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As you definitely already know, I love football an absurd amount. It's my favorite thing to think about, watch, and talk about with friends and family. I'm ridiculous in how much I love my team and how much a loss can ruin my day/week. My fantasy football ladies-and-"book bloggers"-only league, Game of Throws, was given the chance to buddy read this novel from Berkley. I also had an egalley for review on my own, but knew I wanted to read it at the same time as my gals. We all read it over the course of opening weekend of football, which is also around my birthday AND when I was in Charlotte to see the season opener for my team! It was absolutely perfect timing and got me into the football mood even more than before.

I enjoyed this one overall! There were a few things that bugged me throughout, but they are all smallish complains. I think the writing style was very easy to read, but some dialogue and scenes felt forced, like they were trying too hard. The constant hashtags annoyed me (the MC explained that she "hashtags her life" in her head sometimes) and only got worse as the book went on. There was a lot happening in the second half of the book and there were a few different conflicts. There were issues with heckling and even assault, the other football wives, her ex-boyfriend and whoever he was dating at the time, AND obviously within the main couple at the end. I liked that the book was well-rounded and she had a full life, but there was a lot going on. Sometimes it felt like too much. The whole plot with the football wives was majorly in the "mean girls" trope, which is overused IMO.

Gavin and Marlee's relationship was sweet, caring, and steamy; I could feel the chemistry. Some parts at the end felt like Gavin was a different person in some ways? Many of his decisions and a lot of the conflict was surrounding him being an idiot all of a sudden. I thought he was so perfect most of the time! It was a bit frustrating because it felt like drama for the sake of drama; it was out of character. All of the football-related elements were SO GREAT. (Although, Marlee somehow spent 10 years dating an NFL wide receiver and didn’t realize the Giants played in New Jersey instead of New York???)

If you’re a football AND romance fan (and can look past some cheesy hashtags in the MC’s head), I’d definitely recommend this. I couldn’t put it down. I tried to read on my vacation but I was too distracted. I read 94% of the book in one sitting when I was at home watching Monday Night Football, which was perfect.
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3.5 stars

The release of Intercepted by Alexa Martin has generated a lot of hype. And for good reason. This was such an entertaining read; I can see myself being friends with someone like Marlee who takes life seriously only when need be. The friends she chooses are women who like to build each other up and have each other’s backs come hell or high water. The catty WAGs on the other hand…they are a whole different breed of women. And yeah. They were mean and give women a bad name, but the fact is, there are women out there like that, and Marlee does a good job holding her own and getting some digs in. Her interactions with them were at times hilarious, and at times made me so angry on her behalf. These women were as serious as their place in the WAGs hierarchy as their men were about their positions on the team. A huge highlight for me was Marlee and Gavin’s relationships with their families. Both were close to them, and it was nice to see that they each had a solid support system. I thought the pacing was good, and I loved the use of the hashtags in this book! #theyremindedmeabitofJoefromYOU #butwithoutthecrazy #wellmostly There was a fantastical quality to this book in that Gavin was the perfect man. Everything you’d ever want in a man…Gavin has it. He’s sexy as hell and so polite, but man when things get tough, he’s going to go to the wall for you.

There were a few things that I had a hard time with, but the biggest for me was that once 75% hit, Gavin’s character did an about face that was not at all indicative of what we’d seen of him up until then. It was like someone took Gavin out of the game and replaced him with someone else, trying to pass them off as Gavin. And it just didn’t sit well with me. Also, Marlee was so focused on doing everything on her own that she never realized she didn’t have to. And it didn’t feel like a very becoming character trait. It felt more like stubbornness than character growth to me. The last thing is Gavin’s adoration of Marlee. I loved this – absolutely loved it. But I also couldn’t help but wonder where it came from. This is one of those times when an author relies on a previous encounter to explain their current attraction, but the previous encounter wasn’t fleshed out enough to carry that.

Having said that, I think Intercepted was so much fun, I think the author is a fantastic writer; I’m with this series until the end. Solid female friendships and the family characters can rely on – that’s something I feel has been missing from this genre and Alexa Martin definitely filled that reader need in me. Oh, and TK…yeah. We met him in this book and holy smokes…I’m already in love. #bringiton
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3.75 - 4 Stars

The was a debut novel for Alexa Martin and I suggest you get used to seeing her name popping up here and there. She brings to us a super sassy and fun romcom with some sparkle and bling in this sports romance. Settle in with your glass of wine and a side of chocolate and get ready for all the drama that surrounds this NFL football team and their crazy spouses.

Marlee finds herself the only ring less significant other of the team. This does not go overlooked by many of the wives and is rubbed in her face on a regular basis. She is completely her own person thought, holding a job of her own and not just living off her mans money. She is a confident woman who fell for the wrong man, and when that comes to light we watch her take charge of her future. She wasn't prepared for Gavin Pope and all he has to offer.

Gavin is super swoony and certainly what the doctor ordered. Being new to the team doesn't slow him down in his perusal of a teammates ex. Can Gavin be Marlee's HEA?

I look forward to see what Ms Martin has in store for us next!

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***
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I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

I had read a sample of the first couple chapters in this book as it was included in the BuzzBooks Romance sampler I read last month. I thought that the excerpt was pretty entertaining so I requested it. And oh wow was this book funny. Some parts were so drama-filled I was holding my breath and couldn't look away, and other parts were just plain darn laugh out loud funny. Overall this book was extremely entertaining - the antics that Marlee manages to find herself in were astounding. There was a good amount of drama, and some pigheaded asshole-ish men, I was definitely high on the adrenaline roller coaster while reading this one. The story line was ok, although I thought it was weird that Gavin was so outstandingly perfect in the beginning and then he turns out to be such a hard headed dunce towards the end. I still really liked it though, I liked reading about the different hierarchy and struggles and drama of being a football player's wife. And I ended up having really good timing for reading this since I was able to read it during our first football game viewing of the season (my in-laws and husband are avid Pats fans). I'd recommend this one, it was an interesting and funny read!
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Intercepted was the perfect book to read over the weekend. It was fun, light and with plenty of hilarious situations. I would have finished it earlier but I have a new ten-week-old puppy. #NoTimeToReadAnymore or I should say: #NoTimeForAnything

Anyway, Intercepted has a funny heroine, Marlee Harper. Marlee is the girlfriend of Chris Alexander, a pro football player. Her only boyfriend has been Chris. She did have a one-night stand four years ago while they were on a break but she tries to avoid thinking about that night.

Marlee loves marketing but it has been hard to do what she wants to do because she has dedicated herself to Chris. She even attends the Lady Mustangs meetings which usually only football players wives can attend and she's continuously attacked by Courtney, the QB's wife. Chris is nothing but self-involved and when she finds out he's cheating, she breaks their ten-year-old relationship and moves out.

Things get heated when Gavin Pope joins the team as the new QB. He's good at his job, he's hot and it turns out he's Marlee's one night stand! At first, Marlee tries to avoid him because she's with Chris and later on because she doesn't want to date another football player. But, Gavin is unrelenting. He makes it impossible for Marlee not to try to be with him.

As I said earlier, this book is quick, funny and light. It had the perfect combination to entertain you. 
I love how Marlee defended herself from the mean WAGs. I like how she did have a true friend within the meanies. I like how she went through life using hashtags. I like how her relationship developed with Gavin. Gavin was just perfect except when he did something which was completely out of character for him. I guess, we needed some drama and that was the only way to create it. Even with his misstep, I still ended up liking him.

I'm looking forward to Fumbled, the next in this series.

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Berkley Romance via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Intercepted is a solid sports romance debut from an author I’ll be keeping an eye out for moving forward. 

Seriously. The writing, for the most part, was smart and snappy. The characters were multi-dimensional and likable. And the story hooked me immediately and kept me on the line with it for pretty much the entire thing. Marlee is my favorite type of heroine: smart, strong, and sassy. She took a few blows throughout the course of the book, but she gave as good as she got and she stayed true to herself. I loved her indomitable spirit, and the chemistry she shared with Gavin, who was a pretty irresistible character in his own right – the sort of sensitive, protective alpha hero that gets me every time.

I loved the way their relationship started and that Ms. Martin didn’t shove me right into it. Some of the time transitions were a little clunky for me, but that was balanced out by the witty banter, and clever exchanges these two gave – not only to each other – but to the secondary characters they were surrounded by (friend and foe). There’s a fair amount of drama here, but most of it played off as fun, sometimes almost campy, and – of course – it is always gratifying to see the good guys win in the end. 

I also loved that Ms. Martin didn’t shy away from the sports aspect of this sports romance. I loved that Marlee was a sort of intense fan (actually, I loved that quite a bit). As a fan of all things football (and maybe most especially football romance), the fact that Gavin’s career wasn’t glossed over added an extra layer of fun for me. 

All that said, it wasn’t quite a perfect read. As I mentioned, some of the transitions were a little awkward for me, and I felt like some of the “quirks” in the writing could have been dialed back a bit. It was a little inconsistent sometimes, but not in a way that ruined the book for me. Not at all. I enjoyed it quite a bit and feel like this is one of the strongest debut books I’ve read in quite some time. I’m excited to see where Ms. Martin goes from here and I will absolutely be back for more. ~ Shelly, 3.5 Stars
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I will forever be grateful to Alexa Martin for snapping my week-long book/bookstagram/blogging slump, which I'm now referring to as the Great Slump of Late Summer 2018. Intercepted was one of my most highly-anticipated releases of the year and it exceeded all of my expectations. It was such a fun, swoony and sexy book.

I absolutely loved Marlee. I spent a good portion of the book literally laughing out loud thanks to her. She was super sassy, too. Gavin was everything I want in a hero, too. He was so sexy and swoony and he treated Marlee how she deserved to be treated. (Unlike the POS she was dating at the beginning of the book.) Who doesn't love a sweet and devoted quarterback? Rawr. They played so well off each other and their chemistry was fantastic. I loved their second chance romance.

So, I have to admit, I was a little concerned when I started reading the book. But it was my own fault. I have a terrible habit of not reading a blurb before starting a book. So here's this amazing heroine paired with this complete jackass and I'm like "Oh man, what did I get myself into? I can't read an entire book with this dude." Except with more profanity. Thankfully that is NOT the story I got. That'll teach me not to read blurbs. (No it won't.) But, I digress. Marlee and Gavin get an A+.

As a rabid football fan, I loved the behind-the-scenes look at the world of the NFL, too. If the WAGs in real life are anything like the ones in this book... whoa. The cattiness, the drama? Dang. It made for a good book, though. Marlee did a good job handling these women and I appreciated it. No doormat heroines for me, please and thank you! Such a great book all around. I loved the diversity and, well, everything about Intercepted. I can't wait to get my hands on Fumbled!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review consideration. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Sometimes I like to hashtag my life. #CheaperThanTherapy

The problem with being an adult is absolutely everything. Bills. Work. The bone crushing disappointment of knowing the guy you want isn't right for you. A slowed metabolism.

In the words of the infamous Ice Cube, today was a good day. #GangstaRapInspiration
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Marlee Harper has played the role of the girlfriend to a pro football player for ten years. But that all comes crashing down when she finds out that her wide receiver boyfriend has been scoring more touchdowns off the field than on them. Swearing off athletes, Marlee tries to pick up the pieces and move on with her life but that plan is shot to hell when Gavin Pope, the new quarterback and an old fling, comes walking back into her life. Though she’s resistant, Gavin is determined to make what happened between him and Marlee more than a one night thing, he just first has to convince her to take a chance on him.

Can I just say that Berkley has been killing it with their debut romances this year! First there was The Wedding Date which I absolutely adored. Then there was The Kiss Quotient which is my favorite read for this year. Now we have Intercepted, a drama-filled sports romance that had me glued to my eReader and laughing up a storm. Intercepted is definitely one of the most entertaining sports-romances I’ve read in a while. I legit felt like I was watching one of those reality housewives shows while reading this book. The writing was on point and I gotta say that Alexa Martin did a damn good job at creating these secondary characters because I hated all of them (though I think that was kind of the point). Marlee has the patience of a saint because these secondary characters in this book drove me up the wall and I wanted to fight all of them. They were so condescending and incredibly rude and it made me wonder if this how WAGs are in real life. You will definitely need some patience while reading this book because these characters will test your nerves, lol.

I loved Marlee from the start! She has no filter, she gives it to you straight and she is strong as hell considering all that she was put through throughout this book. She’s a fighter and I loved that she didn’t allow anyone to disrespect her nor does she change who she was just to fit it with the rest of the WAGs. The romance was angsty and though I wanted Marlee to let her guard down, I totally understand why she was so hesitant to let Gavin in. Gavin was so incredibly sweet and patient and is such a charmer. I thought he was perfect for Marlee and was happy with how things worked out for the both of them in the end.

There were only two things that didn’t work for me in this book. The first being the use of hashtags within the internal dialogues. It was cute at first but I didn’t think they were fitting for some of the more serious moments throughout the book. The second thing that didn’t work for me was the ending. It felt a bit rushed. I mean most of the issues were resolved during the last 5% of the book and I felt like there should’ve been a chapter or two more before we got to the epilogue.

Minor issues aside, Intercepted was still an entertaining and fun sports romance so grab some popcorn, a glass of wine and charge up your eReaders because I promise you’re not gonna want to miss out on this debut!
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3.5 stars!

A great debut from new author Alexa Martin. This is the story of Marlee, a strong woman who finds out her NFL boyfriend of the last ten years has been screwing her over behind her back. When they break up, his teammate and a man Marlee has a past with expresses interest, but Marlee doesn't want anything to do with NFL players anymore.

I thought this was a very fun and cute read. For a debut novel it's excellent and I think Martin only has room from here to grow as a writer. Marlee was such a fun character to follow with lots of personality and I hope to see more characters like her in fiction in the future.
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Intercepted is a first book in a series called Playbook that both grabbed me and made me feel old. The writing style was interesting, with twists of what the next generation is going through with both love and real life. The sassy and witty writing at times grabbed me, but the hashtags often made me sigh and I am a user of hashtags. But if anyone who know me, I did complain about someones use of hashtags in relationship to their vacation as they copied and pasted them when they had no meaning to the image they were posting. I digress. Sorry.

Marlee was one heroine I had a hard time in the beginning getting along with, but as she grows through the book and realized the same things I was thinking, I in turn grew to love her. She is finding her way and unfortunately has chosen a man who isn't supportive of her own dreams. Their relationship stumped me a lot as he wasn't faithful, but she seemed to turn a blind eye unless it was right up in her face. Also, if you date a guy this long and he does't put a ring on it, girl, move on! On top of everything he really treats her like shit and I wanted to cut his ... well,  I will just stop there.

Marlee not only has an ass for a boyfriend she is dealing with the married women of the football team. They never let her live down that she isn't married, but somehow is allowed into their little club to do good things for the community. The president often steals her ideas and frankly treats her like shit. See a theme here?

During one the break up times with her boyfriend she has a one nightstand with a man. She knows nothing about him and is surprised when the football team grabs him up to possibly replace the aging quarterback. Surprise when he shows up at a team gathering.

Needless to say it all blows to Hell and unfortunately most of her possessions were bought by the ex and she can't take them with her. A career is budding for her, but it isn't bringing in enough to cover the bills, so she takes on another job, apartment and learns to walk and bus it to work.

In walks Gavin, her one nightstand who is everything she could ask for. She finds herself falling for him, but also realizes she needs to find herself and grow. The two are combustible and he comes through when a guy should, but he also does stupid guy stuff.

With a new boyfriend she isn't really calling a boyfriend, new job and friend, Marlee shows the gridiron bitch where she can go with such style and sometimes a lot of trash talk. Through tough times and simple times, Marlee keeps a simple sense of humor about her and her friends are so funny, I cracked up so much.

This was a story I wasn't expecting but learned to love so much as I went from beginning to end. A gritty, take no shit heroine grows out of the girl we see in the beginning. A strong man who knows he has to let her go to have her come back for a second time. It's a look beyond the field when real life happens and you can't run for a touchdown every time. Catch the book and run for the checkout counter. It's sure to be a touchdown!
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You probably haven't heard of Alexa Martin yet, so let me tell you that she's a debut author and I had the pleasure to read her first novel, INTERCEPTED. She is the wife of an NFL football player so it probably comes as no surprise that her first book is sports romance, specifically, yeah, you guessed it, football. Intercepted gives us a little insight into the not so glamorous life of a wife or girlfriend of a football player.

Marlee Harper just broke up with her football player boyfriend of ten years. Their relationship has always been a little rocky - Marlee knew that Chris cheated on her in the past so when she finds incriminating photos she's had enough. Her knight in shining armor is Gavin Pope, the teams new quarterback, who she had a fling with four years ago. He saves her on numerous occasions which not only strengthens their friendship but also increases exponentially their attraction. After Chris, however, Marlee  doesn't have any inclination to date another athlete. If Gavin Pope wasn't so irresistibly scrumptious...

This story is written from Marlee's point of view and we get all her inner monologues which can get really boring, repetitive and tedious. Not so in Alexa Martin's debut. This author's voice is quick-witted, hilarious, smart and crisp to a point where it becomes absolutely addictive. I loved the snark and humor in Intercepted so much, I couldn't put the book down.

Marlee doesn't realize that her breakup and the relationship with Chris left scars. Only through Gavin she realizes how damaged she is and I have to say I was immensely impressed that she never took the easy way, her decisions might look selfish on the outside but it was actually a way for her to grow, to give everyone, not just Gavin, the best version of herself.

It’s not that I’m not whole without him— I am. It’s just that with him— next to him— everything shines brighter. 

The group of WAGs Marlee used to be a part of is like hyenas. It's awful how they gang up on her and single her out. The vicious things they do and say...a weaker person would crumble. Marlee didn't always take the high road but her eloquent and sassy comebacks and the fact that she didn't let the (b)witches penetrate her thick skin made me admire her so much. Nobody was allowed to disrespect her. Nobody. She said and did the unexpected and I loved that she made the conscious choice to sort herself out.

Gavin is dreamy. He wants Marlee fiercely and there is always a sense of her being IT for him. He shows his appreciation in so many ways and makes her feel special. He definitely is the full package and while he did get a little over-protective at times it didn't really bother me. What bugged me a little bit is his final screw-up. He knew Marlee was as independent as they come, making a huge decision without involving her was TSTL and I thought a little out of character, too. This is where the hero's point of view would have come in handy since I wanted to know what the hell moved him to his actions. However, the issue was resolved and wrapped up nicely so in the end it didn't really change my overall enjoyment of INTERCEPTED.

He’s giving himself to me in a way I’ve never experienced. Unselfishly. Without wanting anything in return except to let him love me.

If a snarky writing style is your jam and you love sports romance give this a chance. This book doesn't feel like a debut at all, it's solid, entertaining and you'll be pulled into the story from the first page. I'm sure we'll hear more of Alexa Martin.
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Oh my..GAVIN POPE. Gavin is such a swoon worthy hero. Before he came on scene and I saw how the mention of his name freaked Marlee out, I was like Oh no! But after Marlee’s break up with Chris, seeing Gavin in action proved me wrong.

This was such a fun debut from Alexa Martin. I felt like I was getting somewhat of the insight into the life of ‘the wives behind the scenes’ insert all the petty! The opening scene had me laughing hysterically with Marlee’s internal thoughts.

I loved Alexa’s use of hashtags because I’m that annoying person who speaks them from time to time.

Overall this was a fun read. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.
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When I started this book I was a little worried that the use of hashtags would be a turn off; however, as the story started to unfold I found myself really intrigued by Marlee, Gavin and their lives connected to the NFL. Marlee struggled with insecurities that at times I didn't really understand and sort of frustrated me but in the end I really loved her for her journey. I loved Gavin from his introduction to the story but similar to my feeling for Marlee, Gavin frustrated me as well. Overall, I am really glad that I got to read this debut novel for this author and I look forward to her next book. 

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For months and months this book has been on my radar. Did it live up to the hype? Eh, kinda. I didn’t love this book by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a pretty easy, fun read.

The main thing that bothered me about this book was the heroine, Marlee, constantly compared the hero, Gavin, to her ex-boyfriend. At the start of the book Marlee is actually dating Chris, a NFL player. Once Chris and Marlee breakup, Gavin and Marlee start dating fairly quickly. However, Marlee constantly compares Gavin to Chris. Both being NFL players (for the same team) it’s easy for readers to extrapolate that Marlee has “type” and that Gavin/Chris are copies of each other. They aren’t, though, and it’s pretty darn apparent from the outset that Gavin is NOTHING like Chris. However, Marlee can’t get that through her head and she is always waiting for the shoe to drop with Gavin. When the black moment does occur, she throws her disastrous relationship with Chris back in his face again and again. 

A few things I really liked about the book were the author’s use of #hastags, a positively-portrayed female friendship (between Marlee and her BFF Naomi), and Gavin’s agent, Donny, who was not afraid to use some colorful language. Those three aspects of Intercepted made this book seem lighthearted even when the content and the story seem heavy.

Although this wasn’t a five-star read for me, I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.
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Marlee is one of the sassiest, and most entertaining heroine I've read in some time. Her snarky narration made the book for me, as she had me laughing out loud on countless occasions. But besides her fantastic sense of humor, there was quite a bit more to love about her. She's sweet, unfailingly loyal to her longtime boyfriend, and she doesn't allow anyone to disrespect her. The wives of her boyfriend's teammates try to cut her with barbs on a regular basis because her man still hasn't attempted to put a ring on it. After ten years. One in particular, Courtney, is the ringleader of the mean girls. She's a secondary character you will immediately dislike, and eventually thoroughly despise. Marlee's take no bullshit attitude makes for some hilarious moments, because even when she's at her lowest point, she gives just as good as she gets. She has a steely confidence that comes across on every page. 

Gavin is a one night stand she had when she was on a brief break with her boyfriend years ago. She ended up running out the next morning full of regrets. Discovering that Gavin had lied to her about what he did for a living was enough to convince her she'd made a big mistake. As someone who values honesty, she wasn't very impressed with his deception, and he became her dirty little secret after reconnecting with Chris. Sure, their night was unforgettable, (much to her chagrin) but she didn't plan on ever letting it effect her present. Until she discovers that Gavin has now signed on with the Mustangs, and he makes it clear that he remembers her with crystal clear clarity. 

Intercepted is the perfect title for this novel, because that is precisely what Gavin did. When Marlee discovers what her boyfriend has been hiding from her, he swoops in and catches Chris' massive FUMBLE. I had so much respect for Gavin. Clearly, it's obvious from their first interaction that he appreciates her worth and treats her accordingly. She isn't just some random hookup from his past, he genuinely wants to get to know her better, and build something from their connection. You get the feeling that she's his potential dream girl, and the one that slipped through his fingers. And he's willing to be as patient as it takes until she feels ready to place her trust in a new relationship after being burned when she least expected it.

Which brings me to another thing I really loved about their story. Marlee is a woman who gave her whole heart and soul to Chris when they were together. Then her trust was broken pretty brutally, and it would have been easy for her to carry that baggage with her. To treat Gavin unfairly because of her ex's actions, or jump to conclusions because she had trust issues. That didn't happen. She saw him for who he really was from the start, and it was so refreshing. Yes, she did need some time to transition into a relationship with Gavin, but that's more than understandable. It would have been highly unrealistic if she jumped from one man to the other with no qualms after what happened to her. 

Gavin was a complete and utter sweetheart. He was so supportive and protective of Marlee. In fact, at times, he unintentionally stepped over the line with his protectiveness and got pushy. (If that's a man's worst failing, I'd say he's doing pretty well.) He did have a pretty big screw up in the end, but I never got upset with him over it because his heart was in the right place. He just needed to learn that Marlee values her independence and she had to make her own way in the world. Accomplish her own dreams. 

I did think that the drama leaned toward over the top on a few occasions, especially her getting attacked twice in unrelated incidents. I didn't think anything of the first one with the homeless man, but then when it happened again with the two men on the train it was a bit much. Another issue I had was the hashtags throughout the book. At first I thought they were really funny, but the further I read, they got to be overkill. I started skimming them when there were two or three on one page. This didn't effect my overall enjoyment to a big degree, so I'm not complaining that much. 

I can honestly say that I loved both main characters from beginning to end. As a couple they were flawless, and set my romantic heart fluttering at their sexy connection and banter. 

Intercepted was a fast paced, low angst, fun and flirty novel that's sure to be a big winner with many readers. As a debut novel, I was really impressed with Alexa Martin's storytelling. It's so naturally engaging and entertaining. If you're in the mood for a light, sports rom-com, this could be the book you're looking for. It's always exciting finding not only a new author to follow, but a new series. This book provides both, so this book nerd is blissfully happy! The next book in the Playbook series is entitled Fumbled , and it's scheduled for publication March 2019. I'm really looking forward to continuing on with Poppy and TK's story.
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I loved this book! Alexa Martin’s debut was fun, sassy, sexy, and sweet! I cannot wait to read more from her. Thank you Berkley Romance for this ARC.
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Nothing's better than reading a debut novel and loving it, am I right? Alexa Martin hit all the right notes in Intercepted. Her protagonist, Marlee, is hilarious (those hashtags!), smart, and strong; her antagonists are wonderfully awful; and, her love interest is the swooniest of swooniest--Gavin Pope, y'all, wow. 

The characters interesting and flawed and funny and sweet and romantic --and even more fun?! this novel all happens in the football universe. As someone who enjoys sports, this is a definite plus for me. For those who aren't big football or into sports, this novel is so much more than that. I promise you're going to enjoy the journey Martin takes you on with Marlee and Gavin and all the things they get into. 

I could go on for pages about how I really thought this was a light sports romcom and then the last 20% had me feeling all sorts of things. I could go on about the Marlee's best friends and enemies and how much I enjoyed reading all those parts. I could list all the moments when I laughed out loud or when Gavin melted my ice cold heart. I could tell you for days about how awesome it is to have more #ownvoices on my TBR list and how hopeful I am that publishers continue to embrace and encourage and support diverse voices. I could do all of that and more instead let me tell you how excited I am that Alexa Martin is writing another book and I cannot wait to read it! I'm so excited and I want to know all the things about Fumbled (so, if you're reading this, Alexa Martin, I'd love to know more!).
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Every once in a while I come across a book and I wonder how this could be the author's début novel. That's how I felt about Alexa Martin's Intercepted. If I hadn't looked up what other books she had written, I would have never have known this was the first. Intercepted was that good.

I loved the writing. It felt fresh and real. I could totally imagine all of the scenarios going down happening to a professional footballer's girlfriend or wife. It was like watching it on one of those reality television shows. The crazy was just crazy enough to be believable.

Marlee was one cool chick. This goes back to the writing, but she felt like a real person because the voice the author gave her was so authentic. I loved her confidence and strength. Marlee had this sassy, snarky attitude. She didn't let petty jabs get to her. It was so much fun. My favorite thing about her, though, was her independent streak. Marlee was determined to make it on her own. She wasn't going to be the kept woman of a professional athlete.

Intercepted was all in Marlee's point of view, but that did not stop me from getting to know Gavin well. Sometimes when a book is lacking the hero's point of view, it feels like something is missing. This book did not feel that way. I got to know Gavin well enough through Marlee's eyes. I loved Gavin. He was the professional athlete women hope they fall in love with. He wasn't a womanizer and he treated Marlee like a queen. He did have his moments of stupidity, but it wouldn't have been such a great love story if he hadn't.

Another thing that was awesome about this book was the biracial representation. I can't claim to identify with that piece of Marlee since I'm not biracial, but I know several readers who did. I loved everything about Marlee and how that piece of her identity worked into the story, so I think I can agree that it was well done. Normally, I might leave this paragraph out since I cannot personally identify, but I think readers who would identify should know about this.

I only had one beef with Intercepted: all of the #hashtags. Gosh, there were so many of them. At first it, I thought they were cute and kind of funny. By the end, #Iwasjustdonewiththem.

Intercepted was such a fun read. It was it was sassy, romantic, and hilarious. It brought a smile to my face. I can't wait to read more from Alexa Martin. (Which reminds me, I read the blurb for her next book and I am dying to get my hands on it!!!)
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In this debut novel from Alexa Martin, Marlee Harper has been living in the fish bowl world of a professional football player’s girlfriend. Since he chooses to embrace the clichéd skirt chaser life of famous athletes one too many times, Marlee decides she is done with being his long suffering girlfriend. So the last thing she wants is to start another relationship with an even more celebrated athlete on the same team. Four years before while on a break from the man she has been with since high school, Marlee met Gavin Pope. They had a brief fling and she has never forgotten Gavin, or truthfully, moved past being with him.

Marlee wants to find out what life is like when she puts her own wants, needs, and desires first. However, what she feels for Gavin sends her back to the merry-go-round whirl of press, fans, and quite odious wives who want nothing more than to see Marlee go down in flames. Things seem to be working out well when she and Gavin get together despite the difficulties of living life on the public stage. With her adversaries still on the attack, and Gavin making some unexpected choices, Marlee resolves she is not ready to stand on the sidelines…again.

This story is an entertaining and often amusing read, in part, because Ms. Martin spent eight years as an NFL wife so she knows from whence she speaks. The mean girl wives, the women going after the players regardless whether the men are married or in a relationship, and the ruthless press and fans all have authenticity since Ms. Martin lived that life. While set with a humorous tone which the author does quite well, this story is a reminder of who the true heroes are in the sense that the wives and supporters of professional athletes deal with all the downsides of fame, but receive none of the glory.
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A great debut from new author Alexa Martin - I really enjoyed this one!

Marlee has been with her NFL boyfriend for a long time, she is a seasoned WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) who knows how things work. She has weekly lunches with the bitchy wives who look down on her for only being a long-term girlfriend, but she holds her own and only really stays involved because she loves to help out with the charity aspects of the WAG community.

But what happens when her boyfriend betrays her and she falls very quickly for his new teammate and rival Gavin?

I loved Gavin, he was a gentleman and an alpha who looked after those people in his life that he cared about, including his loyal fans.

Marlee was a great female character with a sense of humour, if a little immature at times. 

All round, it was a good solid story - I am excited to see what this author will bring us next.
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