Quest For Vengeance

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 14 Mar 2018

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If you are happy to suspend disbelief for a few hours and you enjoy the somewhat implausible adventures of the two heroes in this tale this book could be up your street. On the plus side the writing is fluent and the action scenes are well-described, with plenty to hold the reader's interest. Weaknesses, shared by most novels in this genre, are the sheer unlikelihood/impossibility of the events described - or more accurately, the lack of real-world consequences for the wide range of illegal actions involved in the delivery of the - admittedly - reasonably engaging plot. For all its silliness I read it in two sessions and wanted to see how the story unfolded and concluded. For a specific readership this is a good read.
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To have a loved one be taken against their will is unimaginable.  Story is full of suspense and examples of good friends and family coming together to help someone in need.  The storyline grabs the reader till the very end.
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