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This is a feel good novel set in beautiful surroundings, if only we could all spend several months in Spain. At the same time it isn't terribly exciting. There is a certain amount of escapism and it would be a light hearted holiday read but not one that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. I have definitely read better books by this author.
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I loved this novel which is my second book by Sheila O'Flanagan. I adore her writing style which is really pleasant and "airy".  Sheila O'Flanagan used to feature inspiring characters showing a real determination despite that sometimes parts of their life could be painful or sad.

The plot and characters are well designed. I liked  the story and Juno Ryan's character. Through easy reading chapters, we follow Juno, a specialist in radiography, in her journey of healing from the grief of the man she loves. Taking a short break from work, she leaves Ireland to Spain seeking quiet and peace. Her character and mental qualities allow her to be a member of a new community and to become again in love.  The "hit" of the book was a wonderful  description of Spain to such an extent we come out with a strong desire to visit all places where the story took place. 

“The Hideaway” is among those books which give you such a sense of freedom and strong desire to travel. It is an excellent novel for those who are looking for a quick and inspiring holiday read. I highly recommend it.
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Loved it. The description of Spain was beautiful. I would have loved to spend three months at the Villa Naranja, plus Pep was an added bonus. Spain was exactly what Juno needed, along with all the people in the village and the loving affection of Banquo. Juno was definitely unlucky in the love department with Sean and Brad. I can't imagine how she felt when she learned the truth about Brad. This was the perfect summer read. It was full of love, forgiveness, friendship and family. I loved how Juno kept saying that she just thought Banquo was a fat cat wen she finally discovers he was a she. The book just left me with warm and happy feelings and of course the need to travel to Spain.

Definitely recommend the book. I loved the characters, story and writing style. It was the first book I read by the author and I look forward to reading more. It was the cover of the book that first caught my eye and the story didn't disappoint.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Headline through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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What a great read! I loved the development of the characters and the way it was written made me eager to keep reading. Details and the past were revealed slowly but at exactly the right times. Also, I want to stay at Villa Naranja! It sounds beautiful! My only regret is that I didn’t read it sooner. 

I received this ebook free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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The "if you like" threw me off and made it hard to get into. It didn't feel like a good match. BUT once I was in I really enjoyed it.
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I love Sheila and I loved this book
I would recommend to anyone
I loved the Spanish setting and although you could tell what was going to happen, the plot made enjoyable reading.
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I love Sheila O’Flanagan and have read many of her books.
The Hideaway was a great read and lovely for the summer. 
I wouldn’t say this was my favourite O’Flanagan book, but I would definitely read it again. 
Lovely characters, lovely setting and a great escape.
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I have read earlier books by Sheila O'Flanagan and really liked them. This one, not so much. I didn't feel that the plot was believable and that's a major issue for me. 

I hope her next book will be more in my taste.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for kindly providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I really liked this book, it was so good. I’ve never read any of this authors books before and this won’t be the last I read.
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Another great book by Sheila O'Flanagan. Not the best I have read from her but definitely worth a read if you are looking for a good old beach read.

Juno Ryan is heartbroken and in desperate need of a break away from her daily life in Ireland. Taking a few months of unpaid absence from her job as a radiographer she travels to Spain and seeks respite, peace and quiet, and somewhere to mull things over.

Cue Juno helping a young boy with a dislocated shoulder, fixing up the villa and having a steamy holiday fling. She makes friends, becomes part of the small community and starts to heal and look after herself. All is going well until her previous lover's brother turns up looking for answers.

This book is about acceptance of grief, coming to terms with mistakes made and realising that you can love again. I really liked the believable characters, the story and the descriptions of Spain were beautifully written. I felt like I was there myself, basking in the sun with Juno.

A definite recommendation for O'Flanagan fans.
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The hideaway - a fab read that had me hooked! 

Makes me want to pack my bag and head off to Alicante! 

I loved the plot and also the setting of Villa Naranja and the local town, it sounds bliss. Sunny climates, heart break and romance all wrapped up with Sheila O Flanagan brilliant story telling. 

I really warmed to the main character of Juno, slightly set aside from her family, she leaves her friends and job behind to take a break after finding out the man she loves isn't who he seems. The relationship leaves lots of unanswered questions for Juno, she struggles with work and embarks on a holiday for a few months after an offer from a friend. 

Makes me want to read on and on, Sheila sets scenes to make you feel like you are there(get me round that pool and into the orange groves to smell the scent). 

The idea of going away to lick your wounds for a few months sounds ideal (even if not realistic for all). Think we all sometimes crave a proper break from life to evaluate things. 

Love banquo... Or should I really say Ophelia the cat! You will understand when you give this a read. 

Not sure how I feel about Max hollander the brother of Brad and does make you question what you would do in a similar scenario. You can't help who you love after all. 

A lovely romance filled read, perfect for summer set in a sunny location!
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I’d like to thank Headline and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘The Hideaway’ by Sheila O’Flanagan in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Dublin-born Juno is shocked by the news that her boyfriend Brad has died in an earthquake in Italy, but what’s more difficult for her to believe is that he had a wife Allessandra and son who were with him.  When she’s given three-months unpaid leave to recover from her broken heart, Juno flies to Alicante to stay in Villa Naranja, the home of her friend Pilar’s late grandmother, and the blue skies and orange groves gradually aid her healing, not to mention Pep Navarro the good-looking pool cleaner!  

‘The Hideaway’ is a delightful novel, easy to read and unashamedly romantic.  I like the characters and the descriptions of the area, not to mention the men who are all good-looking and available and who manage to turn Juno’s head.  This is definitely a feel-good novel with a happy ending which is perfect for reading on the beach, and I can recommend it.
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I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. The hideaway, typical and charming romance. Juno is broken hearted and learns many life lessons. This was easy to read, fun and captured my attention from the beginning. The descriptions in the book are fantastic and make you feel as though you are there with the characters. I will definitely be looking up more books by Sheila O’Flanagan.
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Juno Ryan is in mourning. The love of her life is gone and she’s putting her job at risk through her grief. But things are not as they appear to be and Juno finds herself with a sabbatical, a suitcase and a villa in Spain where she can regroup and resolve her problems. 

This was a sweet book with a really interesting premise. I have to admit at about two thirds through I thought it would end one way and it went a totally different direction which I enjoyed. However, I found the characters to be unbelievable and at times unsympathetic. 

I have read other books by the author that I preferred.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinions.
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I will be reviewing this on Amazon May 17th, 2019

I received this ARC from Netgalley, in exchange for my fair and honest review. The Hideaway was my first book from this author. For me the book was a little slow at places in the book, I did enjoy the beautiful setting, yet found the storyline a little hard to get involved in. I enjoy a storyline that I can get lost in, and feel like that it could really be happening somewhere in the world around me, this book just didnt do that for me. Having said that I am sure many will enjoy the storyline, that is what makes reading so great no everything touches everyone in the same way.
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Loved this book! It was a nice, easy read! It is the perfect beach read. I loved Juno. Juno is heartbroken after she finds out the man she loved perished in an earthquake however, he wasn’t what he seemed. This love came after her fiance, Sean, called off the engagement because he wasn’t ready to be married. Juno takes Pilar, her fellow radiologist, up on an offer to use her family’s home in Spain so she can get away and focus on herself and her healing. She gets to Spain and not only works on herself, but meets Pep, a Greek God, who cleans the pool. She also meets lots of friends and a cat. They all help her get through her grief. I felt the book was written so well! I truly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to finish and see what happened with Juno- I rooted for her the entire book! This would make an excellent movie and I would love to see what happens with Juno next! Thank you Netgalley for the ARC for my honest review!
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The Hideaway is another wonderful read by much beloved author Sheila O'Flanagan.  I have long been a fan of this author and will rush to get my hands on anything she writes, so this one was an easy sell for me.  The gorgeous cover first drew my attention, and  the story within is every bit as lovely.

Juno Ryan is beyond shocked to learn that the man she loves has been killed in an earthquake in Italy.  If that alone is not devastating enough, he is identified on the news as having been on holiday with his wife and young son.  Grieving, and trying to process both shock and anger, Juno retreats to the Villa Naranja in Spain, the home of a work colleague's mother.  Juno sees the villa as a sanctuary where she can lick her wounds in the privacy of her self-imposed seclusion.  Juno is not isolated for long, however, and finds herself being drawn into the community of Beniflor, even engaging in a sexual relationship with the neighbouring pool cleaner, Pep.  Slowly, Juno begins to realize that she must cop on and start living her life again.  But when her lover's brother turns up seeking answers, Juno has some questions of her own.

This is a lovely novel that will appeal to fans of Ms O'Flanagan.  Sharply observed characters, and an inate understanding of the human condition are the author's trademarks, and they are each well-represented here.  The novel, while emotional, ends on a positive note of hope, and living beyond tragedy.  The Spanish setting is a lovely bonus.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Headline for this delightful ARC.
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Received a copy of thiis book through NetGalley.
I have read Sheila O Flanagan books before but I found that the Hidaway is not one of her best,the main character seems a matter of fact approach to life,yes,she was in grief but dhe seemed soon to get over with it and move onto the next one.Found that the book had too much description going on without moving forward with the plot also a lot of things going on at the same time and then suddenly nothing but pages of description to follow.
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The Hideaway by Sheila O Flanagan sees Juno Ryan arriving to the warm climate of Spain and specifically the small town of Beniflor. She has escaped from her work as a radiologist as things have not being going that well for her recently. She loves her job and always been dedicated to it but recent events have meant that her mind is straying and she cannot concentrate on the task at hand. A work colleague suggests taking some time out to be by herself, to come to terms with what she has discovered. Pilar originally comes from Spain so Juno takes her up on the offer of staying in her grandmother's house which has laid idle since her passing. I thought Juno was brave to go off on her own but I think deep down she knew she was struggling and staying in her present environment no matter how much she enjoyed her work was really not the thing for her at that time.

When we first meet Juno she is an emotional wreck and quite honestly a character that went on to be quite infuriating throughout the book because of the way she approached and dealt with things. I felt she lacked courage, strength and conviction and I understand she needed to go through a process to reach those emotional points and some sort of acceptance and realisation as to what her next step may be but the journey to do so was quite long and drawn out at times and I did feel the book could have been shorter. Juno feels her competence and strength have been called into question and that she is about to be tested to her limit. Upon hearing earth shattering news she becomes engulfed in anguish, grief and pain and these feelings only intensify. She hopes by getting away from it all that she can slowly begin to heal. But how can she when everything she believed to be true has been not even been called into question but rather thrown into utter disarray. She is experiencing a maelstrom of emotions and the question remains can she cope with what is ahead of her?

Initially I did feel sorry for Juno as the news she heard meant her life was turned upside down but after a while I thought hold on you had been taken for granted and used and if the major event had not happened surely sooner rather than later you would have discovered things anyway. You couldn't have gone on the way things were. As she settled into the villa Juno really needed to stop thinking and over analysing things. I don't think she was ever going to get the answers she so desperately craved instead she needed to man up so to speak and get over things instead of moping around. Seclusion and isolation would hopefully offer the closure she needed but was she willing to let her heart open up once again of some form of romance came her way?

In the first half of the book nothing much happened at all. There were times Juno spoke to no other characters bar a cat who had taken up residence at the villa. There was endless repetition of what she did every day and how she set about renovating the house as a means to take her mind off things but honestly this all became so monotonous and boring that I was just dying for something exciting to happen and for the pace to be ramped up big time. This never actually happened. Yes later there is more interaction as different characters start to make an appearance. Despite the potential the overall plot showed, I don't think this book ever really got off the ground and at times I did struggle with whether I should keep reading. I did keep going because I wanted to know the outcome for Juno but when spirits and ghostly happenings started to be mentioned, I thought this is too much and why is it being included in this book? It didn't need it at all. Some strands became too airy fairy for me and the mentions of chakras, spirituality and mysticality was just all a bit too much.

When the romance element did arrive I thought finally Juno was letting go and just throwing caution to the wind and going for it and who cares what the consequences were. She was on holiday and she needed to let go but then on the other hand given all the time she had spent explaining to the reader how her heart and mind felt was it just too soon? Then when someone else turns up out of the blue in the last quarter it just felt even more rushed and that decisions had to be made quick smart because we were nearing the end of the book. Yes the book was too long in my opinion but all the romance that came in the last quarter would have been better off from the midway point and curtailing the descriptions of her daily life in Spain in the earlier chapters would have been more beneficial.I felt that would have enabled the reader to get to the heart of the story much quicker.

The Hideaway wasn't the best book I have read by Sheila O'Flanagan. I was disappointed because I know what brilliant stories she can write as I have spent many an hour indulging in her writing particularly her earlier books. I view this book as one to read on holidays on a sun lounger as a book you pick up and down when you feel like it. It won't be the most memorable book you have ever read but I'm sure long term fans will enjoy it.
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Sheila does it AGAIN!!!  I just loved that this book takes place in a Villa/Spanish setting.
Such a beautiful lighthearted read.  
This is a book we can all relate to. It’s about wanting to get away aand heal a broken heart and during that time you begin to find yourself. 
Absolutely loved the characters!! 
A real spiritual journey. 
Will definitely recommend this gem!!
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