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Intercepted pulled me in from the beginning. I loved the characters. The only thing that annoyed me was the # every other sentence, I felt it took away from the story.
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I love the NFL so what could be better than a book about an NFL relationship. I loved this book and can not wait to read the next in the series. This is a fun light hearted read that will have you routing for all the characters and building all your dislike on certain characters. This book will have you on a roller coaster ride with highs and lows and cheering for the ending that you get!
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Top Three Reasons Why You Need To Read
Intercepted by Alexa Martin

REASON ONE: It’s Diverse AF.
If you couldn’t tell by the cover, Marlee the heroine of this story, is a WOC!

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Not just a WOC, but biracial woman–which hits home for me. I can not express enough about the importance of representation in books. I love being able to immediately have a connection to the characters in a story I’m reading, and Intercepted had diversity in spades, honey.

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From the blurb:

Gavin Pope, the new hotshot quarterback and a fling from the past, has Marlee in his sights.

Yeah, I’m 100% here for this.

All you need to know about Gavin (aside from the fact that he brings the swoon factor in this story) is that he fills out his Football pants really well. Did I mention that Alexa may have dropped Julian Edelman when I asked for visual inspo for Gavin’s character?

As in, this man:

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Image result for julian edelman body gif


Basically, I’m going to go reread and put this body in my mind whilst I read about Gavin.

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While reading, there were several moments where I found myself laughing out loud at Marlee’s quirky internal dialogue, and sassiness. I also loved all of the scenes between Marlee and her girl squad, too. Get those gals together with some booze, and it’s a recipe for a good time.
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I love a good sports romance, and I love a good sports romance even more when the Hot Hero is a good guy. So thank you, Alexa Martin, for delivering Gavin, who is very much a good guy Hot Hero.

Even better, Alexa Martin gives us Marlee, one heck of a fabulous heroine. I love her sass and confidence, and I love her give-no-farts attitude. Marlee is tremendously true to herself, even when doing so might hurt her heart. She is not going to comport herself in such a way that you can put her in a box. Rather, she will do what she wants to do, and usually what she wants to do is highly entertaining.

Marlee also is a good friend and daughter. When she gives her word, she follows through, which makes her deserve someone like Gavin. In other words, he isn’t wasted on her. If Marlee settled for anything less than Gavin, I would have to shout at her to stop.

Occasionally the story feels a little cliché, but Marlee and Gavin are so fun to spend time with that you forgive Alexa Martin for those moments of “I’ve seen this before.” And dear reader, this romance is HOT. The sexy times singe their pages, making you sigh, swoon, and squeeze your thighs.

This is my first Alexa Martin book, but it will not be my last. She has other books in this series, and I plan on devouring all of them.
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When I read the synopsis for Intercepted by Alexa Martin, I knew immediately I had to dig in. Hottie football players and a strong sassy heroine?! #SignMeUp

After Marlee’s douchecanoe boyfriend cheats on her, she swears to never look at another football player again. #F%*ckHim #CrushHisBalls

But, wait for it... one name... Gavin Pope. Holy hot, sex-on-a-stick, yummy deliciousness. My god what I would do to him 😍😍. In walks the new quarterback and a one night stand from the past and Marlee is his conquest. 

God Gavin, I don’t know who could say no to you!! Marlee tried to resist, but cmon, how can she? And he is amazing—everything her ex isn’t. Sweet, thoughtful, and pure perfection. 

Intercepted is chock full of laughs, sexy times, romance, and characters you’ll love. I adored this sports romance and Alexa Martin’s writing was fantastic. I can’t wait for Fumbled!!!
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As soon as I heard about Intercepted, I knew I HAD to read it. I'm a sucker for sports romances, especially hockey and football, and I love that the author is the wife of a former NFL player so I knew a lot of her technical details would be accurate. Plus: SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE!!! I am happy to report rookie author Alexa Martin has delivered a sexy and romantic story with a heroine and hero with explosive chemistry and who you can't not root for.

YOU GUYS. Marlee & Gavin are amaaaaaaaaaazing together. I kind of hate that the book started with Marlee together with Chris because it took away from time that could have been better spent with Marlee & Gavin being adorable and sexy together. I ship them so hard! But at the same time, Chris's presence allows Marlee to draw some really awesome boundaries that I don't see a lot. Namely, Marlee constantly lets Gavin know she can fight her own battles. Sure, it's sexy to have a guy go to bat for you, but it does reinforce the ugly sexist stereotype that women need a man to go to bat for them. So I love that even while these two were heating up the (supposedly super comfy) sheets, Marlee was creating those limits in their relationship.

Gavin is a total dreamboat, btw. He does step over the boundaries Marlee draws, which is a no no and she lets him know he did the wrong thing, but he's still a really decent man and a good boyfriend. I know a lot of readers take issue with Gavin becoming unlike himself toward the end, but that wasn't a huge issue for me. There's a point where Gavin does not tell Marlee some really big news, but it's because he was trying to surprise her, not that he was maliciously lying. Also, at one point Marlee tells Gavin of a dream she had for the future, and I knew—I KNEW—it would be the miscommunication that would cause the black moment (which is a term I did not know until I read this book. Thanks,Wendy!). I'm not saying Gavin did the right thing by keeping some REALLY HECKIN BIG NEWS from Marlee, because it was truly life-changing news, but I didn't think Gavin completely became another character entirely. I think he just fucked up, and I can appreciate a seemingly perfect character screwing up ROYALLY. It's good to see those godlike characters exhibit real flaws; otherwise, it doesn't feel realistic.

Unfortunately, there were a few things about Intercepted that just didn't sit well with me. My friend Andi has a term for books that contain an overabundance of plot points: kitchen sink books. As in they contain everything but. There's just a LOT going on here. Not only does Marlee have to deal with a breakup, moving into a new place, finding a new job, and a new romance, there's also a group of conniving football wives, an assault by a local druggie, an almost assault on a train, a manipulative friend/publicist, your typical romance misunderstanding that leads to a breakup, and much more. Life is messy and always throws more at you than you think you can handle, but in fiction, less is usually more. With this many plot points, the story itself was kind of chaotic, and I felt none of them got as much attention as they deserved. Like the assault. It happened super randomly with no lead up, then the cops show up, the media covers it by the next day, and then the assailant is arrested with little fanfare. Then it's barely mentioned again. No need for Marlee to go ID the man. No mention of going to court. Nothing. Just... done. I feel like Intercepted could have gone through another round or two of edits to focus more closely on few storylines and polish them up.

Secondly, I am POSITIVE Alexa herself had to deal with bitchy football WAGs. When you're that close to fame and money, it's a guarantee. However, there's also an entire paragraph of the acknowledgement dedicated to the WAGs who took her in. I would have liked to have seen more than just one woman in the Lady Mustangs be a decent fucking human being to Marlee. With the sole exception of Naomi, every woman even tangentially tied to Mustangs players is a complete "see you next Tuesday", and I cannot describe how over this demonizing of women in romance and YA I am. Awful women are everywhere, yes, but I don't need to see them when I read. If I want to see a horrible human being, I can go find one IRL or in the news. What I want to see in books are women like Naomi and Brynn who are supportive and friendly. I want to see ride-or-die friendships. I have those people in my life, largely part to the book community and the fantasy football league I'm in. It makes me immeasurably sad that fictional characters don't even get that courtesy. 

Finally, I am firmly #TeamNoHashtagsInBooks. I started the book after everyone else in the group, and I was warned they would drive me crazy. Spoiler alert: they did. Marlee hashtags a lot of random things (#HeDidn'tPutARingOnIt is the first, and there's also such winners as #HotMessExpress, #NotAnEnglishMajor, and #IMeantThatIMeantThatIDidn'tMeanIt). They pop up a couple times each chapter, usually right before a break or the end of a chapter, and it's distracting AF. They should have been edited out immediately because if you're not actually talking about a topic trending on Twitter or Instagram, hashtags have no place in prose. Just about the only hashtag in this entire book that might be appropriate was #IceSkateGate because of a situation at an ice skating rink.

There's a lot to enjoy about Intercepted: steamy romance, an amazing female-led business, a biracial mc and therefore interracial couple, A+ humor, and SPORTS! But it's also flush with the drama so if you're looking for low angst, Intercepted is not that book. But I'm still super hyped for book 2!
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This was a great read. My book club loved it and are looking forward to picking up the next few books in the series.
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I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to all sports romance readers. I adore a second chance romance and this one was perfect. This maybe her second novel but she is force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait for more.
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I'm a huge fan of sports romance and this one did not disappoint from the debut author.  I'm sure Alexa being an ex-NFL wife helped a ton with the nuances of that world.  I loved it!

My favorite things in romance novels is a super strong kickass female heroine and Marlee fit the bill. 

Things I loved:  Marlee, Gavin, the banter between characters, the start of a girl posse, the bitchiness of the NFL wives and the actual story line. 

Thing I didn't love was I'm not a huge hashtag girl, so all the hashtags got to be a bit too much for me but for the others who love hashtags then this will right up their alley.

Such a great story from a debut author. I can not wait to read more from this author and this series.
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Intercepted is fun, emotional and sexy. This is a must read for any sports romance lover. Marlee has an A+ voice and I found myself laughing on loud at many parts.
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This book was so good (and I am so not a sports fan). The characters were well-drawn and intelligent - and fun- I wanted to spend more time with them.
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4 stars — This one had me all kinds of entertained, but was balanced by some actions that confused me.  Maybe it’s even a 3.5 stars, but whatever, I’m going to stick to my gut.

I will admit, I had a love-confused relationship with Marlee. She would make me LAUGH AND LAUGH at her antics, and I would just want to high five her all over the place sometimes with the way she would stand up for herself or the smart-ass things she would say.  I loved how forthright she was, and how valiantly she pursued her career and her goals.  But she was also a much more…aggressive? heroine, and I had a harder time connecting with that.  I wasn’t always that big on the way she was over the top competitive, or how occasionally her taunts felt a little juvenile and more fitting for the reality shows she liked to watch (which, since I’m not a fan of those, it makes sense that wasn’t my favourite aspect of her personality).

I think I also had a hard time at the beginning of the story understanding why she was with Chris for so long.  He truly treated her horribly, and while we get some explanation, it wasn’t enough for me to make it fit with the Marlee that we know for the rest of the book.  And while I got in general where she was coming from wrt her relationship with Gavin, it took me a while to get there and get behind her decisions.  I initially found her harder to sympathize with…or rather I was torn, b/c part of me did and part of me didn’t.  Which probably doesn’t make sense, but when do I ever make sense?

Gavin for the most part was awesome.  He was sweet, persistent, fun, kind, just the opposite of the stereotype of a NFL player that we’re usually presented with.  But damn was he oblivious sometimes, especially at the end.  It made me wonder if he knew Marlee at all, and honestly it didn’t fit with what I’d come to know of him up to that point…

I appreciated the way the end played out, because it was the right decision for them, and it made me have more faith in their relationship, though I will admit I still wanted something more out of Gavin.

Their chemistry was pretty awesome.  I actually loved the way they connected on a friendship level the most, they really meshed well on an everyday level.

In general, the secondary characters were pretty great  I especially LOVED Marlee’s friendship with Naomi and Brynn.  I was a bit bummed that most of the other WAGs were fairly villainous.  For some reason I’d like to believe there would have been a few more good ones in there…

I like this author’s voice in general, she’s pretty freaking funny…but there are moments of disconnect for me as well.  It’s *really* hard to articulate what is missing for me though, but there is something preventing me from full on fangirling.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to TK’s book!
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LOVED THIS ONE! I adore sports romances and Martin has created a story that I just raced through. I can't wait to read more of her work!
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Longtime girlfriend (but not wife!) of an NFL player, Marlee has never quite fit in with the team's pack of wives. And when she leaves her boyfriend upon learning he's been cheating on her, the last person she's interested in dating is another football player. Too bad the hot new quarterback Gavin Pope is such a good guy and so hard to ignore…. The author is the spouse of a former NFL player, and lots of details about players and wives and the NFL ring true. More important, Martin understands that you can't let someone else fight your battles, and that the person you love is sometimes the person who inadvertently is undermining you the most. Clever, nuanced, and deeply funny, Intercepted is a winner.  - Adrian Liang, Amazon Book Review
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The best new voice in contemporary romance! This was so fun and romantic. Did I mention fun? I loved this book to pieces.
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I loved this. Such a fun football romance. The characters are so well written and the dialogue is so funny. I’d love to see more!
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This was one of the books I was most anticipating to read this month because, as a fan of sports romances, I thought it was beyond cool to read a story written by someone who actually lived one of those stories.  The author of this book was an NFL wife herself!  So I couldn’t wait to see her real take on one of my favorite tropes.  In some ways, it definitely lived up to my expectations.  But I think it fell a bit short in the execution.

I’m not going to lie, I got a little worried at first because our heroine has already been dating one of the players on the team for years, but she’s actually supposed to end up with someone else.  Rest assured, there’s no cheating involved.  That being said, I think the whole situation was handled quite easily.  From being in a long term relationship waiting for a proposal to single and then with reconnecting with a previous flame in an instant (almost).  Too easy, too fast for my taste.

One of the things I liked about this book was the heroine’s personality.  I’m surprised I’m saying that because generally this is the type of heroine that can give me hives.  But I actually liked her and found her funny.  She definitely made this book a lot more lively and entertaining.

So Marlee and Gavin had a one night stand years ago and he had no clue how to find her again.  Shortly after that she had gotten back together with her boyfriend and things had gone back to normal in her life.  Until Gavin is traded and is the quarterback of her boyfriend’s team.  I really loved Gavin.  He was that perfect ideal of the fantasy man we love to read about.  I loved how he had wanted more from that one night stand and even how he held on to those memories of the night.  I may not have liked how clueless he was in the end, but then again both him and Marlee made my head spin a little at that point and I wanted to start beating sense into both of them.

The best thing about this book is that it’s fun.  With all the issues with the NFL wives, all the cattiness and back and forth between them, as well as the romancing of the main couple, this was an all around entertaining read.  I do think that the writing and pacing could improve as it didn’t feel like it flowed seamlessly, but I’m interested to read more from this author so I’ll be continuing with the series.
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This was a super fun read for me! Loved that it had to do with sports and that Marlee was a hilarious ball of sass. Read this pretty much in one sitting as I was swept away in the story, the tell of a good book if you ask me :) Can't wait to read more from Alexa!
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Simply put, I really loved this book! 

Sports romance and even more specifically, football romance is one of my favorite subgenres. So, you could say that my standards are fairly high for them as well. 

Intercepted was a really fun read. I adored Marlee and Gavin and I really enjoyed how Ms. Martin developed their relationship. Gavin and Marlee had great chemistry and I especially loved how Gavin treated Marlee. Gavin is definitely book boyfriend material!

Intercepted is a strong start to the Playbook series and an outstanding debut for Ms. Martin.

*Copy provided by Netgalley
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Brought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjen

Marlee’s life is falling apart.  She has learned that her boyfriend is cheating on her and she has to put up with obnoxious wives of her cheating boyfriend’s NFL team.  Talk about mean girls, this group is the definition of those words. And to make matters worse, a one-night-stand from her past is now back in her life, as the team’s new quarterback.  She never forgot that night and how wonderful it was. If it was not for bad luck, Marlee would have no luck at all. She is going to have a hard time keeping it all together, she knows she is facing one tough challenge.

Gavin seems like a really great guy, although he did lie to her when she first met him (remember the one-night-stand).  He is intrigued with Marlee and wants to get to know her better. Since honesty is very important to Marlee, he has an uphill battle.  But he does not give up easily and he knows that Marlee is definitely worth fighting for.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  I am not a fan of books written in the first person, which this one is.  That is my personal preference and other readers might like this. There were a lot of hashtags in the book, and I thought this added even more humor to the book (it was a book that was plenty funny). I find the fact that this is her first book surprising (it was very good for a first book) and the fact that she is a former NFL wife fascinating.  She knows first hand what that life is like and it showed in her book, I enjoyed that insight.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written women’s contemporary (whether you like football or not).  I would not let a young adult read this book, because of the language and intimate moments, but I do not think this is the intended audience.  If you are looking for a good read, then pick this book up.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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