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After reading The House last year and devouring it, I couldn’t wait to read Simon’s latest book.

This is an intriguing read, that’s will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to guess who’s lying. Is it Adam, or is it Susanna? And to make it more fun, every time a question is answered a new one appears.

An instense drama, this will probably end up scaring you as you’re taken down quite a dark and chillingly path.

This is was a clever twisty book, that had me second guessing, changing my opinion and gave me a little bit of anxiety. Yep this book will keep you on your toes.
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The bar was set very high by Simon Lelic’s first novel, The House [read my review here], and I’m very happy to report that The Liar’s Room, though a fairly different read, is just as gripping!

This story centers around one location really, in that it’s all about counsellor Susanna and her client Adam, who seems to know too much about Susanna’s ‘previous life’ that she’s tried so hard to keep a secret. Adam bring a level of threat to Susanna’s daughter, Emily, and she’s desperate to stop the awful events that Adam has already put in motion, seemingly to punish her – but why?

Part of the enjoyment of this story is that you don’t really know what’s going on but, through flashbacks from Susanna’s past, as well as extracts from her daughter’s diaries, we slowly begin to find out more and more about what happened with Susanna’s son Jake. I found myself really wanting to find out what had happened with Jake, and the awful occurances that took place many years ago – this is the main storyline really, as everything taking place in the present day (in Susanna’s office) is all about finding out what happened before, what Adam has done to Emily, and why Adam is so angry. This one main setting creates a surprisingly claustrophobic atmopshere.

There are twists and surprises in this novel which I really enjoyed reading, and it made me really think about how I’d feel in a similar situation. Themes of responsibility and guilt are prevalent, as well as some shocking and disturbing parts which are difficult to read but made me even more invested in the story.

I liked the way Simon Lelic crafted the characters, making them believable enough but also incredibly interesting and flawed; they felt like they could be real people, and in addition to this the storyline itself felt fresh and different to others in this genre. I would really recommend this gripping read.
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Susanna is a counsellor and when she see’s new patient Adam for the first time she realizes there is more to him than he is letting on. She feels like she knows him but she cannot put her finger on it but her instincts are telling her differently. 

The story soon unfolds and Adam makes his intentions clear, he has kidnapped her daughter and he wants to know the truth from Susanna’s past, the truths that she has been hiding from for years.

A story of secrets, lies and hurt lay behind this twisted novel. I really enjoyed this book and I read it in super quick time.
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I'm sorry. I got halfway through and really struggled to get that far. It's just not my type of book in afraid.
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I love thrillers, especially psychological thrillers where there are secrets.

This one is not one of them.  I understand I am bucking the trend here but it just didn’t pull together enough.  

It’s a very quick read, and there is lots happening in the book.  I just think for me I got the story very early on and wasn’t surprised.  Horrified maybe, but not surprised.
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I couldnt get into this story at all- I DNF'd at the 15% mark

Sorry- but thankyou for the opportunity
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Therapist Susannah has carefully concocted a stress-free life.  She and daughter Emily live in a 3 bedroom house and get on well, as much as any mother with a 14-year-old daughter.

She shares a building for work with friend Ruth, who is a dentist.  That way Susannah is never in the building alone.  She unusually has two new patients booked in for the afternoon, so she does what she needs to in order to prepare for Adam.

He is a young troubled man who finds it difficult to begin to explain why he needs these sessions.  However, his agenda is nothing like anything she could have expected.

Her own demons are never far away.  It is clear early on that she had a son, Jake, who is no longer alive.  The turning point in her life was when a stranger approached  Emily, in a pushchair, and spat in her face.  Susannah moved with Emily, to a new town and reinvented herself.

The story takes a convoluted turn when it becomes clear who this man is.  His anger, at first, seems to be evident but the reasoning is not clear.  He does begin to see things from another viewpoint.

This is a brilliant plot and the characters well defined.  It is hard not to feel sympathy for everyone but once the true story comes out, it is an excellent conclusion.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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This book lets you greet the two main characters and immediately you start to try and guess the thread of the book.  Once you are drawn into the room, the tension rises and with each chapter you keep eagerly reading, trying to get to the end to find out what is happening but equally not wanting the book to end.

The last 30%, is the most chilling exciting and thrilling that kept me captivated with so me asking myself so many questions and doubting myself on what I had just read - what is going to happen? surely not, that didn't happen did it?  I could not put this book down and it 100% deserves it''s 4 stars.
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A compelling and dark read that keeps you reading. I liked the way that the majority of the book was based around the two characters stuck in a room together.
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This Book was beautifully crafted. The setting really amps up the tension and the plot flows smoothly. I really enjoyed the way that the book scaled the plot down to focus on the two people in the titular room. 

Gripping from start to finish
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This is not my usual type of book - I don't normally enjoy thrillers but I read the excerpt and was hooked!

This is definitely a book that had me on the edge of my chair wondering what was going to happen next, a great read that plays on your emotions and has you invested in the characters from the very start!
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This book has a really unusual concept at its heart. The story starts when Susannah, a counsellor, takes on a new client - a young man who begins by telling her he is worried he is going to hurt someone.  The story is mainly told in the conversation between the two of them in her counselling room, with the odd story of what has been going on outside the room.  Very dark, totally engrossing.  I wanted to read quickly to find out what was going to happen.  A definite page-turner and I have gone straight on to see what other books have been written by this author!
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Couldn't put this book down! I'm not normally a fan of books with lots of dialogue but it worked really well for building the tension here, especially given that so much of the book centres on the one room. There is a claustrophobic feel throughout and we already know from the blurb that only one character will escape from the room. The only question is how? And how they got to this point. A hugely tense read and one I can highly recommend!
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A scary, dark and wholly gripping story!  Who is Adam, Why does Susana feel like she knows him - where has he come from!!!  Read and find out!
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The Liar's Room by Simon Lelic is a deep and dark psychological thriller.  I did find it a little difficult to first get into it as the reader does not know any background to the main character nor why she takes the actions she does but my interest was piqued and I am glad I persevered.  The dialogue/action mostly takes place in a room between two of the main characters but the story also develops with the help of recollections from other people involved in the chain of events over a number of years.  I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.
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Susanna Fenton has a secret. Fourteen years ago she left her identity behind, reinventing herself as a counsellor and starting a new life.

It was the only way to keep her daughter safe. But everything changes when Adam Geraghty walks into her office. She's never met this young man before - so why does she feel like she knows him?

Adam starts to tell her about a girl. A girl he wants to hurt. And that's when Susanna realises she was wrong.

She doesn't know him.

He knows her.

And the girl he plans to hurt is her daughter.

This novel was a solid read but a bit slow burning for me, Susanna annoyed me with her untruths and her slightly simpering personality, I loved her best friend though.
I would have liked to have read more about Susanna’s daughter, hearing about her personality would have made me feel more sympathetic towards her character and immersed me into the storyline a bit more.
The plot itself, coupled with the clinical setting was quite intriguing, there was a bit twist at the end that I didn’t really see coming.
All in all, worth a look but it could have been so much better.
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The Liar’s Room hits you with the intrigue of its storyline from the first page. There was very little easing into it or wondering whether I was going to enjoy it - it went wham from the get go and had me absolutely hooked!

Susanna is a counsellor who has spent many years trying to escape her past. When a young man, Adam, arrives for his first appointment with her she is struck by a sense that she knows him but quickly brushes it to one side. Not long into the appointment it becomes very clear that he knows an awful lot about Susanna and her daughter Emily and that both are in great danger.

I really don’t want to give anything else away plot wise on this book. It is so cleverly written that I would rather you discover it for yourself without even the tiniest of spoilers. I did guess at one big point a way in to the book but if anything that heightened the reading experience.  Set in the present with flashes of the past, what emerges is a story of trauma, heartbreak and guilt that has shaped and broken many lives and it is so good and very very readable. 

A definite recommendation from me, I look forward to reading other works from this author.

My thanks to #NetGalley and #PenguinUK for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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Fantastic book. 

This Suzanne years ago after her sons death disappeared into the night with her daughter to protect both her identities.  

Then one day a young lad walks into her room talking about a past similar to hers and then she is trapped and having to tell her story from before to him as her daughters life is at stake.  Is she as innocent regarding her past as you are led to believe.  A good read
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I'm not quite sure where to start other than to say that make sure you leave enough time when you pick up this book to read it in one go! There is such an addictive feel to the plot with so many questions not only about Adam but Susanna too. There is a tense and pretty chilling vibe to the story as everything slowly unravels revealing secrets and lies that kept me glued to my Kindle.

I'm going to be pretty vague about the plot as it is so worth discovering all the little twists and turns for yourself. What I will say is that The Liar's Room is heavily concentrated on just the two characters but what compelling characters they are flaws and all. They managed to hold my attention throughout as the past is very much brought out into the open. I was constantly trying to guess what would happen next and I loved being kept on my toes. 

The Liar's Room had some shocking revelations and it could be disturbing at times but there is also an emotional edge as you get to know the characters more and see how their pasts have played a part in the future. Simon Lelic has created a very clever and compelling story that will capture your attention with some tense and dark moments.

Fast paced, claustrophobic and dark!

Five stars from me!
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I was excited to get my hands on a copy of The Liar’s Room after really enjoying Simon Lelic’s book The House. I actually think this book was a much stronger read than The House. It was clever, manipulative and so easy to read. I raced through the book eager to find out what was going on. This book has definitely made me quite the fan of Simon Lelic’s writing!

The Liar’s Room has so much going on within its pages. It centres around Susanna and her new client Adam. Susanna has a secret that goes back so many years. She has reinvented herself, not realising that her new client knows more about her than he initially lets on. Adam talks about wanting to hurt a girl. Susanna soon realises that the girl is her daughter, Emily. Susanna is determined to protect her daughter. Adam takes Susanna on a trip down memory lane and she finds out that she is closer to him than she had ever expected to be!

This is one of those books that is SO hard to review without spoiling it, so apologies for my vagueness. I will say that this book has some utterly fascinating characters. I was so eager to find out the truth between lies. I had moments of not really trusting many of the characters and I love that. I adore an unreliable narrator/characters. I thought this book had them in abundance.

With a seemingly simple plot, a counsellor and a client, Simon Lelic really wove a tangled web. The story was incredibly intense. I loved how the characters were trying to get the upper hand at points. It really was quite the battle. I also really appreciated how there were journal entries within the story from Emily. I thought this was a clever touch and really added to the story.

I am excited to read more from Simon Lelic in the future. He has a compelling writing style and his books keep me guessing.
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