also a basis to make your own recipes and how to swap out ingredients successfully.

It is very well written overall and has some beautiful and delicious-looking pictures! I have tried a few of the recipes and they truly did taste as good as they look. I am a vegan so I am always looking for good recipes and cooking inspiration. However, I do not think this book is only for vegetarians and vegans; I think everyone would enjoy these recipes and would encourage anyone to give them a try. They are much simpler and more effective than one might think. I highly recommend this book!

Was this review helpful?

The variety in these burgers is amazing! I could not believe how delicious they looked! There were so many different types of ingredients used- from mushrooms to beets - even chickpeas!
The sauces were made from cashews that were soaked to make “cream”, fresh tomatoes and garlic and many different types of spices!
There were detailed instructions for making each burger, sauce and bun, and in the beginning of the book there were directions for cooking the burgers.
I would even prefer some of these burgers to meat - and so will you!

Was this review helpful?

I have been experimenting with a lot of cooking the past year. Being a slave to flavours and being a vegetarian do not go well in a predominantly non vegetarian surroundings( with regarding to options to eat out that is).I was consequently excited about this book.

There is a lot of variety in the content of most books on cooking that I have read recently. This was one of the better ones.It is all about burgers (as the title suggests) and provides a complete guide to everything to put it together. I would have loved more details on the buns used but asking for that too might be being too greedy. The pairings are provided with information of where the tastes draw the inspirations from giving a tiny view of food flavours around the world as well.

The sauces and the synthesized cheat sheet to making a perfect patty were the perfect bow to wrap it up. I would surely recommend it to people fond of trying new things.

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley and the publishers for an honest review.
The beautiful cover of this amazing cookbook gives just a small hint of the colourful and deliciously , mouthwatering recipes that are listed in this cookbook. The healthy and very nutritious plant based recipes are suitable for all who love good food on their tables. The beautiful and colourful illustrations just give the extra colour need to put this book in the category of a cookbook that everyone who loves great food should want to own. I tried a few of the recipes and my family just loved them. I would recommend this book to all who love a burger and tasty ones at that. I will give this book 5+ stars.

Was this review helpful?

I love burgers (I mean who doesn't, in guess) and I am also always looking for new cookbooks to add to my collection. As such this was a perfect choice and a book I will certainly purchase at some point. I have been a vegetarian for around eight years now but have only recently starting making my own burgers. I don't even know why it took me so long. I love cooking and trying out new recipes, so I have no excuse.

I own Nina Olssen's other cookbook and have loved every single recipe I tried. She might just be my favourite cookbook author.

The book is divided into chapters focussing on different parts of the world and I just adored this. I am so looking forward to trying burgers inspired by different cooking traditions.

Nina Olsson uses a wide variety of ingredients to build her patties and I honestly think that there will be something for most people in here (some are just never happy with vegetarian food).

I really, absolutely, recommend this book. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have recipes to try.

Was this review helpful?

Oh My word!! After being a vegetarian for 25 years plus I thought I had seen all there was to see in relation to veggie burgers but how wrong I was!! This book is outstanding for the inventive and mouthwatering selection of burgers, toppings and extra's to go with it. Lots of pictures (which for me is a must with cookery books - I so need to see what the finished product should look like!) and straightforward simple to follow recipes for countless different varieties of burgers. From the decadent Caprese burger with a topping of delicious burrata mozzarella to the healthy burgers using portabello mushroom or avocado in place of buns. But this book is so much more than just burgers. Each recipe has separate recipes for all the delicious toppings and sauces - so many different ones that just make my mouth water. But also recipes for making the buns and extra things like falafel and fajita and a sweet 'burger'. I love the little tips at the end of each recipe and how you can vary the recipe to make it suitable of vegans. Top of the list for me to try (this week!!) are the Stroganoff Burger, The Caprese Burger and The Halloumi Burger. I shall never be able to buy a shop bought veggie burger again!!

Was this review helpful?

I once lived with a roommate whose diet consisted almost entirely of veggie burgers (if she happens to be reading this: Hi, Rachel!). Being firmly in the pro-meat camp, I thought this was crazy. However, I now think she was onto something. I've made my own veggie burgers from scratch, and they are delicious (also very low in fat). I could easily eat them every day.

I would never have thought of writing an entire cookbook on veggie burgers, but now that I've read Veggie Burger Atelier, I'm fully convinced of its necessity. Never mind the silly name and its diminutive size. It is packed with recipes. There are recipes for everything, from the patty itself, to the buns, condiments, and even sides. There are 6-7 different types of burger per chapter, with each chapter representing flavors from a different region of the world. Before every recipe, there is a little blurb from Olsson herself that conjures up some of the flavors and textures that can be expected from each recipe. Olsson quickly establishes herself as not only a veggie burger guru, but also someone with global and far-reaching tastes.

Therein lies the heart of this cookbook's charm. The burgers are creative, fun, and very well-traveled. Like a heavily stamped passport, this cookbook is worldly and exotic, with recipes like Banh Mi Burger, Saffron Freekeh Burger, Nicoise burger, and Berliner Burger featured on its colorful pages. If that's not enough fun for you, there's also a large diversity of topping and condiment recipes to elevate your veggie burger experience, from muhammara to curry ketchup, hoisin sauce to walnut pistou. Even if you never make a veggie burger, you'll find plenty of inspiration with the condiments alone.

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat a sushi-inspired veggie burger? She's made it, right down to the buns made from rice and a wrapper made out of nori. She makes her own buns and adds fun things like charcoal and spirulina to give them some extra color. She makes vegan versions of mayo and feta cream out of cashews. In fact, there are tons of recipes in this book that are vegan, gluten-free, and/or dairy-free. At this point, I'm wondering what Olsson hasn't tried to make?

What makes this book and its recipes work is that Olsson has clearly put a good amount of thought into what makes a veggie burger successful. She breaks down the basic veggie burger into all of its essential components and shares her tricks for how she is able to recreate the taste and texture of meat using such ingredients as lentils, chopped mushrooms, grains, and nutritional yeast. Her approach is smart and easy to understand. I have a whole new respect for veggie burgers after reading her walk-through.

The book itself is gorgeous with an expertly styled, vivid photograph to accompany every recipe (seriously, why don't more cookbooks do this?). The burgers are depicted precariously topped with toppings, looking as indulgent as a greasy Big Mac and much healthier as well. While I'm not quite ready to give up my beef burgers, I bookmarked almost every recipe in this book and can't wait to present them to my meat-eating fiance. Buy this book for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan, or just veg-curious (like me!). They won't be disappointed.

Was this review helpful?

I haven't been a strict vegetarian for a few years, but I'm always looking for recipes that are healthy and delicious. As far as veggie burgers go, I've had great ones and I've had ones that I don't even qualify as food. Storebought brands are mainly the latter, but restaurant v-burgers often rock. I'd rather have a burger that goes for kick-ass, creativity than a rubbery feigner of beef. If they can manage to pack some umami in the mix, we're golden. Veggie Burger Atelier lays down some basics for creating a delicious sandwich at home--umami included. However, the recipes here are anything but basic. My favorites are The Beef Stroganoff, the 'Shroom and Egg burger, and the Falafel. There are also recipes for accompanying sauces and buns. Yum!

Disclosure: I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for honest feedback.
#VeggieBurgerAtelier #NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

I am obsessed with veggie burgers, so I was super pumped about this book, and it totally delivered. There is a huge variety of recipes, and they're all inventive, taking inspiration from cuisines around the world. The ingredients are varied, but not obscure enough to be hard to find, and the author mentioned options for substitutions to make things vegan, gluten free, etc. It not only has a huge variety of great recipes for burgers, but also sauces, toppings, and buns, so you can really get a lot of mileage out of this book by mixing and matching, not to mention tweaking the basic veggie burger recipe that's provided. The author also gives tips about how to cook veggie burgers to get the best consistency, crispiness, taste, texture, etc, something I've struggled with when cooking veggie burgers in the past. I highlighted a ton of recipes that I want to try, and I can't wait to get started!

Was this review helpful?

To me, as a long-time vegetarian, burgers are often just the sole veggie ‘option’ on a pub menu, or something that comes in a box branded ‘Linda McCartney.’
Veggie Burger Atelier is a revelation – a whole book of recipes for big, beautiful, beast-free burgers, inspired by the cuisines of the world. Not just the ‘patties’ (as Olsson call them – that’s the ‘burger’ to me ) but the relishes, buns, sauces and salads that make them a proper meal.
But what elevates this above other cookbooks is the chapter on the ‘anatomy’ of the veggie burger. Olsson breaks it down to four elements – texture, flavour, firmness and juiciness. Then at the end of the book there is a cheat sheet to help you apply these ideas to the ingredients you have available. This is an inspiring way of cooking creatively that I feel could extend beyond the burger.
I loved this book and I can’t wait to get flipping my own home-made burgers.
Thanks to Net Galley and Quatro Publishing/Quarry books.

Was this review helpful?

Loveeeeeed this veggie cookbook!! So many plant based meals that aren't all too mimic the taste of meat instead is just delicious different flavours. Honestly, I haven't tried the burger recipes yet because I have been strapped for time but I have learnt how to crisp shallots, pickle onions (which is weirdly my new late night salad snack), make olive tapenade and sweet potato chips and they have all turned out fantastic! Can't wait to try making the actual burgers.

The layout of the book was well done, the photos are mouthwatering and the recipes have been easy to follow. Recommend this book to anyone with a love of burgers and looking for tasty veggie recipes.

Was this review helpful?

At last! No more boring veggie burgers!!! This is so inspiring and informative. Great advice and appealing photos combined with a host of great recipes to try. Looking forward to a wonderful BBQ season now!

Was this review helpful?

Super ideas for sprucing up veggie burgers, with so many different condiment choices and buns. Valuable book, with super suggestions for flavor, firmness, juiciness, and texture. Recommended, even for us meat eaters, who choose to turn more and more meals meatless!

Was this review helpful?

Oh my goodness... This is one of the most mouth-watering cook books ever for me.
It really knocks down the boring sloppy veggie burger and brings a lot of flavours and interesting delicious combinations I've never seen anywhere before. For example, The Lachmacun burger! Can't wait to try it.
It's divided into continental sections where you can enjoy flavours of different part of the worlds. Veggie patties are not the easiest to prepare and beware that you'll need a lot of ingredients to make these ones, but it's really a great addition to any healthy-eating person's kitchen shelf and I bet you'll surprise your dinner guests who'll keep asking you: what's in it?

Was this review helpful?

Every single burger on this book looks scrumptious. I thank NetGalley for the ARC, but I had to buy a copy. The book not only includes the recipe for the patties, but also to bake your own burger buns, and make delicious accompaniments like ketchup and slaw.

Was this review helpful?

A great selection of recipes. Very easy to follow and great results from having tried a few. Also love the addition of recipes for extras such as sauces.

Was this review helpful?

Olsson states that there are four essential elements that make a successful veggie burger: texture, flavor, firmness, and juiciness. In her new release, she follows these basic guidelines and showcases a mouthwatering array of burgers that are sure to delight the taste-buds of even the most skeptical carnivore.

Recipe Highlights:
The Northener made up of mostly parsnips, smoked tofu and black beans smells as good as it tastes and will transport eaters to the North Sea with its unique Scandinavian flavor profile. The Dutch Seaport Burger is ideal for a cookout on a warm afternoon with its combination of cauliflower and kale. And if it's a hearty burger you crave, be sure to try the Lachmacun Burger made with mushrooms, lentils and sun-dried tomatoes that is sure to satisfy.

And since a burger wouldn't be complete without a tasty side and dips, Ollsson includes a variety of refreshing sides and condiments to accompany these recipes. My favorites were the Lime Zhug that originates from Yemen, the curry ketchup and the apple and fennel slaw.

While Ollsson created her own delicious recipes, she encourages the home cook to experiment with ingredients and flavors to find their own favorite match-ups by including a cheat sheet glossary at the end for easy reference.

Was this review helpful?

Wow this book is really magical, I'm not vegetarian but this book really has some yummy looking and tasting burgers. Both the Greek zucchini burger and the broadbean burger are lovely, but not only does this book provide recipes for burgers, but it also has condiments and buns - love to try out the green or black bun.
The photos are superb, the recipes very easy to follow (or not if you want to modify on the run). Yes they take a bit of planning and time but the end result is outstanding.
There are southern, and northern European versions as well as Asian and the Americans flavours. No excuse not to have veggie burger, and if you are a vegetarian this is burger heaven.

Was this review helpful?

I received a digital copy of the book Veggie Burger Atelier by Nina Olsson. Wow, I don't even know where to start I loved this book so much! I am a little obsessed with veggie burgers and couldn't wait to see the recipes Nina developed for this book. I seriously want to make every recipe in this book! The book is beautiful and has plenty of mouth-watering pictures to go along with her recipes. The book starts with the basics to a perfect veggie burger. The following chapters are broken down by cuisines to include: Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, Asia, The United States and Latin America. I can't wait to try the Portobello Burger, Seitan Burger and Nicoise Burger. There are also condiment recipes and toppings for the burgers. As soon as I finished reviewing the digital version I went online and bought a hard copy for myself. This book is great and I can't wait to tell my friends and family about it!

Was this review helpful?

Totally love this book. It’s, fresh and filled with inspiration to eat better veggie burgers. We have tried several already with friends who loved them.

Planning to give a book to a friend who hates burgers, this will change their mind for sure.

Yummy, delicious food. Do try the recipes.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book.

Was this review helpful?

I love this book.

I would give it more than 5stars if I could.

I was skeptical at first...after all how much can you do with the bog standard vegetarian burger.

This book is so much more from using jackfruit as a vegetarian/vegan alternate to pulled pork, to sushi burgers using tofu......ALL of the recipes hit the spot and the beautiful pictures make you want to get in the kitchen and make them.

Can not recommend enough.

Thanks to netgalley for the copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

Was this review helpful?

Such an interesting book. Very yummy recipes, well explained and easy to follow.
I really enjoyed reading and want to try some.
Strongly recommended.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing

Was this review helpful?

The older I get the more I just can't tolerate most meats, both the damage farming does to the environment and the way eating a lot of meat just makes me really ill to my stomach. So a book dedicated to the delicious joy that is veggie burgers was right up my alley! I really enjoyed his cookbook and plan on adding it to my personal collection.

Was this review helpful?

This was a great read, numerous options for all types of burgers. Simple, complex, and easy to follow directions. Perfect timing for the spring and summer time for when you have some fussy eaters and want to try new things. Not your normal seitan and black bean recipes, there’s a good variety here.

Was this review helpful?

As a vegan and life long vegetarian I am always happy to see new plant based cookbooks for my kitchen . This cookbook is so exceptional as its meticulous in detail and content. The recipes here are easy to make,, far superior to any other veggie burgers you may know and extraordinary photographed. These are also very healthy and all are good for you. I was surprised by the wonderful variety here using more plant based ingredients then I had previously considered for my veggie burgers. This is a cookbook to buy for your kitchen and refer to often. I have made many of the recipes and they are all a big hit in my household. Very highly recommended !

Was this review helpful?

Yummy! At last something for vegetarians. I have tried a couple of recipes but am looking forward to trying many more. A great book.

Was this review helpful?

What beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. "Veggie Burger Atelier" is a very well-produced book and the content will win over those who are on the fence about eating and enjoying vegan burgers. I also appreciate the gluten-free options. Just thinking about this book is making my mouth water - I will definitely recommend it to all my vegan friends.

Was this review helpful?

I'm always looking for new recipes that I can try out and test on my meat eating friends and family. This book gave me a lot of ideas to future meal planning!

Was this review helpful?

If you're looking for a book on veggie burgers, then this is the one for you. Chocked full of delicious recipes from simple to more detailed, any burger you pick will be the right choice. Great for any library looking to build on their non-meat based cookbooks.

Was this review helpful?

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