Buried Ladies

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

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I was not able to finish this book. It was too confusing to me. Since this is written in so many different view points, I found it very difficult to separate them I. My mind as there was no delineation in the book. It just abruptly changed from one view to another.
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At the beginning, it is not clear that there is a order at all, as a dance teacher Joan calls the police to report the death of her neighbour, Estella. The reaction of the husband Jaime to a little questioning, however, does convince the police that his wife's disappearance may be suspicious. When dead bodies start to turn up at a building site, detective Morades is sure there is a new serial killer on the US/Mexican border.

Actually...it is not that simple. Estelle has been kidnapped rather than murdered, to blackmail Jaime into a jacking job that may expose many members of a cross-border smuggling cartel. Yet Estelle could be exposed to the killer if she is not rescued.....

Buried Ladies promises many twists and turns to the plot and of these there truly are aplenty. Actually I would have been happy with a whole lot fewer twists and turns. In real.life I know the speed of events can outpace what happens to the individual players caught up within it, but the effect of this gore was that it then became difficult to care what happened to be characters within it, or for the story to retain so much in terms of suspense and mystery. Too many chsracters end up becoming  throwaway characters.

Those who live on the US/Mexican border might enjoy the detail an description of how this part of the world is drawn, though.
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I initially had some misgivings about Buried Ladies because it took me awhile to get into the story.  Actually there are two stories that start out separately and eventually merge together.  The author did a great job of pulling the pieces together and at the same time maintained my interest.  I enjoyed the writing style, the characters, and the plot development.  Even though the stories were linked it wasn’t obvious in the beginning which heightened the curiosity for this reader.

I usually have difficulty keeping track of multiple characters in a single book.  Not so with Buried Ladies!  The author introduced each character and was able to keep the momentum going so that this reader easily learned who was who.  Admittedly some characters didn’t develop as much as others but that’s fairly common in books with multiple characters.  Again, it added a dimension to this book that kept this reader reading!

I must say that for me, the main detraction was the multiple errors and typos throughout the book.  I have a pet peeve about that and if the errors add up it takes my focus away from the story which annoys me.  Another thing is that throughout the book one character is called a “punta”.  Now, I’m not Latina and I don’t speak Spanish, so perhaps this is an acceptable derogatory word.  However, I looked the word up and it is defined as “point or tip” as in Punta Gorda, which made no sense to me at all.  It certainly wasn’t used as a term of endearment and I have heard enough Spanish to know that there is another very similar word that means bitch or whore.  I believe that is the word the author was wanting to use.  I even went back to reread the beginning to see if this was a nickname or something but it wasn’t stated as such. Again, it didn’t impact the story itself but it made me a bit nuts trying to figure out the meaning etc.  Then again, I tend to me one of those persnickety people who wants accuracy when reading.

Errors aside, the book evolves at a good pace, kept me interested, is unique for it’s genre and does have a twisting and turning plot.  If there weren’t as many errors I would have given this 5 stars but I had to deduct one star just for the confusion it caused me.

I received a copy of Buried Ladies through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks to A-SSR Publishing and Angela Hausman for the opportunity.
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