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In this dual timeline romance, we are the ones falling in love with the characters. I preferred the contemporary story to the historical one. Liked the supernatural twist.
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I’m not interested in reading this anymore unfortunately due to synopsis not intriguing me anymore or the content
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Romance, clean; period, Christian faith elements
I read this and forgot to get my review up, so wanted to remedy that. First off, I was totally immersed in this both times I read it. Chloe and Jesse's present day story is intermingled with the story of Esther and Hamilton from the Revolutionary War era. Jesse has written a screenplay featuring Hamilton and Esther and a movie is being made that they both are cast in, Chloe as the lead role of Esther. This is told from alternating points of view in the past and present from both the female and male main characters.
The genuine honest emotions, the hardships and pain in the past and present for both sets of characters, and of course, with it's Christian faith elements, forgiveness and peace of mind as they seek the uncertain best future course for themselves with hope and faith that God will help them find the best path for their future.
Gorgeous lush read with the battle scenes in the past, the present film setting with all the Hollywood drama and elements of 'the business' aspect of Hollywood. Chloe's hope and hurts and Jeremiah's, intermingling as they want to be more than friends was a perfect foil for the faith, hope and love of Esther and Hamilton. The resolution of both the movie and the other letter from the past was beautifully drawn. I loved these characters and didn't want this book to end! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to re-read this and savor it a second time. It is worthy of a second read. Probably one of the favorite books I have read by this author.
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Another great book from Rachel Hauck. I love how she weaves together a complex storyline that makes you want to keep turning the pages.
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Love stories told in two timelines.  This is a beautifully written story that captures the essences of both times.  I think the historical timeline was more engaging but overall the book was a great read.
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The story was a little hard to follow in the beginning - who was who, and what era were we in? Once I finally got everything straight, then there was a lot of religious aspects that came in that made me uncomfortable. Someone who is very religious might enjoy it more than I did.
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It has been a difficult read, I had struggles in getting into the story, and feeling the character’s emotions. What’s worse is the genre, it’s Historical and Christian Fiction, it’s just not my cup of tea but maybe for those who are into this genre, they would enjoy this. 

Also, my admiration for book covers are high than the content itself, I should’ve read and thought twice before requesting this book.
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Thank you NetGalley and the Arc.  This was a little different book for me, but I enjoyed it nevertheless!
Solid read with a great story and interesting tie in to history.
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With the colonies at war and his country divided, Hamilton Lightfoot must choose whether to fight for the British Crown or for the Independence of America. But, after witnessing his family's death at the hands of the Redcoats, he fears that he'll be fighting for revenge instead of more honorable reasons. The night before a great battle, he writes a letter to Esther, the woman he loves. Esther Longfellow is in love with Hamilton but her father is a loyalist and in the employ of a wealthy British lord. When the Revolutionary War appears at their doorsteps, Esther finds herself having to choose between her father and the man she loves. 

After a life-altering tragedy, Jesse Gates decides to leave his old life behind and go to Hollywood to try his luck as an actor. When he finds an old love letter written by one of his ancestors, he's consumed by the story and writes a screenplay based on the lost love of previous generations.
Chloe Daschle is the daughter of Hollywood royalty, a great director and an Oscar-winning actress. But that doesn't mean her career has turned out the way she planned. Chloe has been dubbed the queen of death scenes. Trying to break away from typecasting, she accepts a role in a Revolutionary war film, even as she longs for both the perfect role and true love. Does happily ever after only exist in the movies? When Jesse meets, Chloe, the woman cast as Esther, his great grandfather's true love, in his movie, the stories of both Hamilton and Esther, and Jesse and Chloe intersect in a way that only God could have brought together. The love letter from the past may have the power to affect their future in more ways than anyone could have imagined.

I just finished this amazing story and enjoyed every second of it. I have read Rachel's Royal Wedding series and enjoyed it a great deal but The Love Letter is completely on another level! It was so well written and the characters were just so relatable. It definitely carried a wonderful message about how God's plan for us is always infinitely better than what we may choose for ourselves. I loved both Hamilton & Esther's story and Jesse & Chloe's. I really related to both Chloe and Esther in so many ways. Really it was just the sweetest story and I'm so glad I got the chance to read it!
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This was WONDERFUL! What a lovely book. Thank you so much for letting me read it. I have read many of the authors books but it had been a while. A gentle read to add to the backlist.
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This book has a double timeline. It pops back and forth from 1780 to the present. Putting Hollywood tied to the War for Independence and in the process managed to create a very dramatic filled storyline. It's a love letter that creates a movie. However, that's when it gets bumpy. The characters can be repetitive and sometimes one story took away from the other one. Separately, the two stories are reasonable ones, if I could just get past the repeated issues that Chole was stuck on. Honestly, just don't take any more "dying" roles and that solves that problem. 

While I liked it, it was missing just enough to get a 3.5 star review from me.
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Beautiful story written in both the past and present. I really enjoyed how the author was able to link both timelines together. One story is more historical fiction, while the other more contemporary, so it can appeal to more types of readers.I'm a sucker for a good love story!
Ester and Hamilton were once childhood friends who fell in love. Unfortunately Ester's father does not approve of Hamilton, and has put her in the position that she must chose sides. Will she go against her fathers wishes, or follow her heart and chose Hamilton.
Chloe is an actress who has been given a script for a historical love story, and the female lead is Ester Kingsley. The director is Jesse, and he was inspired to write this screenplay after reading the letter.
The connection between the two stories is the love letter from Hamilton to Esther. Such a sweet story, I know fans of Susan Meissner and Kate Quinn will enjoy this book.
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I am a relatively new fan of Rachel Hauck and I thoroughly enjoyed The Love Letter.. This dual-timeline story melds a modern storyline with an early-American one of love, forgiveness and most of all, grace and redemption. It is definitely a story I will enjoy reading again. It is a story of characters who seek one thing, but through their journey the discover something much better and something much more satisfying..  I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Such a sweet story and I loved how the storylines intertwined. The stories were artfully told. While both were enjoyable, I loved the twists and turns in the Revolutionary War story most. A read that will delight those who love a slip time story that ties disparate characters and arcs together.
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This was a very emotional story. I liked Eather’s story more than Jesse’s. I love how Esther is torn between her family and Hamilton. I also loved the setting of the Revolutionary War. I thought the author did an excellent job in portraying the political turmoil between a loyalist and a revolutionary. I highly recommend this for fans of Bette Bolte, Lucinda Riley, and Melanie Dobson.
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Thank you to netgalley I received this as an ARC. I enjoyed it very much was good solid read. Solid 3.5 Stars for me!
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The Love Letter was a great book in that it was a book about the present and the past all at one time.  This guy looks back at his family heritage and brings it to the present.  I really liked all the switching between the story’s original timing and the present timing of how the family story was being seen and experienced. The romance was fun to watch unfold with all the twists and turns.  As a historical enthusiast, the historical Revolutionary War side of this book was really captivating because of the sides that can be taken.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I am not a huge fan of dual timeline stories, and perhaps I should have skipped this one. But I am a fan of Rachel Hauck and, despite the separate-but-connected storylines, found many things to enjoy in The Love Letter. 

Hamilton is a fantastic hero. I liked that he wasn’t the quintessential alpha male. Hamilton’s struggles feel real and authentic and makes him even more likeable. 

The current day romance set in Hollywood could have felt over the top and unrelatable to those of us who don’t live in a big city or famous town. Hauck did a great job creating down-to-earth, believable characters in Jesse and Chloe. 

I probably wouldn’t read this book again, but only because of my personal preferences, not because of Hauck’s writing. She created a beautiful and poignant past and present story which readers are sure to enjoy. 

I was provided an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel. All opinions are my
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The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck
Source: Netgalley
My Rating: 4½/5 stars


The Bottom Line:  While I generally love a book where the past meets the present, I had a hard time with that concept in this book.  What I found difficult to deal with is the fact that Esther and Hamilton’s story is so compelling it can easily stand on its own as a proper historical fiction.  While I liked, Chloe and Jesse well enough, I don’t feel like their contemporary journey added at all to the overall read. I often found myself rushing through the Chloe and Jesse chapters, so I could get back to the Esther and Hamilton chapters.  Between the Revolutionary War setting, the emotional conflict, and the inevitable parting of ways, I found Esther and Hamilton to be absolutely fascinating.  What’s more, the ending!!  I am a huge fan of a good epilogue and the last several chapters really served as a wonderfully extended epilogue.  Finding out the fate of Esther of Hamilton, how their lives unfolded was so very, very satisfying.  As always, Hauck’s writing style is smooth and easy, punctuated with dialogue that is pointed, precise, and interesting.  Hauck’s characters (in this case only Esther and Hamilton!) are so big, they overtake every other aspect of the read, and that is one of my favorite things about reading.  Without doubt, Rachel Hauck is stuck with me as I am quickly becoming addicted to her brand of historical fiction. 

P.S.  I also got the audiobook from my local library and found it to be a disservice to the story.  At the halfway point, I gave up on the audiobook and went back to the physical read which was significantly better!
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Thank you to Netgalley, the Publisher and the Author for the opportunity to read this book in return for my honest opinion and review.

After reading The Wedding Dress, I knew I had to read all books that Rachel Hauck writes.  In the present of this novel, Chloe Daschle, is an actress struggling to find a role where her character does not die and in real life, she is struggling to find her hearts desire, true love.  Jesse Gates, is an actor, turned screenwriter, who writes a stunning script based on an old love letter from his great grandfather times six; Jesse is struggling with acceptance and forgiveness from his past.  I loved these characters right from the beginning and was engrossed in their story, I hung on every word and watched as their love and faith brought them the things they desired, whether they knew it or not, and their ending was all I could have asked for.  The past story revolves around Hamilton Lightfoot and Esther Longfellow, during the time of the Revolutionary War,  and their ill fated love affair.  I found that I was not as interested in Hamilton and Esther's story, even though it is the backbone of Chloe and Jesse's story.  I am not sure if Hamilton and Esther's story did not hold my attention as much or if I loved Chloe and Jesse's story so much, I could not wait to get back to them.

All in all, lovely novel, and wonderful ending.  Looking forward to many more books by this talented author.
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