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The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency

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This was a good book for kids. My daughter is getting into mysteries, but she's tired of Nancy Drew, so I thought I'd read this to see if I felt comfortable with her reading it. It's a good mystery story that isn't cheesy, which is difficult to come by when it comes to kid's mystery stories. I can't wait to see what my daughter thinks of it. I hope the author continues this series after the second book.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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There were some aspects of this novel that I loved, and some that drove me nuts!

I loved the story, it was full of imagination and originality. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, and I always love a story where the children come across as a lot smarter than the adults.

The main thing that irked me, was the use of the first person. I have no issue with the use of the tool, but if you are going to use it please tell me when that person changes to another. It would have been easy to head the section with the person's name, so that the reader doesn't have to work it out!

I also found it a little long, and thought it would benefit from a further edit.

Overall I liked it, and I am sure if it were a little punchier, it would be a big hit with readers of all ages.
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This book was okay, it was just obviously meant for younger readers and I couldn't immerse myself fully. Maybe if I learned this was book 2 instead of book 1 before I was several chapters in I would ha e enjoyed it more. But ghost detectives and other realms did save this book for me.
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