The Struggle Is Real

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4 stars

“Join popular Bible teacher and counselor Nicole Unice to discover why the struggle is real and what to do about it. Nicole offers practical tools to help you navigate the daily ups and downs, and ways to rewrite your struggle into a new, God-centered life story. The Struggle Is Real is an invitation to take the hard, hurtful, and confusing moments and turn them into opportunities to grow in wisdom, strength, and joy.”

There is so much to like about this book. Unice shares personal struggles and how to rid yourself of the negative inner dialogue and enjoy the life Jesus died to give us. She is incredibly Biblically based and theologically on point, so that alone is a HUGE benefit! I can easily see myself re-reading this book on a regular basis just to refresh on the points she makes within these pages.
The only reason I am giving this book four stars instead of five is because she references and quotes Beth Moore. I would recommend this book for any Christian who is trying to gain freedom from the negative self-talk.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. The views given are my own. #TheStruggleIsReal #NetGalley #TyndaleHousePublishers
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As I have been reading this book I am in the middle of huge change & struggle, so I have read, heard God & wept my way through. I am not yet in  my new story but on my way there acknowledging God's hand and grace as I grieve the past anod look forward to the future.
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The struggle is real
Life is a struggle, and sometimes it can feel like it is too much of a struggle. For me, the Bible helps and there are other books and songs out there that can also be helpful.

There is a song I can’t get out of my head, in fact, it has been singing in there for the past week. It just won't give up. It is based on Psalm 98 - Shout to the Lord. You see there is a struggle in my life at the moment and I have been saying to myself “I can’t do this but God can.” I reckon that God is telling me through this song that life is a struggle and He understands, however, He is my refuge and strength.  To win through, I must declare His wonders as proof of His answer to those struggles.  Because nothing compares with the promise, I have in God. And this is balm to my struggling soul.

The Struggle is Real by Nicole Unice is also one of those books, it challenges and helps us to find peace in God’s answer. The author's mantra is: God is greatest, and He knows best. Scroll down to read my review below.

My Penny's Worth
Can a book help you change the story of your life? Will it transform how you live today and move you forward to tomorrow? Are you willing to commit your sin-sick soul to God to be transformed? Do you tell people you are fine even when you’re not?

“The struggle is about the disconnect between what I believe and how I act, how I understand the promises of God and my actual experiences with God. The who I want to be or who I actually am. We don’t need to resolve the struggle alone.” Excerpt from the Struggle is Real.

What I like about the book
Nicole Unice says that we all have struggles and it is through them that we learn who God is and the story He wants to write in our lives. So this book is about being honest with ourselves and taking the steps and responsibility to rewrite our stories for a better outcome. It requires work on our behalf and a belief that “God is greatest, and He knows best.” Through this book, you get to address issues, if you want, from the past to change the storyline for today and tomorrow. Intrigued? What do I like about this? The fact that we can change our story and we don’t have to do it on our own. If you doubt this is possible then read this book.

Easy to read
The Struggle is Real is easy to read, but it is not a book to pick up and rush through. It needs time to digest, to act upon and accept the challenges it raises. It does provide answers. However, you need to be prepared to do some work to get to the answers.

Difficult issues
Life is a struggle with many complicated problems that range from our past and present attitude. Nicole Unice confirms this and draws attention to the areas that we need to work on and change. I have pages of notes and quotes from her book too long to post here! There is so much good stuff in it along with examples from the Bible. And I love the “perm story.” Those difficult issues we all have, need to be viewed through God ’s understanding rather than our own.

Have you heard of a “good desperation”? If not it is time to find out more.

Who would benefit from reading this book?
If you have a broken relationship with God, yourself, with others or the world, then this is the book for you. It will help rewrite your story and deepen your roots in God who, if you take Him at His Word will change your life.

Many thanks, Nicole Unice for writing this thought-provoking self-help book.

*I received this book for free. No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.*
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I thought The Struggle Is Real started out trite and a bit light, but Nicole Unice brings it deeper as she moves along in the book, helping you examine the deeper aspects of the “surface-y problems”. I like the quote that she provides in the 10th Chapter: “The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates (ha … can’t help but hear Bill and Ted’s voices saying “Soh-Crates” ? )  The Psalmist says “Search me, O God.”  The implication is that, not only will God search us, but He will reveal to us the sins in our lives that harm our relationship with Him, and with others. I think this book can be used as a tool to stir up some of the stuff in our lives that causes us to struggle and lead us to deeper sins. When you read this book, be sure to use God’s Word as your final authority.

One quibble I have with the book is the use of The Message. This is a paraphrase – in The Message style – It’s some dude’s idea of what the Bible is sayin’. The biggest problem is most times, the verses in The Message, don’t say and/or don’t mean what the actual translations say and mean. This is a huge danger in using The Message for teaching purposes. I looked up the verses in the English Standard Version, if they said something completely different, which they often did, I disregarded what the author said after it, because I could not take it seriously. Basically, the thought didn’t have a strong foundation, so I didn’t bother giving it much consideration. Thankfully, it was not always used throughout the book.

Overall, I found the book to be beneficial and could be a blessing to many.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this book as a gift.  The opinions I express are provided without obligation for a positive review. I receive no compensation for the review, other than a good read.
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A helpful and encouraging book, especially for women, The Struggle Is Real discusses the trials we face in life and offers ways to turn them around so we grow rather than despair. Its ten chapters share personal stories of the author and others and how they overcame hardships, with the help of God. She believes we can find beauty in all of life, including our struggles. Why do we expect things to go well when so often the opposite holds true? I felt this book dealt with our unrealistic expectations in a sound way. The author’s approachability, honesty, and vulnerability make the text easily accessible. I especially like “The Rewrite” chapter, which teaches how to rewrite our stories by following “the Freedom Cycle.” Changing our mind-set can set us free from the bondage and burdens of our everyday troubles. I received a copy from Celebrate Lit. all opinions are my own.
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Yes, my friends, the struggle is real. We struggle at work, at home, with family and friends. How are we coping? Do we sit and wonder why we are struggling? The author Nicole Unice states it so clearly when she says “Our struggles are the training ground for wisdom”. Yes, God uses our struggles to teach us wisdom, to teach us patience and humbleness. Nicole shares her struggles and stories in such a beautiful way that you feel you are sitting with her at your kitchen table and are finally seeing the light for the first time. Things start to become crystal clear. We are not alone, God is with us. Our struggles are what make us who we are. We can take down the façade of pretending as Nicole says “that our particular circumstances are harder than we deserve, but outwardly pretending we are too spiritual to get worked up about them”. She keeps it “real”, everyday real, real life “real”. 
I found this book refreshing. I let down my guard and searched deep within to face my reality and to gain wisdom.  The fog of pretending was disappearing and life was making sense again. There are many layers left to peel away, but I found this book soul searching and it makes you want to open up and see what lies beneath all the layers we have been hiding behind. A solid  five stars for this book. Thank you to Tyndale House  for an advanced copy of the book  to review.
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This is a good book for Christians who want to understand why life is hard. Unice reminds us that God has provided the way for us to grow stronger and smarter by going through difficult experiences. God desires to transform us and obstacles are what He uses. That may not be  welcome truth but Unice helps us understand it with the heart of a counselor. 

I like that Unice challenges us to look at life from God's perspective. She also challenges us to be self aware and to recognize the life God intended for us. In the section on our stories, I was again reminded how important our childhood is in influencing our adult life. She encourages us to live out a freedom cycle as we move into a new story. There are many stories included from Unices' own life and from the Bible to illustrate her teaching. She has also included questions for thought at the end of each chapter.

I recommend this thought provoking book to Christians who feel overwhelmed with life. You'll be challenged to think biblically and to live out your new story in God's love.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book though Celebrate Lit. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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