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Not sure what it was about this book, but I just couldn't get into it. Something just didn't click for me. Maybe it just wasn't the right time.
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This had me scratching my head the whole way through, I just couldn't figure out the characters motives. There were times which were so intense that my heart was literally racing.
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I received a digital arc of #TheLiar'sRoom from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The story takes place over a 4 hour period in Susanna's office. As such it does feel a little claustrophobic because for the majority of the time, there are just 2 characters conversing. That said, the flashbacks do help break it up a bit. The blurb for this book intrigued me. I was desperate to know what caused Adam to visit Susanna in the first place, and who makes it out of the room alive.
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We start this amazing book with someone held captive, she can remember a man hurting her but she does not know where she is.

Susannah a counsellor has a new client, he is called Adam and is a teenager. Susannah thinks he looks vaguely familiar. Adam talks about wanting to hurt a girl and shows Susannah a photo of the girl, but the photo is of Emily her 14 year old daughter. How does he know her and why would he want to hurt her?

This book is brilliant. What happens next is a cat and mouse game between Adam and Susannah. Adam seems to know everything about her life, including the secrets she has worked hard to conceal. Neither of them are who they say they are!!

Susannah has ran away from her past and started a new life with her daughter. She had a son Jake who did something terrible, which caused Susannah to flee. 

Adam wants her to tell him everything that happened with Jake . But how is Adam connected to her family?

This book had me on the edge of my seat, totally gripped with no concept of where this story was going. Although for most of the book we are in Suzanna’s office, it somehow makes the story more menacing and chilling. 

A must read book that kept me awake until late at night, as I was so desperate to find out the ending!!

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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Over a decade ago Suzanne took her daughter and ran. In her mind, it was the only way to escape her history and protect her daughter. Now her daughter. Emily, is 14 and has no idea about her past or even who she really is. One day an oddly familiar young man, Adam Geraghty, enters Suzanne's office where she works as a counsellor. Its obvious to her he needs help, but she has no idea how much. He reveals he wants to hurt a girl he knows and shows her a picture. It's Emily and he advises Suzanne her daughter's safety relys on what she says now...

This is addictive reading, playing out like a literary tennis match, as the narrative is bounced between the protagonists. I saw, in some ways, what was coming but not the repercussions. The steady build to the reveal of just how bad the secret from Suzanne's past is becomes more and more tense as the story continues, and so kept me firmly in its grip.  Be prepared if you read this to not move once you start reading.
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This is the story of when two people are aware of information that the other doesn't about the current situation and the game of cat and mouse that this can lead to ensue. The tension drips from every page and keeps you guessing how it will end.
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I was send this book as an ARC thank you so much to the publishers for sending it to me 

Susannah has got her life together and is settled and happy and then along comes a young man who needs her as a counsellor

He basically holds her hostage in her office while he uses the past and her innocent daughter  to terrify her 

If you like gritty thrillers this is for you I couldn’t work out anyone’s motives right until I was literally reading it 

Cleverly written and nail-biting the hostage thing made me feel quite nervous!! 

Well done Simon brilliant book
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The Liar's Room is a complex and claustrophobic psychological thriller.  A therapist and her new teenage client confront each other during a tense and dangerous session.  This is a dark and absorbing novel.
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This book is wonderfully written and very gripping.
Highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller!!
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When Adam Geraghty books an appointment with counsellor, Susanna Fenton, little does she know the terror the next few hours will hold. Adam somehow knows all about Susanna and her daughter and they are both in danger.

I thought this was a well written psychological thriller but I had a few issues with it. First of all, the scene of animal abuse - I thought it didn't really do anything for the plot and it felt gratuitous. I'm just lucky that I worked out what was coming before it happened so I could skip a couple of pages. Secondly, although the author showed the double standards in the media when it comes to certain crimes, by the end of the book it was still a woman who was made to bear the emotional cost and guilt of what happened, even though there were other (male) figures involved. That rankled a bit to be honest and because of this and the animal abuse, I am rating it 3.5 stars.

Thanks to NetGalley and publishers, Penguin Books (UK), for the opportunity to review an ARC.
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This is a bold and interesting book as for the most part it essentially focuses on a conversation between two people. It is (deliberately) claustrophobic and tense but at the same time did occasionally feel repetitive. I was intrigued by the motivations and secrets of the two lead characters and there were some more action packed events recounted in the second half of the book. There was unfortunately a sense of inevitability with the final reveals but maybe that is due to me reading too many similar genre books. Having previously enjoyed The House, I would look out for more from Simon Lelic. Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Books (UK) for the ARC of The Liar's Room.
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A terrifyingly claustrophobic thriller, with all the action taking place in one room, between a counsellor and her new client. Tension and suspense are maintained throughout the many layers. A fantastic smart read.
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Not for me. One of those books that you just can’t get into. I tried to get into this a few times and really struggled
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This was such an interesting premise for a thriller as it’s set in one room between a therapist and her patient. I was intrigued from the start and was keen to see what was going to happen, and how. It started off really well as you get the sense there is more to this appointment than we know at first and the tension just builds and builds from there.  It’s a novel that really makes you think about the nature of right and wrong, and how nothing is ever black and white. It really makes you question your thoughts about each of the characters. It’s a good read and I recommend it!
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What a great way to tell the story!  Two people in one room for the entire book and the backstory given by each party remembering, loved it. Surprised by the reveal of how the two individuals are connected, didn’t guess it at all.  Would definitely read other books by this author.
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The Liars Room is one of those books that just grips from the start.

Susanna, a Therapist has a new client…. Adam. She also has a secret and a daughter whom she loves.

Unknown to Susanna, Adam seems to know all about her secret and what happens in her office is a battle of wits between the two and as we get to know each character, the reader soon discovers the dark sides of both of them.

The suspense intensifies gradually, and quite honestly this is a book that scared me. At the beginning I do not know who I felt more fearful for.

The Liars Room has ‘Book of the Year’ written all over it. It is fabulous.

It is a creepy read filled with chilling and disturbing drama, and I for one would love to see a film of this book.

Susanna’s anguish comes across brilliantly and Adam is a conniving and convincing mad man. I loved him.
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I quite enjoyed this book, it was a rather claustrophobic and intense read. Both Susanna and Adam were chilling and hard to suss out. Things were a bit slow to reveal and confusing at times. I was willing more information to come out! The ending was rather dark and shocking and almost made me want to start at the beginning again to get things straight in my mind. A good read but rather unsettling and the whole story was slightly unbelievable.
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This story is all about festering lies, untruths and betrayals. Sounds ace right?? 😉 
As a psychiatrist Susanna spends a lot of time unravelling people's lives but spends none of that time thinking about her own past. This soon changes when a new client drags her kicking and screaming into a joint history that she doesn't want to address.
This book was pacey & punchy. I read it in next to no time and the premise was so good. Two people trapped in a room recounting their lives and lies. There is one particular scene that added a real layer of repulsion so go in with that in mind. But that only adds to how good a story teller Lelic is. Loved this, such a good thriller. 📚
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A gripping concept, which lost a bit of traction as the story unfolded. The characters seemed to be well-formed and interesting, but some of their actions seemed inexplicable to me and a bit too farfetched.
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A very complex story of two people sitting in a room trying to outwit each other. Constant twists and turns that keeps you on edge and wondering what comes next.
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