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Alex and the Monsters: Here Comes Mr. Flat!

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It's a fun read. I liked this book with comic book style illustrations This chapter book for grades 3-4
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Alex is living his current life philosophy; minimum attention, minimum effort.  He thought it was going well.  But he got to school and realized that the cost of minimum attention just...caught...up.  It put him where he hated to be.  A target for Lidia (the superior tattletale) Lines.  And it earned him time helping the librarian because he had made a mess he forgot to clean up.

It was while he helped the librarian that he discovered a little plush (stuffie) toy that appeared to be a monster.  A kid's toy.  Alex has no idea how his life will be turned upside down by a used-looking orange monster.

This chapter book explores some basic childhood questions like "Why Should I do things the way adults tell me to?"  Alex is trying his own way.  Fortunately for him, he gets a reward of sorts--instead of punishment--that gently reveals the flaws in his ways of thinking.

The monster, Mr. Flat, shows Alex the wonders and adventures available in books that Alex had somehow missed.  And Alex finds levels of loyalty and determination in himself that he never suspected.  (Maybe some adults do know things worth listening to; in a much shorter-than-normal lecture, hopefully!)

This story is told in an adventure-style, so a chapter may end, but the suspense is still building.  I may have seen a good place or two to stop reading, but I seem to have rushed right past them so I could continue reading all 10 chapters!

Mr. Flat is a cute monster with an under-bite, and an extensive knowledge of classic adventure stories.  He introduces Alex to a few books that Alex had been sharing his room with, but not truly living with.

I won't tell you what happens; I'm not like Lidia Lines.  But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover.  I wouldn't suggest giving it as a gift--to someone with a messy room--that can backfire.  But I think nearly everyone would like this tale of both woe and triumph, and how Alex met a lot of monsters!

Note:  The translation from French (Canadian) to English was done very well!

5/5 Stars

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the free preview of this ebook (to read and review any way I wish).

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This book is amazing! I got the honour to read all of the series in the original language and I find the translation very good. I hope that they translate the rest of the series
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Thanks a lot to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read a copy of the book, to the author as well.

Lots of entertaining stuff is in this book. yes I liked it, the story was kind of fast tho.

this is the story of a boy who helps in the library to pick up books, in return, the librarian gave him a stuffed monster. His life changed from that moment on.

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Both of my kids enjoyed this book.   With all the available book options it can sometimes be hard to keep them engaged in a book.  The story moved at a good pace and it was great that one of the themes of the book was actually reading!
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This isn’t a book I would have enjoyed as a kid, but I know others will enjoy it. The illustrations are great. I think the friendship aspect of the “monsters” was good.
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It all started as a bad day when his Mom told Alex to tidy his room, he forgot his reports that were due for school and the Librarian Emma came to get him to clean a mess he made the day before. That is when the magic happened and he met Mr. Flat the reading monster from the Book of Monsters. To stay alert and not turn into a stuffie Mr. Flat needs to read on a regular basis. Alex promises to care for him until he can find the Book of Monsters and return Mr. Flat to it. Through a series of adventures Mr. Flat goes missing and Alex must find him to keep his promise. Originally written in French this book really hits on the way children feel when parents or adults talk to them I got a real kick out of some of the comments Alex made. This book is perfect for beginning chapter readers and the illustrations are so well done and draw you into the story. I recommend this book for 7+ yr olds.
I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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*thank you to Netgalley and Chouette Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

I really enjoyed this. It's a cute, fun little book for children and I LOVED how the love for reading was also such a big part of the theme of the story. The references to some well known classic books made me remember that feeling of my own love for reading. The main character, a boy named Alex, was really likable and a pretty decent reflection on what little boys are like. It was at times, funny and I bet there are quite alot of kids and adults who would get enjoyment from this. It also has a strong friendship theme to it which I liked.
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I really enjoyed this book. It is really well translated. I read it with my little brother and he enjoyed it too.
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In ALEX AND THE MONSTERS, a kid named Alex finds a monster in his bedroom and man, does that upset his life! Turns out the monster, Mr. Flat, came from the Book of Monsters, to which he’d very much like to return. But he can’t find it. So begins a hilarious adventure with super fun illustrations, twisty turns and literature. Lots of literature.

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Translated from the original French by David Warriner, this book (curiously originally titled Arriba el Sr Flat!) was a bit young for me, so while I found it entertaining and I recommend it as a worthy read for middle-grade readers, it's also the start of a series, and I don't intend to follow it beyond this volume. I'm not much of a series kind of a guy!

So Alex is a middle-grader who is totally irresponsible and I'm not completely convinced that he learned his lesson by the end of the book! His room is a mess and his homework assignments - while he does them - do not get turned in. Frankly I think his teachers are as irresponsible as Alex is if they don't require the kids to turn in their assignments regularly!

Alex discovers that this plush toy he finds (which he calls a 'stuffie') is actually a real monster from a book (so the monster claims). The monsters all got kicked out of their book by the evil Dr Brut. The monster, Mr Flat, brings a change to Alex's life by interesting him in reading, but aside from Mr Flat going missing, that's about all that happens in this short novel.

The novel is illustrated by Liliana Fortuny, and has some comic-book like pages, but mostly it's a chapter book and it's mildly amusing and entertaining, and the pictures are sometimes funny, so I consider this a worthy read for its intended age group.
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'Alex and the Monsters #1: Here Comes Mr. Flat!' by Jaume Copons with illustrations by Liliana Fortuny is about a good kid with a messy room who finds a strange new friend.

Alex Pianola is a kid who forgets to turn in assignments, and has a really messy room.  His current assignment is due and he needs help.  He finds a little stuffed animal that looks like a monster.  It comes to life, and Alex finds a friend who likes to read all the classic books like Treasure Island and Peter Pan.  His new friend, Mr. Flat, helps Alex, but needs help in return.  Mr. Flat, and his friends, are from a book called The Book of Monsters.  This book is the start of the adventure.

I liked this book with comic book style illustrations.  The main character and Mr. Flat are pretty likeable.  I liked all the references to classic books that Alex discovers along the way.  This chapter book for grades 3-4 was a fun read.

I received a review copy of this ebook from CrackBoom! Books, Chouette Publishing, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This was a really enjoyable book. I really enjoy the graphic novels, especially ones translated from European countries. They are very good and funny and also provide a different viewpoint on other societies. They are also very honest. I am glad that there is the opportunity for these materials to be translated. This book is an example of a great and funny graphic novel.
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I feel like something got lost in translation here. The bones of the story are decent but the text is rather clumsy.
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This was an interesting read, the plot was appropriate and overall was a good read for kids. I recommend.
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Thank you Netgalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

There's something about French books for children - they seem to show the little ones' world with a new zest. I've loved every single one I've opened in a bookstore. And Alex was a new addition to my collection.

I haven't read it to my son yet, as I'll get a Paperback version first, but as a mom I was pulled in and entertained, a wide smile across my face at all times.

There something slightly Spongebob-y about Alex himself at times that just added to my laughs while reading this book.

I recommend it to all moms of small boys. Also, it's quite long for a kids book for the money. So it's a definite win-win.
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Kid who’s been slacking in class has to stay in his (messy) bedroom all weekend in order to catch up. While on punishment duty in the library he finds what appears to be a toy, only to have it turn into something else when he gets home to do his homework.
While his appearance certainly could be construed as monstrous—or cute, depending—Mr. Flat does not act like a monster.
“All these books that I found really boring are way more interesting that I thought.” And there’s your lesson.
This is done as prose with drawings; the dialog takes place in the artwork, which is very colorful, especially the pumpkin-colored monster. It took me till near the end of the book to realize Mr. Flat looks like a fat carrot.
Cute, but really not much to say. . .
3.5 pushed up to 4/5
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Designed as an impetus to get young tykes to tidy their room and read more, this is unlikely to do much along those lines.  Designed also as a series opener, concerning our young hero and his room full of monsters, it might struggle to lead to many sales either.  Obnoxious and stereotypical scruff-boy who can't remember a single thing with the word 'school' connected to it needs to spend a weekend catching up with homework, but finds a stuffed animal that is actually a book monster.  Once they've become good friends, they get separated and it's a race to get back together.  It's full of poor logic (if Alex is too old for a "stuffie" then what is the brainbox girl in his class doing with one?) and the structure of the book, in that it is half pictorial adventure and half comic-book, doesn't quite work at times.  It's bright and brash enough for the target audience, but there are much smarter purchases available.
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